About Fanzines and Out of the Kaje

So What's a Fanzine?

A fanzine, or 'zine' as it's commonly known is basically a small-scale magazine produced for the love of it and distributed on a not-for-profit basis. Anyone can write one, and they can be about any topic/s dear to your heart. Some people produce Punk zines, Heavy Metal zines, skateboarding zines, etc. etc. The kind I'm interested in, and put out myself, isn't quite like these. The fannish community (and by this I mean Science Fiction fans) has a long tradition of producing fanzines which revolve around, or at least peripherally involve, Science Fiction.

There are many different kinds of Fanzine, including (but not limited to)

Most people decide on one type of zine when they start out, and produce that for varying lengths of time before getting tired of it and starting something new. Occasionally, a zine mutates all by itself, upgrading itself from a crudzine to a perzine for example, or drifting from perzine to genzine as more people start to contribute. At other times the change is quite deliberate, and reflects a personal change of focus on the part of the editor - a former media fan, who produced a zine devoted entirely to Battlestar Galactica for example, might decide that they're tired of the whole genre, and move on to producing a much more general perzine, if they don't leave fandom entirely that is. Some people actually produce more than one zine at a time - a clubzine and a perzine, for example. I'm something of an addict in this - I'm a member of three APAs, and I felt it was cheating to reuse material, so I produce no less than four different fanzines, three for the APAs, and the much more widely circulated Out of the Kaje.

For Information on APAs in general, and my apazines in particular, click here. To read about Out of the Kaje, continue below.

What's this Out of the Kaje thing all about?

Many people have asked me where the name for this zine came from, and whether it has any special significance. Well, it does and it doesn't. Because my initials are KJ, I decided I wanted a title which reflected that, and started looking for words which I could subvert by changing a few letters...

I liked this one, because it has a double significance. Most of the content is written by me (though that may change at a future date, and I welcome submissions of material from others) so it does come 'Out of the Kaje' - ie. out of my mouth. At the same time, this fanzine was my first attempt at fannish publishing, and I hoped that it would be a way to express myself more freely, a way out of the cage of mundanity and boredom. Some others have asked whether there was any similarity to the term 'Out of the Closet' (and whether I was perhaps revealing more of my intentions than I meant?) but that's not actually the case :-) The only closet I came out of had nothing to do with my sexuality, but rather was the one that many science fiction fans hide in... That closet was well and truly cast aside when I started handing out copies of my zine to some of my friends and family, who had no idea that I was into this stuff at all (and who didn't understand some of it AT ALL...) That's OK - I didn't expect them to, but I wanted to share a side of myself that I had kept very private, and to come Out of the Kaje :-)

But now I suppose you want to see what's actually IN this zine of mine?
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