Editorial Mutterings

Karen Johnson, from Out of the Kaje #4, June/July 1999

Well, this is where my Editorial would go if there was enough space to fit it! As it is, if you want to read the rest of my comments on the subject of ĎWhy this Zine is Late, and how it will NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!! (and pigs will probably fly too!) then youíll just have to turn to the back page, where the funny stuff would normally be. What do you mean, Ďyouíd rather read the funny stuffí? Quit whining. Travel is a very serious subject, and it didnít seem appropriate to include your usual dose of light relief. Besides, I couldnít think of anything to put there...
Iíve given over the pages of this issue to Australian travel-based content. I was planning to include a photo section to go with my Qld Trip Report, but the printer wouldnít play ball and I had to leave it out. Youíll just have to wait until I learn to write web pages and put it all up (a long term project, but hopefully itís going to happen.)
Alas, Iíve had to trim everything to the bone to fit it into the Australia Post dictated page count (Iíd like to make it thicker, but that would double the postage, from $3 to $6 for most OS copies. $6x5 or 10 wouldnít be a problem, but $6x80!). As a result, the Fannish Glossary part 2 has been held over until next issue, when youíll get a double dose, and so has a portion of the lettercol. If you donít see your letter here, itís been held over (or Iíve lost it - hope I havenít thoí!) Thanks to all the people who sent in extra definitions, and lists/comments on ĎTen Things to take to Mars. Iíve put them all together, and theyíll also appear next ish.
Oh, as to why this issue was late, I was working on a two-month contract, so I was very busy. I donít know how people who have full-time jobs, families, and mortgages manage to find any time for fanac. I tip my hat to you all! The only reason Iíve had time to finish this is that we had a car accident, so Iím stuck at home looking after Mum until sheís mended enough to go out and buy a new car.
Iím determined that the next issue of Out of the Kaje will be available at Aussiecon III, for all those people who are lucky enough  to be coming. If I donít see you there, Iíll mail you a copy shortly after. The theme is generally fannish, and because Iím distributing a lot of copies in person,  it might even be thicker than usual if I can find the content. Iíve already got about 10 pages, so itís looking good. Get those LoCs in quick if you want to be included.