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Peril's Gate - Due July 2001!

Wars of Light and Shadow Volume 6 - Alliance of Light Book 3

The Alliance of Light sub-series was originally only intended to be three books however Janny wrote far too many manuscript pages for Grand Conspiracy so Perils' Gate came in to being to include the extra pages from the GC manuscript and allow the proper completion of the Third Arc (Alliance of Light) without having to cram excessive story into Stormed Fortress.

Due for UK release in July 2001, Peril's Gate picks up immediately where Grand Conspiracy finished with Arithon and Fionn Areth having just escaped both the Koriani and the Jaelot town guard and are on the run to join Dakar.  Fionn Areth still holds his hatred of Arithon despite having been rescued by him and refuses to co-operate.  To obtain his unwilling assistance to escape Jaelot, Arithon is forced to agree with Fionn Areth to a duel at the first available opportunity.

The first opportunity presents itself immediately Arithon and Fionn Areth find Dakar outside Jaelot and Arithon and Fionn Areth engage swords. It becomes obvious that Arithon is just toying with Fionn Areth, but Arithon slips at the crucial moment and Fionn Areth's sword slices his right hand, the injury seen on the cover of GC.  As Jaelot's guardsmen close to capture them, Arithon entrusts Fionn Areth to Dakar and sets of himself to lead the guardsmen away. And so we are set for another installment of the masterful Wars of Light and Shadow series.

Note: The Grand Conspiracy cover depicts an element of the story originally intended for Grand Conspiracy. As indicated, some manuscript pages were cut to keep the size of GC down and the action on the cover will now appear in Peril's Gate.

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