Volume 2

WILL THE REAL SANTA starts with a young child creeping downstairs to surprise Santa busy putting out the presents. But Junior has it figured. It's not really Santa. It's Dad. Santa is shocked. Santa protests but Junior laughs. Santa grabs his sack and exits. Junior is most amused until Dad appears behind him. "Oh no! I've just attacked Santa!" Junior races upstairs to repent and someone else wanders in to chat with Dad. It's a sting.

THE HACKER has one visible human and one invisible human playing the computer. The hacker is trying to hack. The computer is denying the hacker access. The hacker is a nasty type with no concern for the computer. But this computer fights back. Soon it's the hacker seeking help from the computer.

ABANDON SHIP is set on a huge oil tanker fully laden with crude oil and sailing at full speed in dangerous waters. The crew are concerned. The captain is giving crazy orders. A mutiny is in the wheelhouse wind. The tension builds until suddenly the alarm bells ring. Is this an environmental disaster? All is revealed in the final speech.

HARD-TO-BELIEVE-INCREDIBLE-STORIES is a daytime TV live-audience chat-show with some amazing tall tales. Can you believe this stuff? One guest has 672 cats! Another has married his mother-in-law. A large guest owns a pizza shop and eats it out daily! But then shock of shocks. On comes the most unusual guest who causes even the compere to fall speechless.

THE IDENTIFICATION PARADE sees some ten potential suspects line up to be examined by police and the victim. Who is the criminal? Tension builds. Yes. The criminal is present but not in the line-up!

THE GREAT OUTDOORS sees a child, father and grandfather out camping.  Grandpa remembers living off the land but this trip they have can opener. This is the life. Then Mother calls and tells them what's for tea. Forget the camping.

A BIRD'S EYE VIEW, THIEF THAT ALONE, MUSOS, FLORAL FRIENDS AND FOES and HAVE YOU DECIDED YET? are the remaining six pennyweight plays in Volume Two.

Volume 4

HAWKERS When neighbours discuss door-to-door sales folk, the discussion turns lively. Do you like people knocking on your door trying to sell you something? And what if you have a sneaky neighbiour?

PROTEST sees protesters making a banner. You know the chant. "What do we want? Instant gratification. When do we want it? Now." Well not quite that. You see the protestors are going to march. They'll be on TV. Disaster. The protest is not today. Never fear. We'll protest about ...

HOW TO GET A PAY RISE features a doctor, patient and receptionist. But who is which and why? The session is simple and the solution quite clear. But it's a trick because the characters are not who we think they are. Sneaky.

PAY ATTENTION On board a plane the flight attendant struggles to deal with passengers. Some are really rude. What do the airline staff really think of the passengers? In this tale the attendant makes a safety announcement with a difference.  War ning: don't be rude and impatient.

RUBBISH BINS Do you have anything in your garbage of which you are ashamed? Embarrassed maybe? Three characters go through the trash from someone's bin. They want to find something to write about - a celebrity's garbage could make them a fortune. But there's a twist in the trash.

INSURANCE Is it worthwhile? Can we, should we fiddle our insurance? If we try to what will happen? Many people try and pull a swifty on their insurance. They claim for something they rigged. Here three struggling losers reckon they've hit on the perfect scam. Or have they?


Volume 3

BABY TALK sees a couple of parents learning the international language of infants. Babies have their own language. "Goo goo goo" has a special meaning for every little one. If you can learn baby talk, your baby will love you to bits.

DO IT YOURSELF sees three friends removing some shelves and replacing a window with very interesting results. You must know at least one DIY expert. Well here you'll meet three and they do a brilliant job with just one slight flaw. Oh no!

FISHY BUSINESS reveals the art of fishing in the same spot every week for nine years and always going home with a terrific catch. Why do people go fishing? You won't believe the reason with this angler. It's something to do with a noisy patio.

THE DUMMY is all about a ventriloquist and his/her dummy. Can you say "Bottle of Beer" with your lips closed? The couple argue on stage about telling the truth. But the real truth is revealed at the end. Just who is the reall dummy?

FORTY LOVE is a frantic tennis match with a surprise ending. Some people argue with the umpire and dispute many calls. This time the complainer gets aced.

ALIENS is set on a far-off planet where the locals are watching the heavens for humans in space ships. Nobody believes until someone sees something amazing.

MILK AND SUGAR?, HOW WOULD YOU LIKE IT?, AT THE COALFACE, BURGLARS, SHOWERS and STICKY BEAKS are the other six pennyweight plays in Volume Three.

Volume 1

THE AUCTION sees the Auctioneer calling for bids. Nobody bids. The Auctioneer then starts picking on spectators. Someone scratches their nose. That's a bid. Someone coughs. Another bid. Someone sneezes. That's another one. Someone yawns. Up and up goes the price. The sale is completed and the Auctioneer is delighted. The winning bidder is not too thrilled. S/He's the owner!

PIG OUT sees the Marshall starting the race to eat the food. The diners attack the grub. After the event one diner complains. The bowls are one millimetre shorter than last year. The race must be run again. But everyone's full. Well not everyone.

THE DENTIST'S DRILL sees Fang enter a crowded waiting-room. Fang is in for a long wait. But Fang chats to the other patients. "Did you know the dentist drinks?" Simple throwaway comments sees the others leave one by one. Funny tag when the mystified nurse opens Fang's bag.

DON'T JUMP is set on the ledge on the roof of a tall building. Someone is out on the ledge ready to jump. A brave citizen moves out to save the troubled soul. The police are called. But the fear changes from one person to the other. The rescuers have a new target.

LONG TIME NO SEE is a funny two-hander where two people meet who haven't seen each other for years. Or so they think. So much to catch up on. After much happy hugging they slowly realise they've never met. Oh well, we all make mistakes.

PUMPING IRON is set in a gym where several athletes try to get fit. One overweight chum arrives
and soon a bet is made that the obviously unfit person can't benchpress a certain weight. A lot of money is on the line. Heave, sweat, heave. Kidda makes it. The losers are spitting chips and leave. Kidda peals off a tracksuit to reveal some interesting clothing.



each play runs for about 10 minutes
you can rehearse and perform them in half an hour or less
performers get a thrill from their immediate success
these plays require few props and inexpensive costumes [if any]
each book [12 plays] contains heaps of follow-up activities and lots of ideas on starting each mini play
plays have fascinating themes which appeal to young and not-so-young actors
plays are royalty free to those who purchase them
great for warm-ups before rehearsals
terrific as short concert items
marvellous for camps and drama activities

48 mini plays in four separate books
They're called pennyweight plays because a pennyweight is very light

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