Welcome to the Wonderfully Weird World

of my Imagination.

(Be afraid. Be very afraid)


Why does your Web Page have three names?

No, I don't have a split personality, and I'm not on the run from the law. I just have three identies, one for each of my three very different circles of activity. Familiar to most people is Karen, the person who goes out teaching from Monday to Friday to earn a living, and goes to church on Sunday... I was Karen for more than 20 years without need for any alternate identities, but then I got involved in the Fannish community and discovered that I was the fifth 'Karen' in the Melbourne Science Fiction Club, which only has a couple of hundred members!  My fanzine is called Out of the Kaje, so it was a natural extension to use the name myself on paper. 'Karenji' is the newest arrival to my stable of identities, and she's the one most people would find strangest (unless they're already denizens of Alfandra - welcome fellow travellers!). Karenji is the 'me' you'll find lurking in the Newsgroups (frequently in alt.fan.dragons, less often in various others) and she is a small, plump silver dragon.

Which facet of my personality would you like

to explore today?

The Dragon Karenji Ootk's Mascot (and No, it's NOT an orangutan! - Terry Pratchett Reference) Just call me 'Teach'
In Praise of Dragons
and Fantasy in General
SF, Fandom and Fanzines
(Contains Out of the Kaje)
Faith, Life, and the Mundane (as opposed to 'Fannish') Me

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