Ten short Christmas musicals [5 in each book] each runs for about 25 minutes
One Christmas cantata Christmas of the Animals
All 11 shows are ideal for end of year concerts for schools and churches
The short musicals have director's script and separate students' script, music manuscript plus backing CD
Each short musical has 4 songs and scope for large casts
Christmas of the Animals is a work for choir, narrator and 'human' animals
The cantata comes with full piano/vocal score, backing CD and optional band parts
Christmas of the Animals runs for about 50 minutes and suits adults, children and 'animals'!

Five Christmas Musicals    Five More Christmas Musicals    Christmas of the Animals

Five Christmas Musicals

My entire Infants' Department presented Santa Forgot A Reindeer as the finale to our Christmas concert this year. It was easy to rehearse with the children loving each song and putting actions to them. As a director of my own Kids' Theatre and being a person heavily involved in all areas of theatre, both professional and amateur, I must congratulate you on the suitability and great entertainment value of the play. It is always extremely difficult to find a play which involves a large group of children and is easy to teach. Santa Forgot A Reindeer fulfills every need. PLEASE publish more like it. PLEASE let me know whenever other such musicals become available. A purchase is guaranteed. Ettalong PS

Santa Forgot a Reindeer    Christmas Pudding    Christmas Presents    Christmas Decorations    Christmas on Mars

Santa Forgot a Reindeer 

All your actors are elves. The play is set in Santa's workshop on Christmas Eve. Your masses of gorgeous elves sing, "We are Santa's little helpers, Santa's little helpers are we." But no sooner has the song finished when one elf brings terrible news. There's a reindeer outside! Horrors. Santa has forgotten a reindeer. They call out to Santa to come back then sing. "Have you lost your marbles, have you lost your mind? You have gone and left one of your reindeer behind!" No joy there. Santa is far, far away.

The script is written so that each performer can invent their character's name. The main names are given but everyone else makes up their own e.g. Scramlet, Freckles and Pixielater. Then some or all of the elves explain what they want for Christmas. Let's hope Mum and Dad aren't in the audience! This can be hilarious when a child, playing a character, talks about him or herself.

Well things seem to get better when the reindeer is brought inside. And this is a special reindeer, one who can dance. And so the elves learn a new dance. It's The Reindeer Rap. What else? Finally the elves talk about the real meaning of Christmas and perform their Nativity Play. But they haven't got a donkey for Mary and Joseph. Oh yes they have. It's the reindeer! It's tremendous fun, perfect for young performers and a huge international success. Four catchy songs finishing with "Christmas Our Christmas."

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Christmas Pudding

We loved Christmas Pudding. Durrumbul PS
Christmas Pudding sounds wonderful and is just what we needed.
Kay Kendall
Santa Forgot A Reindeer, Christmas Pudding and Christmas Decorations are brilliant! Burrawang Public School

Your actors are all ingredients such as those found in a delicious Christmas pudding! Think of those costumes. Cherry, Raisin, Custard, Nutmeg, Currant and Almond. The ingredients bounce out to open the show and sing with custardy gusto. "Where would Christmas be without a pudding?"

Where indeed but then the news is bad. Delicious home-made puddings are being replaced by mass-produced models. That's terrible. The ingredients decide to strike. "Hide all the holly, take down the tree, pack up your presents, forget the glee."

Finally Mother arrives and talks some sense. She has a great idea for Christmas. Mothers everywhere should get a helping hand. We, the rest of the family, should help with the shopping, the meal preparation, the serving, the clearing up, the washing up, etc. It's all told in the song The Revolutionary Rap. It's a great idea and seems so appropriate for Christmas. Caring for others. When Mother promises to only use home-made puddings the ingredients are over the moon and sing the happy finale, "Christmas is for everyone, merry Christmas." A happy, bouncy show with outstanding reviews.
"Christmas Pudding was a great success. Many thanks." Burraboi PS

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Christmas Decorations

We thoroughly enjoyed Christmas Presents. Thank you! Booleroo Centre PS

Your characters are gorgeous. There's Socks [Sox], Hanky, Soap, Doll, Chocolates and more. They're inside a department store at night on the week before Christmas. They sing and dance with all their heart. "Christmas means presents and that's what we are, all sorts of goodies in bag, box and jar."

They discuss the time of year. It's buying presents time. I'm popular. So am I. I'm more popular. They argue. Hanky settles it by reminding them that if ever a human is undecided, they can always buy a hanky. "If you don't know what to buy, always buy a hanky."

Then the news breaks about the January sales. The what? Most of the presents hadn't realised that if they aren't sold by Christmas, they'll probably go into the January sales. Horrors! Their price will be dropped, they'll be tossed about and fought over and be badly handled. They'll be in bins without a nice presentation. This is horrible. They sing. "We only want December, the happiest time of the year."

So the presents are worried. They have to be sold. Why don't they go strike? Christmas is all about presents. But Soap is not so sure. There's a book over here about the first Christmas. They read the book then decide to act out the first Christmas. A baby doll is wrapped in a large hanky. Some socks become the shepherds and Socks, Hanky and Chocolates become the three wise men. They soon realise that presents are important but the greatest gift is every little act of love. A wonderful finish to a wonderful Christmas musical. "The greatest gift at Christmas is every little gift of love."

"Thanks for such great Christmas plays. I've put on three at my last school and two at my new school. The best thing about your plays is that the whole school can be in them." Burrawang Public School

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Christmas Presents

Everyone's a Christmas decoration. A card, bauble, star, tinsel, candle, lantern, fairy, etc. Your set is a giant tree or a pile of presents or both. It looks enchanting. The decorations skip on and sing, "Christmas decorations 'round your Christmas tree."

But their joy turns to sadness and squabbles when some decorations argue about their place on the tree. Why be traditional? Let's move to different places. It seems no-one can agree until Fairy announces that she's scared of heights and doesn't like the top spot. "I'm the fairy on top of the Christmas tree but I'm really scared of heights."

So Fairy's spot is up for grabs and the bickering continues. Card doesn't seem interested in climbing to the top. Card is ridiculed. But there are more important things in life. Card tells everyone the story of the little old lady who goes out every night to feed stray animals. She cares about others. But sadly the old lady is not well and needs help herself. The decorations stop their bickering and decide to decorate the old lady's heart.

Everyone comes on stage for the wonderful finale. "Think of others, help someone in need. Think of others, say goodbye to greed. Think of others, 'cos there is no doubt. That's what Christmas is really all about."

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Five More Christmas Musicals

A musical set on Mars and all about Christmas. Think of your striking set and way-out costumes. The Martians sing about themselves. "Life is a happy one here on Mars." But their happiness is rudely interrupted. A spaceship has crash landed on Mars. Oh no! That means we have to tidy up - again!

This is the third space ship to crash land this year. But wait a minute. This isn't the usual space ship. This one is loaded with presents. Presents? Oh yippee. We're rich.

The Martians are celebrating their new found riches when their celebrations turn to shock as they open the first present. Out pops Doll and soon puts them straight. "We're not a space ship. We're on Santa's sleigh. He went up too high and the wind has blown us off course. We should be on Earth under Christmas trees for girls and boys."

Christmas? What's Christmas? The Martians have never heard of Christmas. So Doll explains in song. "A tree in a tub, loads of lovely grub. A peaceful dove and lots of love. When you celebrate at Christmas."

During the song, a tree is brought on and the Martians start to understand. They learn the real meaning of Christmas is to care and share, to be friends and to have peace on Mars. The toys are sent back to Earth as the Martians have their very first Christmas. It's fun, funny and the costumes are marvellous.

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Christmas on Mars

Computer Christmas Letters for Santa Christmas Angels Mother Christmas Time-Machine Christmas

Just like the five shows in Five Christmas Musicals, each of these five musicals has 4 songs, runs for about 25 minutes, has scope for a chorus of any size and celebrates Christmas with fun and meaning.
These five musicals were published in January 2013.

I am amazed how such small people are tackling the many words in the songs (especially Fido's Fable) and are enjoying the variety.
Seymour College Junior School
IF CHRISTMAS spirit was a school subject, a festive group of Kooweerup Secondary College students would get top marks. They are staging a yuletide performance that will help primary schools around the region get into the festive spirit. There's the donkey who travelled to Bethlehem carrying Mary, the camels carrying the wise men, the cattle in the stable, the innkeeper's super friendly dog and the timid mice who emerge from under the straw near the manger and sing and tap dance. STAR News Group

Christmas of the Animals

A musical concert about the animals in the Christmas story
Scored for choir, narrator and 'dancing animals'

It's the story of Christmas as told by the animals. 50 minute cantata/musical for choir, narrator and animals. Use piano, backing CD or orchestra.

There's the donkey which travelled to Bethlehem carrying Mary, the camels carrying the wise men, the sheep in the fields, the cattle in the stable, the innkeeper's dog and the mice under the straw near the manger. Ideal for schools and churches.

The songs are catchy with simple part-singing. Each song is linked by a short speech from your narrator. He or she introduces each animal who could then appear. Loads of fun with wonderful costumes. Just think of those gorgeous tap-dancing mice!

The story of Christmas is told in a fun, funny yet respectful way. You see when Mary and Joseph had to move to the stable, the innkeeper's dog just bounded along. He was a super friendly pooch who just loved being with people. And he has a story to tell. "I'm the Rin Tin Tin at a well-known inn in the town of Bethlehem."

And those tiny terrified mice hiding under the straw near the infant Jesus. What a story they had to tell their grandkids. Here are some of the words of the finale with all the animals, your choir and narrator joining in.

There are band parts if you have a live orchestra, the piano/vocal score is ideal for conductor and/or accompanist and the backing CD means you have another option for your instrumental accompaniment. Christmas of the Animals is very popular with young voices although the show is ideal for a mix of adults and children. You could even have a well-known person in your community as the Narrator - a sporting, political or show biz star. As with all FOX plays and musicals there is lots of free support material - free lyric sheets, notes for the director and musical director. Staged with much joy and success in the USA, Australia and Britain.

Make Christmas A Part of You

You might be part of Christmas but is Christmas a part of you?
It's fun to run with Santa, with friends and family too
But the magic part of Christmas can make your heart brand new
So please be part of Christmas, make Christmas a part of you.

Christmas Presents

Your cast are the elves at the North Pole. They open by singing a rhetorical question, Who Likes Christmas? Well there are lots of hands reaching for the sky. But there are problems because not one elf is certain how long it is before Christmas. They'll have to ask Santa. Can he count? Just when they decide to talk to Santa they get terrible news and sing Santa's Sick. Oh dear. Now they may have to cancel Christmas. This has never happened before. The doctor is coming. But if Santa's too sick, the solution is to ask Mother Christmas to deliver the toys. What? Can she drive the sleigh? Has she got a licence? Has she got a passport? Can she climb chimneys? Can she go 'Ho Ho Ho'?

Christmas Decorations

Mother Christmas

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Computer Christmas

Your cast are the kids in your class. The setting is their classroom. It's a week before Christmas and they open by singing Only Seven More Sleeps. Then they discuss who still has cards to send and presents to buy. BLING stuns everyone by announcing that he or she had everything finished weeks ago. How? Digital shopping. What? BLING bought and sent everything online. They sing about a digital Christmas and then discuss how the fun is in choosing and wrapping presents in person, about writing in cards and not sending eCards. After all the first Christmas was old-fashioned. The transport was a donkey and the hotel was a stable. Suddenly King Herod is seen hearing about the birth of a special baby. But wait, the King is getting his information on a mobile phone! Then the three Wise Men arrive but they're not following a star, instead they're using a GPS device! Then the shepherds watching over their flocks are cold so they check the weather forecast on their tablet! Everyone sings that Change Can Be Good then discuss the things that never change like love and friendship. And so while modern inventions are cool and helpful, the best type of Christmas is the old-fashioned one. The finale is the lovely Old-Fashioned Christmas.

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Letters for Santa

Your cast are the elves at the North Pole. They open by singing that "Here we are at the North Pole and we're working hard for you". They are working hard but they do mistakes. Someone wanted a fish and got a dish. Poor old Peckle's the elf getting things wrong. But rather than be angry, perhaps Peckle could be helped and the elves sing Friendship.  Then we come to a very interesting part of the musical when each elf reads a letter sent by a girl or boy - and yes, that girl or boy is the girl or boy playing the elf. Watching and hearing a young actor read a letter in the third person about themselves saying how good they've been is heading towards hilarious. Then a very unusual letter is read. The child doesn't want any presents and would like what they were to get given to someone who hasn't got any presents. Wow! What a great idea. Everyone sings Virtue is its own Reward.

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The elves sing Can Mother Christmas Be Father Christmas? With all those questions the elves get a big surprise when who should arrive but Mother Christmas. She assures everyone that can do the toy run if Father Christmas is unwell. This is a huge relief for the eleves. They wonder what Christmas would be like without presents. They wonder if those with several presents could share with those children who have little or nothing. And the finale begins as they sing A Sharing Christmas.

They get to talk about the many presents they've made and the ones their grandparents made too. Then they remember the very first presents at the very first Christmas and sing Don't Forget the Very First Christmas.

Time-Machine Christmas

The performers are your students at school or at Sunday School. They are in their classroom or your church. It's December and they sing Just Around the Corner [is Christmas]. They talk about what they'll be getting for Christmas and where they'll be spending Christmas. Then a bombshell. One of the children tells the group that he'll be spending Christmas in another century. His family will be travelling in a time-machine. And there it is sitting over there. Or is it standing? The others rush over and look. The others suddenly want to time travel as well and they sing Please Take Me. So they climb into the space rocket and disappear.

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They re-emerge on the other side of the room where it is now thousands of years ago. They see the stable and the original Nativity scene. This is fantastic. The children can talk and observe but the people in the stable can't see or hear them. The children sing The First Christmas. The children are amazed at the simplicity of the birth of Jesus and come to learn about the greatest gift of all and sing as the finale The Greatest Gift of All.

Let us have a sharing Christmas
Let us help someone in need
Let us have a caring Christmas
Starting with a kind good deed
Let us have a giving Christmas
Showing how we love and care
Let us have a sharing Christmas
Let us all our Christmas share

Christmas Angels

Yes your cast are the angels in heaven. Archangel is the leader and then there's Seraphim, Cherubim, Gabriel, Halo, Harpo and Wingso with a whole flight of angels if you wish as your chorus. Imagine the costumes on those angelic actors!  They sing We're the Angels then find there are few problems. Harpo's harp is out of tune and Halo's halo doesn't fit. But then some news arrive. Certain children down on Earth have been doing good things - tidying their room, occasionally not talking and eating healthy food. The angels are happy and sing We Like to Rejoice. Then they have a history quiz. It's fun.

They learn about the role the angels played in the Christmas story and sing Don't Forget the Angels. Then the angels are asked if anyone would like to be on top of the Christmas tree. Everyone is keen. Then they learn that Christmas is a mix of the baby in a manger and of celebrating with our kith and kin. The finale is Got Our Wings.

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For purchasers all five Christmas musicals are royalty free
Book has script for director/teacher plus large print script for students
It includes the music manuscript plus guitar chord symbols
There's a backing CD with fabulous sounds for the catchy songs
There are loads of tips for the teacher
To purchase go here

For purchasers all five Christmas musicals are royalty free
Book has script for director/teacher plus large print script for students
It includes the music manuscript plus guitar chord symbols
There's a backing CD with fabulous sounds for the catchy songs
There are loads of tips for the teacher/director
To purchase go

Three titles