Voices from the Darkness

All Poems on this page written during a two-week period in Oct/Nov 1999 -
when I am feeling strong emotions, I WRITE!!!!!!

If you see yourself in these poems - any of them - please get help. Find someone you can trust - a Doctor, Minister, close friend etc. and talk about it. No-one can face the Darkness alone for long and hope to stand against it, but if you have help all things are possible.

Some places on the Net which might be able to help you are:

The Newsgroup alt.support.depression.recovery-sanctuary
- a moderated Newsgroup for those coming to terms with/recovering from Depression. Free from SPAM and Trolls, and with a small but extremely supportive group of members. The group can be read through its webpage (linked) or directly through your Newsreader, but postings must be made to the email addy to ensure that they appear correctly in the group.
There is also a second, unmoderated group - alt.support.depression.recovery - which is larger but still very supportive, and there are a number of other depression-related Newsgroups also under the alt.support.depression banner.

WARNING: Do NOT read these poems if you are severely depressed or suicidal - PLEASE!!!!! I'm not strong enough to take responsibility for your life as well as my own.

But DO read this one... right now!

There are so many people Here who are hurting right now. This is for all of you, all of US.
Be strong, and remember - bad times don't last forever, and it WILL get better...

Life is precious, Love is kind,
If you seek then you shall find.
If this wish can make it true
All good things shall come to you.
Hide not away, come to the light
NEVER give up without a fight.
The Dark is cold, but the Sun is warm
We shall not let you come to harm.
You're not alone, your friends are Here
Don't give in - defeat the fear.
It's not all-powerful, it CAN be beat
You're too good to deserve defeat.
So stay alert, of the Dark beware
If we can, we will help you - this we swear.

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