Poems of Faith

Prayer / Sacrifice / The Road of Life / Love

Prayer ('93)

I begged God for a Miracle
And He said no.
I blamed Him for making a world
Where my problems could exist
And He said nothing.
I told Him that if He was Just,
He had created my problems
So He should solve them
And He ignored me.
I asked God for the strength
to try to solve
my problems myself
And He said 'Of Course.'
'I was only waiting
For you to ask
the right question.'

Sacrifice ('94)

"God so loved the world
that He gave his only begotten son"
That's love.
Not lust
Or affection
Or friendship
But real love
True love
Deep love.
What would it take
To make you do the same?
To love something enough
That you would be willing to die
to save it?
Could you even conceive it?
I can't.
But God could.
And so could Jesus.
And that's why he died.
For us.

Think about it.

The Road of  Life ('95)

The road of life is a twisted one
and sometimes the path becomes lost,
We wander through shadows dark and dim,
Life doesn't seem worth the cost.
Our burdens too heavy to carry,
we sit by the roadside and cry,
But there's no easy way to opt out of this world -
if you give up the struggle you die.
At the end of the tunnel lies the light,
And the darkest night must end with dawn.
Beyond the shadows Jesus waits
Holding a torch high to beckon us home.

Love ('95)

Love is a very peculiar thing.
Everybody loves
someone or something -
it's human nature.
But is is also human nature
to set conditions
and lay boundaries-
to love someone
'except', or 'until', or 'because of'
God is different.
God loves everyone and everything.
Wholly and unconditionally.
You might say
'But He couldn't love me
because I've done x or y or z.'
That's not true.
God loves, you just haven't accepted.
Open your heart and let Him in.
Go on, try it.
Just a crack will do at first.
(If you aren't ready, don't worry
God's love has no expiry date.)
When you do,
What you will find
is that little by little
your life has become very much

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