Mini Musicals Volume One

Five fabulous short shows. A melodrama, a show for infants, a multi-media musical, a body percussion piece and a Christmas musical. The Melodrama is a hoot. It stars Dinsmore Treadlightly, Lily Pond, Suscatchuwin Swindler, Achilles Awful and Delilah Von Scissors. Oh and your Narrator. Lots of hissing, booing and cheering for the appropriate goodies and baddies.

The villains we hiss, the heroes we kiss
The felons we hate, the fearless we fete
We love the puns and players, the boo-ers,

The marvellous melodrama for me!

Dinsmore Treadlightly is puny, meek and mild but oh how we love him. So too does Lily Pond, our fearless and capable heroine. But the wotten wascals, Suscatchuwin, Archilles and Delilah will stop at nothing. It's a tie-her-to-the-railway twacks finish with a triumph for the goodies. This melodrama is a terrific way to introduce young actors to a fun form of theatre.

In The Bottom of Your Garden is a gorgeous piece of whimsy ideal for young actors, aged say 5 to 8. The characters are fabulous. Frederick Frizzlefrump Ant, Stretch Worm, Spinnie Winnie Spider, Super-Sonic Snail, Lady Bird, Caterpillar and as many insects as you like. Think of the fun you'll have decorating your performers. The insects sing

In the bottom of your garden where the flowers grow
Live so many little creatures who you ought to know

And we do get to know them. They are funny, witty, silly, clever and kind. They solve their problems and finish with their second song about life being a challenge and a triumph. This is a hugely popular mini musical.

Then there's the multi-media mini musical. It's called Climbing Trees. You need a narrator, some singers and instrumentalists. There are two actors but they are on the screen. You take slides or a video of the actors climbing a tree in your area. As the "film" unfolds, your musicians perform 16 short songs which tell the story. You'll involve photography, drama, music, outdoor education and more when you stage this different, simple and highly entertaining mini musical.

The Human Symphony is a winner. It's a body percussion mini musical. A group of young people are despondent. They are short of funds to buy new musical instruments for their band. Someone suggests performing to raise money. But they have no instruments. Not to worry. They form a percussion band using their hands, feet, fingers and thighs. Oh and a few "interesting" vocal sounds as well. Well rehearsed, their showpiece number is brilliant. No "normal" instruments required as you clap, snap and stamp your way through The Human Symphony.

Finally it's time to celebrate Christmas with a modern setting of the nativity called A Modern Christmas. Joseph and Mary arrive at a motel in their broken-down car where the receptionist tells them that all rooms are taken. There are some dignitaries staying at the motel. Mary and Joseph are desperate for accommodation and are offered a garage around the back. The story is told by a group of modern-day young people who can relate to the modern setting. There are two songs - Christmas Time and Giving. This mini musical is ideal for an end-of-year concert or as part of your Christmas celebrations.

"The best part of Christmas is giving
Is giving to someone you love."

Mini Musicals Volume Two

Ten terrific short musicals. The roles are often genderless. Ideal for schools and youth theatre.

The shows are great. Video Victims has a TV which hypnotises everyone. Friends gather to watch a TV which takes control of their lives. Or is it a practical joke? There's a marvellous tag with which to stun your audiences.

Write or Wrong stars pencils, pens, crayons and chalk. All the characters are writing implements and they sing with gusto.

You write with us, you draw with us
You paint 'n print 'n squint and all with one of us
If you're a budding novelist and think you've missed the bus
Get onto us, oh grab hold of us.

The puns fly thick and fast. Is it right or write? Whatever, it's loads of fun.

Kicked Out is all about girls playing football. An all-female cast where conversation turns to sport and why some games are exclusively male. Why can't the girls join in?

Nursery Times has well-known characters from nursery rhymes meeting at the unemployment office. Red Riding Hood complains that her job is too dangerous. Jill helps Jack to the counter with a similar complaint. Jack's broken his crown and Jill's had a tumble. Humpdee Dumpdee is upset at the height of the wall and so on. The clerk has a difficult task but manages to sort out everyone's complaint as they sing A New Life.

Blazing Fables is a riotous cowboy/girl comedy where the women sit at the tables playing cards while the cowboys flit around serving lemonade. There are more corny jokes and over-the-top loonies than you can poke a knitting needle at. The sheriff attends dressmaking classes. "Set 'em up, Joe" is the running gag until Bad Breath Bart hits town. It's a barrel of laughs finishing with the country and western song Wild, Wild West.

Davy Jones' Locker is set on the bottom of the sea. This nautical mini musical stars Octopus, Dolphin, Sardine, Snapper, Tuna, Shark, Crab and many other fishy folk. The plot swims around a locker belonging to one Davy Jones. Who owns it? Who wants it? What is it used for? As they sing

Davy Jones has room for any visitor
There's lots of running water and it's free
Sink or swim to Davy's gym when you're off-shore
It's the locker on the bottom of the sea.

Martian Madness involves visitors from you-know-where and when Earthlings land on Mars we're not sure who is the more crazy. The main question seems to be, "Can you buy a Mars Bar on Mars?". Loads of fun and terrific costumes.

Surprise Spectacular is a showbiz Busby Berkeley mini musical to get your feet tapping. Two friends wander on to the stage of an old abandoned theatre. It's one friend's birthday and suddenly a spot is turned on and a piano starts playing. The surprise present is a troupe of dancers who sing and dance as a special birthday treat.

Runaway Train is really a radio play cum musical with great sound effects. It's the story of a train with many passengers - a parrot, horses, school kids, guard etc. Some of the kids climb aboard the steam locomotive and the train takes off. The guard is furious, the parrot won't shut up, the horses go hoarses while the kids scream. Great percussive and vocal fun.

Finally there's an opera which lasts about 123 seconds. A two-minute opera. It's all about tragic love arias where the heroine is dying but manages to rip off a 500 bar ditty complete with trills and glissandos. It's called She Always Takes Ages To Die and you need a hero and heroine and of course a company. Brief, very funny and all sung. Clever look at opera too.

Mini Musicals

Mini Musicals Volume Three

Ten terrific short musicals. The roles are often genderless. Ideal for schools and youth theatre.

The shows are unusual. Life in a Fridge is just that. The contents of a fridge - eggs, milk, butter, cheese, etc. are worried when the parents go away and the kids decide to have a party. The fridge will be raided for sure.  Duck for Cover stars Duck, Goose, Swan, Drake, etc and they're getting fed up with all those tourists who come to feed them. Swan wants a break so puts on a dying swan routine.

Beautie Charade is a send-up of beauty pageants only the contestants are male with muscles galore. Each is interviewed and tries to give correct answers to the increasingly-boring questions. Are male beauty contestants as silly as their female counterparts? In Moggie Mayhem a group of cats is discussing having a party and what will be on the menu. One cat is serving tinned food which is looked down upon by the others. But it's okay. There's a picture of the cat's cousin on the label. Are cat owners just like their cats? A bit like dog owners, perhaps.

Then in Doctor Ha Ha set in a waiting-room, the patients with all sorts of weird complaints learn that laughter is indeed the best medicine. It's a hoot. In The Family Tree a group of trees are discussing ways of getting on in the world. They worry about logging and autumn but become excited when genealogy is raised. Family trees are big business. History is fascinating. Why three of my cousins donated a limb to become some arrows for Robin Hood. It's also a great way for young people to discover genealogy and investigate their family tree.

Phoney Conversations is about telephones of all shapes and sizes. They get chatting but is what they say true? Are they being phoney?  What is snobbery and can we misunderstand what we hear on the phone? The Rockin' Royals are one royal family with attitude. There's the King, Queen, Prince and Princess as well as various members of court. The royal coffers are drastically low and a forthcoming royal wedding is going to be done on the cheap unless ... When the Princess joins a punk rock band there's alarm but also admiration because it just might be the way to raise the royal fortunes.

Percussive Prisoners is unusual. It's set in a jail where the various prisoners communicate by tapping on the bars of their cell. The song for this mini musical has no words or melodies as the performers, the prisoners, get tapping and perform a snappy percussive piece. And this non-melodioc theme continues in the final mini musical The Wrap Rap. It's set in a store with customers aplenty. Even the shop dummy, the supervisor and shop workers join in. The song has lyrics and is performed, naturally, in a rap style. With 10 mini musicals in Volume 3 and 25 mini musicals in the total package, there are plenty of shows to appeal to your performers.

25 mini musicals in three books
Running time up to 15 minutes each
Each mini musical is quick and easy to rehearse and great fun!
Little or no expense with set, costumes and props
Backing CD plus music manuscipt with guitar chords
Has many ideas to get started plus heaps of follow-up activities
The mini musicals are royalty free to purchasers
You can use almost any size group of performers up to huge casts
Topics and themes to entertain and educate
Thousands sold around the world

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Mini Musicals Volumes One, Two and Three are sold as a package
[3 books, CD and royalties]

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