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Great shows if you want something short and easy to rehearse
Backing CDs and lively band parts for each musical
Piano/vocal scores have many tips for the MD, full piano accompaniment, chords and vocal cues
 Scripts have many stage directions and set plan if director is looking for ideas
Free production notes covering set, costumes, lighting, props, special effects, etc
Free lyric sheets for chorus members
Free publicity material and activity sheets
Heaps of wonderful reviews from successful productions in various countries
Easy access to the composer/playwright for further ideas, requests, etc

Suburban Circus

1 speaking role [can be shared by 10 performers], one simple set

Suburban Circus finished on a high. We performed to packed houses and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all patrons and performers. The excitement of the children and their sense of achievement was amazing to watch. Many of the parents and staff commented on the catchy tunes and the sense of fun encapsulated in the show. Specimen Hill PS
An amazing spectacle. A must for any school. Quarry Hill PS
An hilarious spoof on civic services, ideal for schools Eastern Standard
Highly recommended as a musical in which to introduce children to theatre.
Eastmont PS
Very colourful and enjoyed by all. Camberwell CEGGS
A terrific musical for kids on camp The show was a hit!
Stonybrook Camp New York
The sights and sounds of SUBURBAN CIRCUS are still very vivid to all who were privileged to see that magnificent production. Huntingtower School

The award-winning musical Suburban Circus takes the form of a circus but the jugglers, clowns, gymnasts and high-wire walkers are the people you meet in your town or suburb. The garbage collectors juggle your garbage, the paperboys and girls ride their bikes and skateboards and the road-workers are superb at balancing their shovels.

We all learnt a great deal from it and had a terrific time. Endac Youth Theatre
Very funny, a delight to perform. Border Musical Society
An exciting, vibrant show, a great season. Sorrento PS
Once again the show was fantastic. It got great reviews. SUBURBAN CIRCUS was just as good as the first time around. It was a huge success. Beaumaris North PS
Musical spoof in Marx Bros. style. Deals hilariously with garbage collection, public transport, etc
Nunawading Gazette
Very well received. The children found the songs easy to sing, enjoyed singing them and felt good about the play. Donburn PS
We had a lot of fun and it was very well received. Thank you for your musical. We'll look forward to producing more of your shows in the future. Brassall PS
It was excellent. The kids loved it. Yarra PS
The show was a great success with the audiences and the kids loved performing it. Pied Piper Players

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8 roles [M or F], one simple set

All through rehearsals we had a ball. We loved the music and the lines. Very clever. The more we rehearsed, the more humor we found. The choreographer has had fun with the music also. She has come up with some great dances. We thoroughly enjoy performing Rubbish for our school. It was very well received.
Interlochen School USA
Thank you for your wonderful script. We had a fantastic night and everyone loved the performance, especially the performers. Keep writing, we need great scripts for young students. Thanks again. St Leonard's College
It was a tremendous event with our small hall struggling to cope with both our audience and 160 kids on stage. Thanks for all your help. Kennington PS
The children were terrific. Thanks for a great environmental musical. Mackellar PS
Rubbish gave us a chance to think about our environment. Chertsey PS

Below the street in which you live is a stormwater drain. In this drain is the village of Garbage. The folk living in Trash Street are just like the folk in your street. Some are neat and tidy, some are messy, some don't care and others are very particular about their house, garden and environment. But that's life. And that's your street. Mind how you walk. It's right below you. Let's meet the folk beneath your street. A great musical to celebrate caring for our environment. There's something interesdting about singing pieces of rubbish.

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12 roles [M or F], chorus, one simple set

The girls sang with confidence and the music was enjoyed by all. Music! is a great show and we are grateful for your material.
Seymour College
We had so much fun with Music! Possibly the best thing about the play [over and above the writing and costumes] was that the boys had so much fun; they were full of smiles and laughter. The last performance was to a packed house. It was such a fun play to do especially for an all-boys school. Thanks for writing such a terrific play. Willington School, London

A show which is both entertaining and educational. Oh and fun too! What is music? When and how did it start? How do we hear? This musical about music is many things - it's part play, musical, choral piece and dance as well as a funny music, history and science lesson. It covers styles of music, composers, the language and elements of music, instruments, notation and advertising.

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10 roles [M or F], one simple set

Just wanted to let you know the premiere of Smokies was fantastic. The kids - 75 4th and 5th graders - did a dynamite job. By show's end we will have exposed approximately 1500 students to your anti tobacco thoughts/script. Thanks millions for your support and interest.
Marshall Magnet School, Flagstaff Arizona
The year 6 students have enjoyed the experience in preparing for and ultimately presenting the musical. North Rocks Public School

Smokies is a musical revue, a cabaret, a short, sharp show about tobacco. It's about facts, asking questions and helping kids make their own decisions. The revue takes place in a nightclub called Smokies with its floorshow the Tacky Backy Cabaret. Patrons flock to Smokies to see the show and cough their appreciation for some of the world's craziest entertainers. Stand-up comics Smoke-It and Croak-It are lying to die or is that dying to lie? Character actor Christopher Columbus re-invents history. Pierre Pressure is a hypnotic hypnotist and Nick O'Teen an addictive magician. Brad and Jane are star-crossed, smelly sweethearts and Netty Ket has all the tips on glamorous gasping. There's slapstick, romance, politics, loonies and science. Smokies will light up your life and leave you breathless. And the chorus line, the all-singing, all-dancing Virginia Fats proves there's no smoke without mire. But me no butts, Smokies is smokin'!

The only speaking part in the circus is that of the ringmaster. This part is played by the Mayor or Mayoress or both. And there are many other familiar characters including an average family, dancing dogs, public transport travellers, a traffic cop, housewife, supermarket staff, swimmers at the local pool, meals-on-wheels staff and more. Lots of chorus work with small ensemble numbers as well. Easy to rehearse in sections and it is easy to apply it to your town or suburb.

Doctor Pimples

8 roles [M or F], chorus, one simple set

A great success. Dr Pimples worked because the script appealed to all ages, the music and songs are catchy and the characters are well contrasted allowing for a lot of scope in casting. Huntingdale HS
We enjoyed it immensely. Catholic Regional College Melton
Students, staff and the whole community just loved it. Driver HS
Doctor Pimples was perfect for us. The language and variety of musical numbers clicked with the students; we really felt they enjoyed working on them. The musical was both accessible and enjoyable. Monbulk HS
Doctor Pimples was very successful and enthusiastically received by our audiences. From the beginning the cast found the script stimulating, humourous and discreetly didactic. The great advantage of this musical is that one set is used which avoids clumsy scene changes. Once the show is in motion it just doesn't stop. The musical score was ideal for students, the songs easily taught and sung with each song using a different musical style. We included a supporting cast of dancers and chorus which certainly added to the visual and sound quality of the show. We certainly enjoyed working on Doctor Pimples and would recommend it for any school or theatrical group. Daylesford THS
We really enjoyed putting the show together. It's a hoot! Somerset College
Thanks very much for all your support. The show was a huge success. Euroa HS
We did enjoy Doctor Pimples and have recommended your shows to other schools. Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College
Dr. Pimples was extremely successful. Thank you for your help and the show and we will definitely keep contacting you for future productions. Marsden HS
Thank you very much for Doctor Pimples. It was the first play in this school for 29 years. It went very well. We are interested in any other musicals you have which are suitable for students. Ballarat North TS

Hilarious, over-the-top short musical ideal as dinner-theatre or melodrama. Doctor Pimples is an evil con-merchant preaching that young people must look a certain way if they are to be successful. S/He has convinced the beautiful but gullible Lulu Smith she is ugly and would be scorned if she ever went out into public. Lulu is desperate to get pimples to become attractive.

Dr P's lecherous assistant Leroy is giving Lulu a truly tough time. Also working for Dr Pimples is nice guy, journalist Eddy Tore and are two chocoholics, Spotty and Rash, who know the truth but are afraid to tell Lulu in case they lose their ration of chocolate eclairs.

Dave Sunshine is a hunky, spunky pop star with a flawless complexion. "Oh I've got fresh breath and white teeth and bright, shiny hair. I've dimples, no pimples and clean underwear." Dave is managed by Doctor Pimples and is making a packet for his nasty boss. But disaster dominates! Dave discovers he has a pimple. Dr Pimples is furious. Pop stars are meant to be gorgeous and blemish-free.

Delores Delightful is a sensational star who discovers the rotten business with Lulu and Doctor Pimples. "Never give a sucker an even break or else they'll quickly make a sucker out of you!" Delores tells Lulu the truth but Lulu can't/won't believe it. Eddy joins them and the corrupt empire is under threat. Melodrama takes over. Arch villain Dr Pimples and sidekick Leroy plot to destroy the goodies.

Dave Sunshine is really Rupert Balonsky and Lulu used to buy pizza from Dave's parents. This is earth-shattering stuff! The two pairs of sweethearts are re-united and the evil empire of Dr Pimples is finally destroyed. The goodies win, the baddies repent and the company finish by singing the toe-tapping number "The right way to judge any people is not to judge them at all".

Doctor Pimples is short, just 60 minutes, has 8 main roles, scope for a chorus, one simple set, has inexpensive but striking costumes and makes a great first-up musical, lively dinner-theatre and a terrific melodrama.

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We used Year 5, 6 and 7 students and had a choir of 40 students who remained on stage for the whole show. They enjoyed all of the songs although their favourites were Classical Chaps and Musical Styles. Many commented on how well the Choir remembered all of the words, which is an indication of how enjoyable and catchy the songs were. We thoroughly enjoyed performing Music! and look forward to hearing of any new productions in the future. Kadina PS
Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to produce your musical MUSIC! We were most impressed with your show and so was the audience. examined in a fun and exciting fashion. Music! was thoroughly enjoyed by all. The students gave a dazzling display of energy and enthusiasm.
Prince Alfred College and Annesley Junior School
Loads of fun and the final night was just superb. Grey Street PS
Music! was a great success. We had a lot of positive feedback from the parents. We found it a relatively easy musical to organise as we were able to take separate items for each class. This made rehearsals much easier. It was great fun to present and the students felt a real sense of achievement when they completed Musical Lingo. Blackburn PS

Music! is many things about music from the blues to Beethoven, from Mozart to midi. It's a performance about performers. It's a song about songs. Its Music! And the choral finale will knock your socks off!