Daydreams and (Occasional) Nightmares

Ecology / Who am I? / Midnight / A Millennial Fantasy / Chemistry
Roses / Trouble at the Zoo / Noah

Ecology ('91)

How can we sit
watching the ruin
of our beautiful world
without making a sound?
Wake now,
and act,
before it is forever
too late!

Who am I? ('93)

I am a Woman
I am a Dreamer.
I am God's child.
I am a Searcher for Meaning
I am a Seeker of Truth
I am a Lover of Beauty
I live to Create
I am Human
I am Caring
I have Fire in my Soul
I am Easily Wounded
I long to be Loved
I am a Follower of Jesus
I am ME.

Midnight ('95)

At midnight, when all the world's asleep,
I stare into the dark
and the Dark stares back
with questions in its eyes.
Thoughts swirl in my brain
Who? Where? When? and What?
But mostly Why?
Why can I not be content to be as others?
To fit in neatly, and not make waves?
I have no answers,
but as I listen
I seem to hear an echo from the dark -
I am different
because I am me
and I should not blame
or question
but be the best me
I can.
As I strain my ears
inward to listen
Sleep folds me gently
in its feathery wings.
But the last I hear
Is the silent comfort
'Just be.'

A Millennial Fantasy ('99)

Come hell or high water, rain or snow,
The posties to their duties go.
I wonder whether we'll still see 'em
In the first days of the new Millennium?
When all around us computers crash,
And the garbos won't collect the trash,
Because without pay-roll computers, their bosses say
That not a one of them can get paid today.
Though that's really academic, 'cause the banks won't tell
Us their entire financial records have been shot to hell,
And the roads are one gigantic traffic jam
Because none of us can travel by train or tram,
But rather have to face the dreadful plight
Of roads bereft of traffic light.
And if you need to travel desperately, and brave the skies,
I hope you've got insurance or a stash of cash put by
(but make sure your near-and-dearest knows exactly where it is
Because they very soon may need it to support the kids)
In case your aeroplane develops faults in vital chips
And the pilot discovers briefly that they're trying to fly a brick...
While just around the corner from your peaceful home
The local nuclear reactor core is being swathed in foam
In one final desperate try to cool the core
Before it explodes dramatically, as the doomsayers forsaw
And the city is polluted for the next 10,000 years
(But they'll pay out compensation, so there's no need for tears -
and they'll find a cure for cancer, I'm sure it's not to too late,
You'll just have to be patient, sit in that corner and wait.)

Now this tale is speculation and a flighty one at that,
But I've yet to hear an expert who can confirm that it's not fact
You can party all you want on Dec 31st, stop and have a drink for me
Because by now I know exactly where I'm going to be
I won't be at a party, I'm not prepared to roam,
 - the posties may be working, but I'm going to stay at home.

Chemistry ('87)

I want to be a scientist
so that I can play games,
With test tubes and with beakers,
And learn all the compound's names.

I want to learn about all the  things
A scientist can do
And when I'm trying experiments
I'll try them out on you!

Roses or 'A Toddler's Lament' ('84)

Why are roses perfumed?
Why do they smell so sweet?
Why do they look so delightful?
But why don't they taste good to eat?

Trouble at the Zoo ('87)

The Zookeeper rang Dr Potts
'Come quick, 'cause the leopard's got spots!'
Now it may seem outrageous
But those spots were contagious
So now half the zoo's gone to dot!

Noah ('87)

The young man called Noah of Ark
Cried, 'It's going to rain - what a lark!
You want me to work?
God you must be a jerk!'
So he drowned as he strolled in the park.

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