East Camberwell Baptist Church:

'Who we are'

Our Ministry Team

The current pastor at East Camberwell is Murray Hogg.  Murray joined East Camberwell as of 1 March 2001, and is concurrently completing a Masters of Divinity at the Bible College of Victoria (BCV). While trained as a professional engineer, Murray was involved with the God Squad Christian Motorcycle Club for a number of years, and worked in their vocational training programme for youths at risk: Hand Brake Turn.  As his background implies, Murray has a particular gift for working with kids and teens, but his enthusiasm and (almost all of) his humour is appreciated by all of the congregation.

While we greatly appreciate Murray joining us, it is with a touch of sadness that we also acknowledge the retirement and departure of both Robert & Pauline Arnold, and David & Jan Morris.

Robert Arnold recently retired as our senior pastor at East Camberwell. While he and Pauline still remain in contact with us, we also miss their weekly presence. Robert arrived at East Camberwell as an Interim Pastor in 1995, and in 1997 we finally persuaded him to stay on as our full-time pastor. While not an ordained minister, Robert has served as pastor or interim pastor at seven different churches over the past two decades. This was no small feat when he was also the full-time Treasurer for National Mutual. With his early retirement from National Mutual in 1998, one might think that Robert would slow down and dedicate more time to his favourite past times of fishing and cycling. That is only true if you consider acting as the Chairman of the Finance Board for the Baptist Union of Victoria and the Treasurer for the Baptist World Congress 2000 as 'slowing down'. If in the future, we are pressed to remember Robert's attributes - boundless energy, ideas, and optimism would best describe him.

David Morris also retired from full-time service at East Camberwell this year.  David was officially our Associate Pastor concentrating on Pastoral Care issues; but that title does not do justice to the years of faithful time and effort David put in to all aspects of East Camberwell's life. David served as East Camberwell's secretary for over a decade. Along with his wife Jan, they formed the backbone of East Camberwell's Tuesday Club programme (an outreach to primary school children) throughout the late 80s and early 90s. Upon taking early retirement from his job as a Special Education teacher, David went back to school himself at Whitley College. David then dedicated his time to 3 areas: pastoring to the older members of our congregation, to church planting, and to Camp Wilken.

The retirement of both of these couples (for a 2nd time each) marks a turning point in East Camberwell's history.  They can all claim to have had a significant hand in laying the foundation for the future of our church, and they will be greatly missed.


The Supporting Cast

While Murray is certainly 'out-in-front' leading by example, East Camberwell strongly encourages all the members of the congregation to become actively involved and take ownership of the church's programmes. We may be small in numbers (our total number of regular attendees is in the low 30s plus 13 children) but we make up for it in enthusiasm. Whether it be Ruth, Jean and Eva continuing on where Florence left off in assisting with the Playgroups (Florence retired from Playgroup duty on her 93rd birthday), or George working tirelessly on the gardens, or Phil who runs the sound system, or Eric and Jean representing us at the BUV Assemblies, or Harry (aged 3) taking up the collection at the Sunday morning service, everyone is involved. We are proud of the fact that for one Sunday each month, the entire Sunday Service is designed and delivered by members of the congregation (Janet, Peter, Anne and Doug). And of course, you cannot not forget the 'behind the scenes glue' that holds us all together, our church secretary Lyn; nor the master co-ordinator of our rosters and computer network, Henk.

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