Germs    Lollies    Jungle    Rat Race    Trivia    Garden Folk
Squawk!    Fish 'n Ships    Bytes    Far Out   

Great shows if you want something meaty but not too long
No interval and easy to stage
Backing CDs and lively band parts for each musical
Piano/vocal scores have many tips for the MD, full piano accompaniment, chords and vocal cues
 Scripts have many stage directions and set plan if director is looking for ideas
Free production notes covering set, costumes, lighting, props, special effects, etc
Free lyric sheets for chorus members
Free publicity material and activity sheets
Heaps of wonderful reviews from successful productions in various countries
Easy access to the composer/playwright for further ideas, requests, etc


Most popular FOX musical ever!
10 roles [M or F], one stunning set

We loved performing Germs and enjoyed it immensely. Interlochen School Wisconsin
The show went really well and our audience of happy parents were very appreciative. It was especially great to be able to have nearly the whole cast on stage for most of the performance. Blackburn PS
A great musical and a great piece of kids' theatre. Mansfield HS and PS
The production of GERMS was absolutely magnificent. The play is brilliant in concept. All the things that make theatre a terrific experience were there. Wesley College
GERMS was marvellous. Our school community was thrilled with the performance. Many commented on the appropriateness of the story and the lively music. Kyabram PS
A night they will never forget. Firbank Anglican School

The most popular FOX show ever. Hundreds of performances around the world. The action takes place inside a human's body as some germs spread infection. The human fights back. It's a terrific struggle, a fight to the death - literally. Ideal for single-sex casts. Set and costumes can be whatever your imagination allows.

But all is not well amongst the germs. Some are rebellious and believe their leader has some dark and terrible secret. There is talk of a coup - a bloodless coup! The story builds to a gripping climax. We do not know what will happen until the very last moment. Germs is infectious!

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10 roles [M or F] , chorus, one simple set

Our production of Lollies was exhausting but wonderful. The kids did great. Our audiences were the best we have ever had. They loved the show. The kids really enjoyed the show. The backdrop was a really cute cartoon version of a sweet shop shelf. It's great to have material that is suited to children's voices and talents.
Summer Stages Children's Theater New Orleans
Each and every one of the 87 students in our Year 7 had a wonderful experience. Thank you for writing such a wonderful musical. I must agree with you that Musicals are certainly magic. Matthew Flinders Anglican College
There were sherbert bombs, licorice all-sorts, toffee apples, peanut brittle, a jelly bean and an after-dinner mint. And that was just the beginning. Add 210 girls, lots of colour and movement and you've got Lollies - a mix of music, mayhem and mystery The sweetest songs of all. Lollies is very age-appropriate. Methodist Ladies' College
Lollies worked out really well. Northam High School
The final night said it all. The children just wanted to keep on going. We received lots of compliments, especially for the songs. Napier Central School

Our story takes place one night in a lolly shop [candy store] when the owners have closed the door and gone home. The lollies [candy] come alive. It's just another night when suddenly a bombshell is dropped. Everyone's life is being threatened. Will they survive? How? And then someone's missing. Finding the body is not pleasant. Was it murder? How will it all end? We long for a sweet ending. P.S. The actors in this play respectfully request that they be not consumed until after the show!

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10 roles [M or F], chorus, one fabulous set

Your set is a steamy, eerie, fascinating jungle. Your characters wear costumes as amazing as your budget allows. This is a hugely popular musical. In this spooky jungle the animals worry about disappearing plants and humans e.g. students who can spell, honest politicians and rock stars who can sing. Other animals are concerned with personal problems. Zebra wants a pedestrian-crossing named after him/her. Hippo is disgusted with society's lack of manners. Croc is a con-animal selling stition. Top quality mind. This is super stition. And Chimp has an idea to bring the movie makers back to the jungle. "Come back Tarzan, Cheetah, Jane, we know all your lines."

Lion remembers his grandfather discussing the merits of eating different missionaries. "Baptists you bite a bit, Mormons you munch, Salvos you swallow whole, Catholics you crunch." Then someone remembers it's their patron saint's birthday. St Charley. They rip into the routine with "Doin' the Charley Darwin dance". And the unemployed youth, the monkeys, are up to no good. "We ain't got no jobs, we're up to monkey business."

But things really hot up when news arrives about a circus. A special circus. It has performing humans! Some of the animals think this is cruel but others reckon the humans are well cared for. Tension builds. A huge crowd packs the big top. The ferocious footballers come out and perform some exciting tricks. Suddenly they escape. Panic. The animals ran wildly into the jungle as the ferocious footballers race into the crowd.

Poor old Hippo is suddenly alone with a wild, ferocious footballer. The much criticised youth save the day and the animals gather to discuss their future. The finale is the moving Animal Anthem. The music in Jungle is fabulous. From the rocking Come Back Tarzan to the moving ballad Bring Back Manners to the hilarious Missionaries you'll love the score. And as with all FOX musicals, there's so much happening on different levels to make you think. Great entertainment but always something to get your mind into gear.

The show was a great success. All the participants got a great feeling of self worth and their friends and relatives were amazed. Thank you once again for one of your musicals. St Fidelis Youth Group
This musical is a great celebration! What a show! What a celebration! What a buzz for our school! The audience loved us. We had a finale of three of the favourite songs and in the end the children were dancing and singing in the aisles, almost out of control! The audience joined in as they were so familiar with your songs. Some even complained that they couldn't stop singing them! You should have been there for the final curtain and received your well-deserved accolades. Cambewarra PS
JUNGLE was hugely successful. Hampton PS

Children and audiences loved it. GERMS was super. Eltham East PS
Essentially GERMS is a fanciful piece of nonsense trying to convince us that occasionally it might be an idea to reverse things and try to put yourself in someone else's place. This musical romp is a remarkably sophisticated, energetic and humourous production. The leading performers showed such astonishing acting and singing skills at times it was difficult to believe it was a school production. Douglas Aiton
GERMS held the audiences spellbound. Salesian College.

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12 roles [M or F], amazing set, chorus

The play was great. We were all very happy and got some wonderful comments. We all loved the music. The kids walk through the school singing your songs at the top of their lungs. Gibraltar School, WI
RAT RACE is a brilliant musical, a superb production, a show not to be missed. Nepean District Christian School

We had a wonderful time with Rat Race and it was a huge success! The characters were engaging and the music catchy! We all particularly loved Moggies. Thank you so much for all your guidance. Loreto Mandeville Hall
RAT RACE is fast-moving, packed with action and guaranteed to generate laughs. It has bright and bouncy numbers to keep audiences humming and stomping along.
Melbourne Herald Sun
Enjoyed it immensely. Swan Hill HS
RAT RACE voted a smash hit. It is a wonderfully written show. Moe PS
Our RAT RACE production was a tremendous success. We have received wonderful feedback from parents. Templeton PS

So the rats start rehearsing. This is brilliant. Humans will soon like us. Life can be wonderful after all. But unbeknown to the rats, one of their number is doing a deal with the enemy. Bopalopa, the rat who rats, is doing a Judas with the local feline. Snortle uncovers the secret but then Snortle too has a secret. "We're living a lie, just living a lie". Will the rats find out? If they do find out, will their hopes and dreams be destroyed?

The movie begins. Your pile of rubbish miraculously [and simply] becomes a staircase for the chorus line of high-kicking, top-hatted rats. Confetti, balloons, follow-spots and sparkle. What a sight. "Nice! We're nice!" Your drab and dismal set becomes a 1930s Hollywood movie! The fantastic finale is in full swing when the deal with the cat comes off! Panic. Rats run everywhere as terror strikes the set. After the battle, the crushed and wounded lick their wounds. What happened to Snortle? What happened to the movie? Is this the end? Like so many FOX endings, everything is resolved and made crystal clear. Or is it? 

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Fish 'n Ships

12 roles [M and F], sea-bed set, chorus

Fish 'n Ships was fantastic! Burnett Heads PS
The adult audience thoroughly enjoyed the well-written lines ... the music was bright and bubbly ... responses have been extremely positive ... a meaningful, professional show. The dramatic ending made all think about our waterways. Middle Park PS
Romance, comedy, music and morals, all narrated by a worm dangling from a fish hook! These are some of the endearing qualities of FISH 'n SHIPS. Fish Creek PS

On the ocean floor is the world of marine creatures with the odd human. It's funny and dramatic, entertaining and educational with appeal to both adults and children. Caring for the marine environment is skilfully woven into the plot. Your set is watery and wild with dangling, swirling vegetation and the costumes are gob-smacking!

Herring is a con-merchant with a plastic shipwreck the name of which changes to suit the type of tourist. Penguin is an old-school-tie stick-in-the-mud who wants to dress for dinner and bring back the black bow-tie. Sardine is a poor, over-worked battler striving for improved living conditions with family squashed in like ... sardines! Octopus is vain, stupid, selfish, possibly beautiful and her own worst enemy. Shark loves pool halls. He's a pool shark.  What's in the sack he carries and why is it dumped in a locker marked Davy Jones? Groper is a friendly dope. He gives his heart but is rejected. Will he ever find happiness? Crab is a collector. Particularly anything that glitters. There's gold in certain shipwrecks. But is the love of money the root of all evil?


14 roles [M and F], one set, chorus

Its a witty and lively musical, great fun and with something for everyone. Westall HS
Trivia worked really well. It was a very satisfying experience. Knoxfield College
Our musical was extremely successful and met with a favourable response from our audiences. The printing of the word Trivia was important to our show. In the school scene we used our school colours with the school badge and the word Trivia printed in blue writing on a yellow t-shirt. We got good publicity for the show. Thank you for such a great musical. Coffs Harbour HS

A musical set inside a computer. Almost everyone is a byte, a worker in the computer. Dos is the boss and Rom and Ram the librarians. Bytes is entertaining and educational. Qwerty is a quirky character who thinks about life. Why do computers, well zillions of them, when asked to perform, answer only "Yes" or "No"? Why be binary based? I mean why can't computers answer "Maybe". Qwerty works on a new way for computers to behave.

Three games' bytes arrive. Virtual Banality, Greta the Garbo and Conan the Vegetarian reckon games are important. Millions of adults and children play computer games. But this debate is nothing to the one generated by the FBI byte. That's right. Find Bogus Info. The pirate buster arrives looking for pirated software. "For I am a pirate buster, they fluster at my bluster. I chase the crooks with their stolen books, if you steal you'll squeal like Custer." Thank you Messrs Sullivan and Gilbert.

Through all this, Rom and Ram are quite upset. Life is too fast. Change is too great. They long for the old days of manual typewriters, blotting paper and pen and ink. "On manual typewriters words looked okay and in-between tea breaks we'd type two a day."

But after the computer is switched off, the bytes retire. It's dark. Suddenly a light picks out a snazzy-looking character. It's Pixel from the monitor. Pixel and the Pixelettes. They want excitement, risk-taking, adventure. They want showbiz. They sing "Give up your day job, go into showbiz, buy a ticket to life". It's a tap-dancing show-stopper. Of course grumpy old Go To comes out in his pyjamas and tells the pixels to stop this awful racket. Artists are never appreciated.

When work/life resumes, a new danger is discovered. A hacker is trying to break in. This coupled with the fear of a virus has the bytes in a spin. They only relax when Basic arrives with the tea trolley. "The bosses, the workers, the Gurkhas, the shirkers all cease their mazurkas to sip, slurp with glee." But then Qwerty has fantastic news with the discovery of a new way for computers to respond. Not just Yes or No. Why not add Maybe? It kills the boredom. It makes computers able to think. It's mind-blowing. But will this potentially disastrous idea ever see the light of day?

We hardly get to decide when terrible news arrives. The hacker appears to hack! Panic! A spectacular computer game develops with each important byte going in to battle against the hacker. Goodies are despatched easily by the baddies. Things are not looking good. But then the hacker is captured. It's all over. But is it? Suddenly a well-known byte turns out to be someone else. The play races to a spellbinding finale.

Bytes runs for 85 minutes, has 15 main roles, a chorus of bytes and pixels, a toe-tapping score, one exciting set, eye-catching costumes and heaps of useful information about computers presented in a user-friendly way. Terrific reviews from various countries. Boot up your Bytes.

At a local school, your school, we meet our stars. Debbie, Kenny and Tracey Precocious. Debbie [tennis champ] and Kenny [computer boffin] are whiz kids but also brats. Their pretentious parents spoil the wonder kids rotten ignoring their third child, Tracey. The school principal and neighbour fall over themselves to be nice to Debbie and Kenny. The media think the Precocious brats are beautiful. And we all know about the media. "There is the truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth but we have to have a good story."

Tracey is forgotten. Her parents and siblings ignore her. But Tracey loves trivia. She knows the most trivial bits of information. Who wrote Beethoven's fifth symphony? Why are bananas bent? How do they get the stripes in striped toothpaste? Her class has a trivia test. Tracey wins. She comes home and tells her family. They ignore her. The school has a trivia test. Tracey wins. Still she's ignored. She is forgotten. Do parents spoil their kids?
Media promoter Al Slick arrives to take over some Precocious promotion. "I can put your name in papers, on screens from Xanadu to Zanzibar. I can put your name in glory and fame, I can make you a star!" The parents, school principal and neighbour are over the moon. Does Al want Debbie or Kenny? Why not both? Oh no! Al Slick doesn't want either of the super-star siblings. Al wants to promote Tracey. Who!?

Stunned disbelief. Tracey? She's a nobody. She's not a mega-star. Or is she? Al thinks she is.

Al has a plan to promote Tracey in her quest to win the new national trivia championship. Tracey is suddenly hot property. Her family and others eat humble pie. We switch to the TV studio and the quiz. Tracey's family are in the audience. It's time to see who really is the greatest trivia champ. "If it's trivial then it's important, if it's important then it's trivial." The tension builds. The questions fly. Tracey does her best. It goes right down to the wire. A fabulous victory for some. A time to eat humble pie for others.

Trivia is a musical that's great fun, simple to stage and thought-provoking. 14 main roles, heaps of minor parts for your busy chorus. You can even write your own local trivia questions for the script. It's a snappy, topical, ideal youth-theatre musical.

Far Out

12 roles, one set, chorus

The play was great fun, a terrific success. Dialogue and songs are spot on for primary and secondary schools. Seaford Park PS 
It was a huge success as is usual with Fox Plays St Brendan's PS

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A rocket ship from Earth lands on Soil. It's a mistake. The astronauts are dumbfounded. But when they learn the truth they are overwhelmed. What a fantastic discovery. Think of the news this will make. One of the astronauts is thinking of the dollar signs and makes a pact with one of the Soilites to bring take-away food, yo-yos and skateboards to Soil. The local gossip is in overdrive. "Love may make the world go round but gossip pays the rental."

But Soil has its share of weird personalities just like Earth. Gumen and gang believe the end of the world is nigh and see the Earthlings as proof positive of their theory. "My bunions are hurtin' and that means for certain tomorrow's the end of the world."

Things are hotting up. Especially when two locals are building a spaceship out of feathers and string. They plan to soar through the universe in their homemade contraption. Don Quixote eat your heart out. Then at night, a strange sound is heard. Spooky lights flicker upstage behind the trees. It's another space ship. Eerie figures emerge and sing. "We're Martians, funny creatures with sticks poking out of our head". The local gossip is into melt down.

Suddenly the pace accelerates. The Martians capture an Earthling who is a Soilite. The string and feathers spaceship is launched with amazing results. The doomsday preachers kidnap the wrong victim and the wrong spaceship. The gossip is having kittens. It's funny, fast and furious but with a well-rounded finale. "Truth is stranger than fiction, take a look at us."

Far Out runs for 90 minutes, has a new script and score, one fascinating set, some far out costumes, 14 main roles plus a chorus and a score to get your toes a tapping. Great reviews.

The outer space musical with Martains, Earthlings, Soilites, weidos, hayseeds and more.

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A giant pile of rubbish dominates your performing area. On it, under it, into it and from it come the rats. Simple costumes and just one set. Life is tough. Starvation, disease, unemployment and marauding cats. Now the local council want to clean the streets and thereby destroy the home of the rats. "You can always be miserable, you can always live in pain." But suddenly there's light at the end of the tunnel.

Enter Snortle Tozer. Is he or she a con rat, an evangelist, a guru? The others are unsure. They tell their troubles to Snortle who laughs them off. You can do anything. "You've got to make every post a winner." Snortle's plan is quite simple. Rats must convince humans that they [the rats] are nice, that rats can be useful to humans. But how? Humans can't speak ratish. Simple. Make a movie.

Rat Race

12 roles [M or F], amazing set, chorus

The Seymour Junior School production of Garden Folk was an outstanding success. The musical itself is humourous yet thought-provoking and with its emphasis on community relationships and ecological issues fits in well in a contemporary primary program. The structure of the play enables whole school participation, which is an important aspect. Chorus parts allow for mass participation, while not placing too onerous a demand on students whose talents in performance might not be the strongest.
On the other hand, the individual roles of Ant, Bee, Spider, etc. give scope for particular students to demonstrate and hone their singing and acting skills. The touches of cynicism and egocentricity displayed by some of the characters give the play a sharper point than is often evident in children's plays, and certainly provided an additional element in the audience's enjoyment of the piece. Garden Folk has considerable contemporary appeal and has been a most valuable experience for all who were involved in it.
Seymour College, Adelaide
A complex play, well written, rich in ideas. Spensley Street PS
Our cast included the whole school - 440 students. Fairhills PS
Thanks for a great show. The kids enjoyed it and the audience reaction was great. Belgrave South PS
Very successful, very colourful and a great deal of fun. Emerald PS
GARDEN FOLK explores many facets of "living together", making realistic comparisons with human existence. It's all done with large doses of wit and some excellent songs. Victorian Schools Music Association
A fabulous show - no hesitation in recommending GARDEN FOLK to other groups. Quarry Hill PS
GARDEN FOLK was hugely successful. Eastbourne PS
Thank you for GARDEN FOLK. Everybody loved it. Mt Martha PS
A charming enactment, catchy songs, humourous lines with many wise comments on life. An enchanting play with bright and happy songs.
Ouyen PS
Our musical went extremely well. The kids had such fun and of course the parents all thought their kids were wonderful. Walcha Central School

In the underwater world of Fish 'n Ships, many merfolk swim about and the plots arise. When a strange fisher-person arrives at their door questions will be asked. Are they safe? Will the fish come to their senses? Are the fish right? Will it be a salty end? See all the thrills and colour in this great show. Come on in The Water is Fine. Patterson Lakes PS

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A controversial play with a sparkling score and dozens of rave reviews. At the bottom of your garden, [what a set!] is a village of tiny creatures. Neighbourhood squabbles over too much noise, children watching TV and not doing homework, frustrated hopes and ambitions - it's just like your place really.

Ant is new to town looking for accommodation. Do you want new neighbours? Ladybird is a fusspot worried about her many children. Grasshopper is a fitness fanatic, Mantis is nasty, preying and praying, Fly is an idiot with hopeless ambitions of stardom and Spider's a sly but pathetic creature and Snail is a philosopher and cynic.
Caterpillar is pigging out getting fatter and fatter. The others poke fun and killer birds fly overhead seeking a tasty morsel. Some startling events take place. First there's an applequake and huge apples crash to earth. And Mantis is there to help[?] as the local insurance rep. Then there's the killer spray. Humans want to kill certain insects on their precious roses but sprays don't discriminate.

Things race towards a shocking conclusion. Ant is disgusted with certain residents and plans to expose them.
 A plot is hatched to get rid of Ant. The deed is about to be done when something wonderful happens. Portly piggy Caterpillar returns in a new body. Butterfly is stunning. It's a picture-hat and song to stop the show.

But still the attack on Ant continues and just when the crowd moves in for the kill, a voice is heard offstage. It's Ant looking for a spot to live. And so life goes on. Garden Folk has enchanted audiences using up to 440 performers in one production. The songs are lively and character-based. The story is powerful and relevant to life today. The show runs for 85 minutes, has 11 main roles, a gorgeous chorus of beetles, butterflies and more and a single set that wins applause for its colour and ingenuity. How about some giant vegetables or a spider's web which doubles as a trampoline? Garden Folk is a hit.

Garden Folk

11 roles [M or F], amazing set, chorus

I thought SQUAWK! was ... really great ... a super play ... the best ever ... fun to do ... excellent ... fantastic ... a hit! ... Really cool ... Just the best
 Seaford Park PS

Chickens. Lots of 'em. But there is great depth to the characters, complex themes to the script and language and ideas to challenge all ages. Squawk! works on different levels.

Your set is a barn with bales of hay. Simple and inexpensive. But you can go to town on your costumes. Cossbocky is the boss cocky and he or she reckons they know everything and have the right to tell the others how to live. Columbus is a daring would-be explorer. Bantam is a fashion-conscious snob dedicated to the catwalk and looking a million dollars.

Anabolic is a cock-fighter, a looney intent on winning the world title not knowing he's being exploited and living a dangerous probably very short life. "Gotta train for years, blood, sweat and tears, to fight." Shakespeare is a poet and XP a scientist. Can art and science ever mix? Little Al is an idealist who wants life to get better. Justice, freedom, fair play and all that jazz. The show begins with your three million chickens, okay, two million, letting rip with the title song. Soon Columbus upsets the egg-cart by announcing a plan to go exploring. "North, south, east or west, life is an adventure when you leave the nest." But you can't! What's outside the barn? Danger, death, destruction. Columbus won't be put off and, loaded to the teeth with exploring gear, takes his/her leave.

Many eye-catching developments take place. A spectacular fashion parade, a show-stopping title fight, genetic engineering with dancing egg-cups and an exciting move to establish a charter for human rights. Or should that be animal rights?

But the action really hots up when an unusual but striking new character enters the barn. She claims to be misunderstood and the others thereafter refer to her as Miss Understood. She wears full riding outfit but has a suspicious foxy feel about her person. Yes a fox in a barn full of chickens. But Miss Understood has a great offer. A new life, a better life for all. It's a happy hen house. Great music, food and living conditions. The chickens are thrilled. They cram inside this brand new designer accommodation.

But it's a trap. The whole barn of chickens are trapped. Panic turns to despair. A pathetic and tragic ending until suddenly Columbus returns. But look at the torn clothing and cuts and bruises. Columbus brings news of the outside world, of the horrible hen houses. Too late. His friends and family are already inside.

Miss Understood returns to complete her grisly scheme but is suddenly attracted to a strange voice. The plot races to a moving and triumphant finale with the stirring anthem 'There is a Life'. A beautiful song climaxing an emotional musical. "No greater gift, no greater prize, no greater love, no greater ties. Life is for everyone, there is a life for all."  Squawk! has 12 main roles, scope for a massive chorus, one striking set and great costumes. 

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15 roles [M and F], one set, chorus

Bytes was another roaring success. Singleton PS

Do computers control our lives? Some say computers with their many bits and bytes have taken over the world. Our bills, phone calls, grocery shopping, theatre tickets and pension entitlements are all locked into a computer. So too our health insurance, traffic fines and library borrowings. We're told computers never make mistakes. We're told they work tirelessly and always for the benefit of humans. Well, sorry, but that's just a load of cobblers. You are about to discover the truth!

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The show was very successful and the children really enjoyed doing it, as usual. Timboon P12 School
We thoroughly enjoyed preparing for and performing Trivia. We're looking forward to some of your other musicals next year. Thanks too for being a distinguished guest in our audience - it meant a lot to the girls and staff! Ruyton Girls' School
We had so many people involved. It was very rewarding. Korowa Anglican Girls' School
With a cast and orchestra of over 100 students, the world premiere of Trivia explores failure, success and the effects these have on our families and friends. Golden Square HS
Trivia is far from trivial in theme. Underneath the simple story of the Precocious family is very definitely a message for us all. If parts of Trivia seem fairly close to home, I make no apology, as it is only by questioning and reflecting on our behaviour, attitudes and belief that the unfairness reflected in this play can be avoided. The students have worked enthusiastically and co-operatively to present a show full of fun in which justice is done and the heroine is successful in the end. Rangeville SS

Diver is a human, a friendly, generous person with a special never-to-be-repeated offer. Humans want to give the fish some gourmet garbage and in return will take away the horrible, messy black stuff under the sea bed. I think it's called oil. What a fantastic offer.

"We're going to be so filthy, filthy rich" is a rocky show-stopper sung by the delirious fishy folk. Not filthy rich, just filthy. They are overjoyed. Things move to a frightening climax. A wedding is planned but the truth about the garbage is discovered. Will the wedding guests learn the truth in time? Should they eat the wedding breakfast?

Fish 'n Ships has 10 main roles, a huge fishy chorus, one remarkable set, gorgeous costumes and a moral or three to make you think amidst the entertainment. Marvellous reviews from across the oceans.

The musical where you can write part of the script. There are some trivia quizzes with one about your area. You can add your own local questions.

Martians, spaceships, astronauts, end-of-the-world nutters, gossip and adventure. Far Out is far out. The planet Soil is undiscovered. It's just like Earth but no-one has ever heard of it. That is until your play begins. You see Soil has humans just like Earth but is about 500 years behind. Soil has no TV, cars or boxer shorts. Soil has no pizzas, flickering Christmas tree lights or long life custard. But all that is about to change.