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Grand Conspiracy

Wars of Light and Shadow Volume 5 - Alliance of Light Book 2


Lysaer and his Cabal continue to eradicate both Athera's irreplaceable clans and any vestige of magecraft, however the former involves a direct attack on Athera thereby allowing the Fellowship to act..  Morriel and Lirenda have concocted a plan to capture the Master of Shadow, Arithon s'Ffalenn, using a herder's son from Araethura as bait

The Fellowship cast strands with assistance of the four elements to show the cause over the next twelve years.  The s'Brydion clan are ostensibly in support of Lysaer but give clear warning to Lysaer's second wife.   Arithon, Koriani trap or no, returns from his search for the Paravians to free the boy used as bait. The Koriani are waiting, Morriel is camped on quartz vein in the Skyshiels pre



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