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Congratulations, you have found us!  As the title implies, this is the home page for the East Camberwell Baptist Church.  We are small family oriented church located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.  Established back in 1922, our church has a long history of active involvement in the East Camberwell area.  More recently, we have been undergoing a gradual transition which mirrors the influx of a new generation of residents into the area.  Thus, our congregation has a wonderful mixture of older members and young families.  If you click on the 'Who are we' link, it will provide you with more details about our ministry team and membership of the church.  The 'Where are we' link provides you with a detailed set of maps so you can find us, and of course, last but not least, the 'What we do' link provides a detailed list of our regular activities.  If you have any specific questions or comments complements please contact our web-master (d.dow@mbs.edu).

News - Upcoming Events
  Our monthly Family Movie Nights are in full swing. The movies for this year are:

     2 February              Atlantis
     23 February            Emperor's New Groove
     30 March                Princess Diaries
     27 April                   Mouse Hunt
     25 May                    Spy Kids
     29 June                    Harry Potter
     27 July                     Ice Age
     24 August               Return to Neverland (Peter Pan)
     28 September          tba

The pre-movie cartoons begin at 6:00 pm in the hall, and the feature film usually ends by 8:30 to 9:00 pm.

  The East Camberwell Youth Group, run by Murray Hogg and Anthony Gill, is now cranking up to weekly events on Friday evenings.  Aimed at youths (male and female - Grade 6 and up), the programme will alternate between outings such as a visit to the Dark Zone (a laser game) and the beach, and lower key evenings in the rooms set aside for the Youth Group.

Please contact Murray or Anthony directly for details on this term's events.

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