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Babel Handbooks on Fantasy and SF writers

Babel Handbooks on Fantasy and SF Writers are critical studies of fantasy and science fiction writers in English, each making a case for the quality of one or more of the works of the writer chosen. Biographical material, and debate with critics or schools of criticism, is kept to a minimum.
Each handbook contains a reliable bibliography of the author's fantasy, or science fiction, or both, as well as select general and critical bibliographies.  Copyright (c) rests with the individual author, publication by Nimrod Publications.

Current Handbooks

1 Darwin and Doom: H.G. Wells and The Time Machine
by David Lake, 23 pages, published 7/97 9ISBN 0-909242-46-1);
H.G. Wells; bibliographies; science fiction, fantasy; history.
2 Betwixt Wood-woman, Wolf and Bear: the Heroic-Age Romances of William Morris
by Norman Talbot, 28 pages, published 7/97 ( ISBN 0-909242-44-5)
Morris; bibliographies, literature, science fiction, fantasy, history.
3 Minmers Marooned and Planet of the Marsupials: the Science Fiction Novels of Cherry Wilder
by Yvonne Rousseau, 26 pages, published 9/97 (ISBN 0- 909242-51-8)
Cherry Wilder; bibliographies; science fiction, fantasy; young adult.
4 Michael Frayn and the Fantasy of Everyday Life
by Rosaleen Love, 32 pages, published 9/97 (ISBN 0-909242-50-X);
Michael Frayn; bibliographies; science fiction, fantasy; humour.
5 Glance from Nowhere, A: Sheri S. Tepper's Fantasy and SF
by Sylvia Kelso, 34 pages,  published 9/97 (ISBN 0-909242-47-X);
Sheri S. Tepper; bibliographies; science fiction, fantasy; women's studies.
6 Towards a Good Death: The Fantasy Fiction of C.S. Lewis and the Experience of Reading
by Cath, Filmer-Davies, 28 pages, published 8/98 (ISBN 0-909242-53- 4);
C.S. Lewis; bibliographies; science fiction, fantasy.
7 Beyond the Eternal Champion: Fantasies of Michael Moorcock
by David, Connell, 32 pages, published 9/99 (ISBN 0-909242-45-3);
Michael Moorcock; bibliographies; science fiction, fantasy.
8 Hyperdreams: Damien Broderick's Space/Time Fiction
by Russell Blackford, 42 pages, published 12/98 (ISBN 0-909242-48-8);
Damien Broderick; bibliographies; science fiction, fantasy.
9 Opulent Darkness: the Werewolf Stories of Tanith Lee
by Justine Larbalestier, 20 pages, published 9/99 (ISBN 0-909242-52-6);
Tanith Lee; bibliographies; science fiction, fantasy; short stories
10 J.R.R. Tolkien's The Silmarillion
by Rhona Beare, 47 pages, published 9/99 (ISBN 0909242-49-6)
J.R.R. Tolkien; science fiction, fantasy.

Forthcoming releases

Future Babel Handbooks include:

  • Janeen Webb on Guy Gavriel Kay

  • Van Ikin on Terry Dowling

  • Michael Tolly on Mervyn Peake

Ordering Information

Each Babel Handbook (ISSN 1326-561X) costs $11.00 (inc GST), is paperback size 210mmx150mm and can be ordered by sending payment to the following address:

Norman Talbot
Nimrod Literary Consultancy
PO Box 170
New Lambton, NSW, 2305,
Ph. (+61 2) 4957 5562, Fax (+61 2) 4950 9658
email:  nimrod@hunterlink.com.au
ABN: 56102074370
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