I've come up with a name for my Amber now. 'Deep Through Veil'd Passages', which is also the title of a gothic short story I wrote. The same reason applies for both here - you can find all the relevance you want.

My Amber, as I've said, has had to be madly invented, as it was as much a surprise to me as anyone else that I actually started to run a campaign. The characters, as they stand, are:

Bruce Wayne, son of Finndo, (played by Mike Royle): Batman as an Amber character. Infatuated with Bebe before realising she was 15/16 (it varies, actually), and dueller with Cadfael and McBain.

Reverend Jim, son of Benedict, (played by Martin Smith): Jim Ignatowski of 'Taxi', as an Amber character. Doped out of his skull, and voted Most Likely to Casually Destroy the Universe.

Equals, son of Brand (played by Harvey Mills): Pyscho Psyche, with an anti-establishment glare that makes him the beloved of all and sundry Elders.

Cadfael, son of Deirdre (played by Della Mills, no relation to Harvey): Cadfael of TV and 'Ellis Peters' books fame, as an Amberite - though before he became a monk. One of those reasonable guys who tends to get beat up on by unreasonable people.

Edward, son of Eric (played by Marie Colwell): Typical Amberite, which is to say strong bastard material. Prone to doing the wrong thing at the wrong time for absurdly screwed up reasons, and actually succeeding.

Jim Carrey, son of ? (GM knows, but isn't telling, bwahaha) (played by Fraser Hotchkiss): Yes, that Jim Carrey as an Amberite, though even more insane and with strong family problems, a lot of which he doesn't know yet. Also referred to as 'Simon', with a sister, Theodore, and a brother, Alvin. Draw your own conclusions - I know he did.

Abe, son of Fiona (NPC) Abe's just muscles right now, but a promising rivalry with Bruce Wayne and not an overly-large amount of sense means that his destructive potential will surely be realised.

Bebe, daughter of Random and Moire (NPC) A teenager who wants, no, needs to get out more. Should be great if I can strike the right note for her character. Pals around with Rayanne, a rescuee from the Courts of Chaos.

Caric, daughter of Flora (NPC): Now who wouldn't want to rebel if their mother was Flora? Tries to make herself look plain, though has the unfortunate side-effect of taking after her mother in more ways than one. But there are many facets to Flora's personality... and Caric's, too.

McBain, son of Gerard (NPC): Well, he might be just a figment of Gerard's imagination. But hey, what a figment! Though it seems the secret's out, he lives on to some people.

Theodore, daughter of ? (NPC): Came out of a mirror and into both the Jim's lives, and now is stuck somewhere. Could be the key to Jim Carrey's history - or simply add another lock.

Alvin, daughter of ? (NPC): Was recently rescued after being held by the courts as a blood curse on the various characters involved in a fight that took place in Chaos. Not a chipmunk, though I don't know if Jim fully understands that yet.

Yes, as can easily be seen, the quickness of the creation process meant a lot of media-dwelling. However, there's a lot of potential out there... and hopefully I won't cram it all into one session.

As for the contributions. Right at the start I said no character-diaries. That was *very* quickly rescinded. I have also out-and-out begged for a game log, yet no-one is prepared to do it. D'oh! Ah well, playing it over the net should at least mean no-one has to worry about taking a log. Cleaning it up, on the other hand...


MARIE'S STORY-BITS                                    Interview with an Amberite.
                                                                           Somewhere in Shadow.
                                                                          Deep in the Cells. Castle Amber.