The AFD Dragondex

(An Extension of the Draconic Dictionary)

There are many different sentient beings residing in Alfandra. Here are brief descriptions of just a few of them. [If you'd like to be included in this page, send me a description of yourself. All info is optional, and the categories are just to make things neater.]

Dragons Listed:

Dalcya T. Ph. S.S. Drake
Dawnfire Tailweaver
Delphi Azteca
Desu Greganshough [Agent Orange]
Fang Tsu
Flame Stryke
G'leth Sithesh'Zalyina S'Itha n'N'Tharl o'Dvis kel Seth A'Haa'ii 'Silverlight
Jeheron Darin
Hatchling Draggy
MistWing Silvertail
Raudrin Talarlesa
Takenthra Rit'aling
Tamfiiris C. Gloruloke
Teflon Cougar
Lady Viriatha Atiryv de Cordova y Elenia
Wren Flamtongue

Name: C.K. Lowe (Not my REAL name, but oh well)
Nickname/s: ChocoboKick, or just CK works.
Form/Species: Usually a Chocobo, sometimes a Lizard-Morph though.
Description: Male, everything else you can find out at
Dragoncode: MyLizard-Morph code is DC2.HRl Gm L- W- T Pt Sks,th Cgr
A(r-v?) $-- Ff R+ Ac+++! J(r-v++) S+ U! I-# TC++[ZZT]
Chocobo code: DC2.B Gm L- W T- Skf Cye A- Fv R+ Ac+++! J++ S+ U! I-# Tc++[ZZT].
Lizard-Morph: Go to and look at the picture of Barius.
Chocobo: Look at any picture of a Chocobo, but if you want specifics, see the FF8 one.

Current Sig:
All for now,
"Though the world may be wicked, life itself is precious!  Good and
Evil, Love and Hate.  Each man contains the potential for both.  You
would exterminate mankind for their sins?  I would fight the Gods
themselves to save them!"

~ Ash, Vandal Hearts

Lizard-Morph: DC2.HRl Gm L- W- T Pt Sks,th Cgr A(r-v?) $-- Ff R+
Ac+++! J(r-v++) S+ U! I-# TC++[ZZT]

Chocobo: DC2.B Gm L- W T- Skf Cye A- Fv R+ Ac+++! J++ S+ U! I-#

Name: Dalcya T. Ph. S.S. Drake
Nickname: Dalcya
Current Sig:
            O/////////////////}}Dalcya T. Ph. S. S. Drake>>>

          philosopher and hypocrite, and general all round Bitch
                       Member of the Eh-Sayers
                            CEA Founder
DC2.Dralan~ A+++! L20f9t30w w T Pfltw Bany Fo R+++! Ac+++ J+ N^ S+++! Fr
U+++!             I++ H++ $ M++ V+++! Q+++! Tc+ Cpu+\ag,epu Skh,bks
               HOME PAGE
            e-mail~        ICQ#  38527518
     Kitten: small homicidal muffin on legs: affects human sensibilities
      to the point of endowing the most wanton and ruthless acts of
         destruction with near mythical overtones of cuteness.
           Not recommended for beginners, get at least two.

                            Author unknown

Name:Dawnfire Tailweaver
Nicknames: Dawnfire, Dawn
Form: shapeshifter
Preferred/Common form: Western Fire Dragoness
Description: Mostly golden, orange fire markings, rainbow wings, ebon horns and claws.
Dragon Code: DC2~Dw Gf A- L~ W- T--- Phwflt Bfl/co/ph/skittles  Fj+++! R++ Ac J(r+v+) Nn S++ Fr+"starfruit" U I-- H++ $ M- O V+++ Q+ Tc+ Cgolden,egr_,manere,bor,por,w~l Skh,tkf,wkk
Longer Description at:
Current Sig:


     ///////, Dawnfire Tailweaver & Zer0 the bunnie
   ,`        `.,Your highly caffienated, all around
) /  /( `_`,    d-ranged: wanderer, storyteller & tlkaholic
([_  ~])  \ )   ICQ#29161041 | AIM: BETHS92105 or PurpleGiraffa
 (.)(.)   ( `)  ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
  \  /    (  ) \ "See how we do this see how we ride/ Throw a brick,
   {_} *doot*(  ) light the fuse, dodge a bullet, duck inside/
 ;,       /.,`.(  A statistic hammered on my brain/ Branded with a
 `.`.,.../    `\  number another pawn in the game / Oooh.. yeah I
   \ `.   `.   /` wanna riot!" -Rancid
    \  `.   `.(  *u know what they say: punk is dead. long live punk*
     `. ( `.(  `~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
       `    `weblairs: |
         `DC2.~Dw Gf A- L~ W- T- Phwflt Bfl/co/ph/skittles
          Fj+++! R++ Ac J(r+v+) Nn S++ Fr+"starfruit" U I-- H++
          $ M++ O V+++ Q+ Tc+ Cgolden,egr_,manere,bor,por,w~l

Name: Delphi Azteca
Nickname: Delphi
Form: Fairy Dragon,
Description: master of telepathic and psychic powers. Pale silver with blue eyes and antennae. Very large wings and eyes.
Dragon Code: DC2. Get back to you on this...
Link: I have 2 pictures of myself IF I had a website to put them on the link
would be here.
Current Sig:
~~Delphi Azteca, Daughter of the Great Azteca Reala, Descendant of an Ancient
Fairy Dragon Queen, and a Master of Psychic Power. Adopted mother of the
beloved Katrina MagicSky, and friend of the Pocket Dragon Keiichi.~~

Agent #: Desu Greganshough [Agent Orange]
Shape: Triangle... I mean, jauntily rotund big fangy lizard
More words: 102' black dragoness, big clawed, large eared, red eyed, mean SOB and purveyor of fine vittles
Dragon Code: The most important bits: m**, Bnapalm and fr+ [tomato]
Kinfolk: Mate to Cymryax, war sista to BlackFang, adopted momma of Cerran
Areas of Activity: Alfandria MUCK, alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo, alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo.d
Status: Active [phasing into kinder, gentler Desu with Whipping Tentacle Action (tm) - deactivation 54% complete]
Incomplete DataBase:
Current Sig:
*       Jennacy Backo - Semidushnoi - Desu       *
*       "I'm here to save you!" - Front 242      *


Name: Dragonpearl
Form: Western Blue dragon
Dragon code:  see sig.
Description:  More later.
Current Sig:
Remove the insidious SpamDragon to reply via email.
I am the neverending font of useless knowledge.
Dragonpearl's Code:
DC2. Dw Gf A++ L W T Pfltw Bzz F+ R+ Ac++J++ N"Quiet Beach" S++ Fr- U- I H++ $ M+ V+Q-- Tc+ Cbl/pu Sks
Sugars Code:
DC2. D Gf A--- L--- W T--- Paltw B- Fj Nn I-- Q+ Cpi' Sks
Dragon Purtiy = 50%  Heart of a Dragon

Power has its own beauty.  Perhaps the most beautiful combination of grace
and might among the mortal creatures of Toril is a dragon. --Sammaster the
Mad, Tome of the Dragon

Name: Fang Tsu
Species: Rakasha (energy being shape-shifter)
I'll put up a little info site soon so you get get stuff for me from that.
I'll have a new dragon code then.

Name: Flame Stryke
Nickname: FS
Species: Changeling, preferred form dragon
Description: 120 feet from nose to rump, 60 foot tail, 180 foot wingspan
Completely black with glowing red eyes
Dragon Code:  DC2.D Gm L120f60t180w W T Pawl Sks Cbk,ere Bfl A+++! Fr++^^^N"everywhere" M O H-- $ F R+++! Ac+ J S+ U+ I# V+++! Q Tc++[hw]
Current Sig:
Flame Stryke DC2.D Gm L120f60t180w W T Pawl Sks Cbk,ere Bfl A+++! Fr++^^^
N"everywhere" M O H-- $ F R+++! Ac+ J S+ U+ I# V+++! Q Tc++[hw]
Black dragon, red eyes, changeling, mage.
"Do not anger a dragon for, though you won't live long, you WILL regret it
for the rest of your life." -- Flame Stryke

"Go To Heaven, Bike Like Hell." -- Anonymous [NOTE: ROTATING SIG QUOTE]

Name: G'leth Sithesh'Zalyina S'Itha n'N'Tharl o'Dvis kel Seth A'Haa'ii 'Silverlight
Form: Western Dragon
Description: A 12 foot long Silver western-type dragon with blue-silver eyes.
G'leth is only a yearling, so still has that cute, slightly podgy (from too much chocolate), hatchie look.
Dragon Code: DC2.Dw Gm L12f W Sks Cag  B"moltenSilver"| a--- Fr++ Nm M H--- $ F+++! R+++! Ac++ J++ S++ U I V++ Q+ Tc++
Current Sig:
G'leth Sithesh'Zalyina S'Itha n'N'Tharl O'Dvis kel Seth A'Haa'iin

                         /          |
                        /(          |
         (             /  \         |"There is no spoon"
        ))          __/\   \        |                    Neo, The Matrix
     __ ((  _______/@ ^^\   (_      |
    / /\ ) /o            )   /      |"SPOOOOOOON!"
    \/  >  >====---'     )  /(      |              The Tick, The Tick
     \_/   `------_     \ /  \      |
   \______/         \     )    \    |
                     \    \     \   |

DC2.Dw Gm L12f W Sks Cag B"moltenSilver"| a--- Fr++ Nm M H--- $ F+++!
R+++! Ac++ J++ S++ U I V++ Q+ Tc++

Name: Jeheron Darin which translates to Dawn's dream.
Nickname: Jeheron
Form/species: Gryphon
Description: Black in color with a silver sheen on feathers. Silver beak, front talons, and tuft on tail.
Dragoncode: None
Longer desc: None but feel free to email me for details.
Current Sig:
Jeheron Darin
The Black and Silver Gryphon

Name: Kilroy aka Kilrroy (prefer Kilroy)
Form: Semi-shapeshifter, preffered form: Firelizard
Description: A normal sized bronze Pernese Firelizard.
Dragon Code: DC2.DpGmA-L--WTPfwBf/"Garlic"FR+++Ac+J++NnSFr-U?DfIH$MO
Current Sig:
Kilroy was here!
Icq#:33398014  Y! Pager: C_Riskus

Name: K'Tara
Nicknames: Kitiara, Kit
Form: Elven Mage and Shapeshifter
Description: Small female elf, long black hair, violet eyes.  Sometimes seen in feline form (black cat) or the form of a small violet dragon.
Current Sig:
"Wandering the worlds, meeting new people it's my Job!"
"I've never met a dragon I didn't like..."
Elven Wanderer


Name: MistWing SilverTail
Nickname/s: Misty
Form/Species: Western-style gold dragon
Preferred form: N/A
Description inc. gender: I am a small, Western-style, female, gold dragon.
I am 6 meters long (3 of which is my tail) with a wingspan of 6 meters.  My wings attach
to my body from my shouders to my hips (as opposed to those who's wings only attach at the shoulders)
Dragoncode: DC2.Dw Gf L6m3t5w W- T Phfwlt Sks,wl Cau+,bau,bl' Bfl/pl/zz A-
Fr+++ Nn M O/ H--- $ Fo R- Ac+ J+ S+ U! I--# V+++![Power] V---[Control] V++[Food Fight
Magic ++] Q+++[tk] Tc+++[sw] Tc+[other]
Link to a longer description/pic/your website: N/A
Current Sig:

MistWing SilverTail

Dragon Code
     DC2.Dw Gf L6m3t5w W- T Phfwlt Sks,wl Cau+,bau,bl' Bfl/pl/zz A- Fr+++ Nn
M O/ H--- $ Fo R- Ac+ J+ S+ U! I--# V+++![Power] V---[Control] V++[Food
Fight Magic ++] Q+++[tk] Tc+++[sw] Tc+[other]

Furry Code
     FFPmpsw3r A-- C- D- H+ M- P R T+++ W- Z+ S- RLCT/MA ca++$a d-- e+ f- h-
i+ j+ p-- sx--

Name: Moondragon
Form: a multi-sized dragon
Description: can change color depending on his mood.. and if he wants to avoid a splutting..  often he loves to imitate a Cheshire Cat.. who is from the future to fight evil Sparklies.. and to enjoy life.
Current Sig:
{}         {}       Moondragon
    <  >                 that's  " Yue liang  long" in Mandarine Chinese.
Dc2.D Gm A? L~ W~ T~ B"Wormholes" F~ N~ Fr^*"Nee!" I Q+++! Tc+++! C~

FDd S5 S A--- H+++ M W Sm RLAT C+++w98 i+ a+ e+ h+++ p*  sm++
"I only think this stuff up .. then I have to write it down so it doesn't
corrupt the rest of my brain.. "    ME..
icq# moondragon 35386584
Team Internet Paintball #115
Hobbes Patrol # 13 position AKA Team Idiot..

NAME: Myles Hapet Zxizaraeus, etc. (see sig)
NICKNAMES: just Myles
SPECIES: hydra
DESC.: Male hydra with 6 heads. About 15 feet long, 10 feet of which is tail. Suffers from Segmented Personality Syndrome (psychological disorder affecting multi-headed beings, in which one personality is divided among the heads) and temporal dislocation.
DRAGONCODE:(short version in sig) DC2.Dh G~(m)
L15f11w21w10t2n W T Ph6w'wflt Sk~ C~,hbr,hwh,hbl,hbk,hre,hgr
B- A? Fr M H-- $ Fo+ R+++ Ac-- J+ S+ U+ I- V+++[artifice] Q+ Tc+
Myles Hapet Zxizaraeus, Artificer Mage, Arbitrator of the clan Zxizar
DC2.Dh Gm L15f10t W T Ph6 R+++ Ac-- J+ I- M C~ Sk~

Name: Noitaroproc
Nicknames: Noit, Noita, Noitar, Noitco, etc.
Form: Dragon
Desc: I'm a 25.6 ft long magenta western. I can't tell anymore because you might be a fed.
Dragon Code: look in my sig.
Current Sig:
-- - go there. NOW.
Purple on
Purple on (and doom.ii)
Noitaroproc on
Dragon Code:
DC2.Dw Gm L25.6f W T356l Sks Cma B"carbon-monoxide + Ebola Zaire Class 2" A?
Fr(?) N"suburbs" M H++ $ Fo+ R+ Ac+ J+ S-- U-- I--# V Q- Tc+
"There is no spoon."
"You're just jealous because the voices in my head only talk to me."
"No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!"

Name : NoxIn (Usual) , NoxInBetUusAn (Formal)
|       Nickname/s : nox, noxin
|       Form/Species : Silver dragon from Krynn, was a Black Dragon  have ability to
|        magically change form but almost never do it on Alfandria (except when  my typist
|         wants to talk)
|       Preferred form : Draconic form of course
|       Description : male Silver Dragon from the world of Krynn,  (this, for people who don't
|         know it refers to the ADD world for Dragonlance, look for pics of Larry Elmore for
|          illustrations) which mean that I have 2 wings, 2 arms with  hands.
|        I don't breath fire, but on the contrary I  have a very cold breath, able to freeze thing
|        and I am immune to cold also.  a part for the physical part, well you'll discover the moral
|          part by yourself, just come and discuss with me :-)
|        I am also magician, magic is something I  simply ... love.
|        I also make poems ... but in french (tried one time in english, but it was bad)
|       Dragoncode :
|        DC2.~D"krynn"/H Gm A(rv?) LW-T- Phawt Bco Fo R++Ac++ J~"depend" Naemnt
|           Cag^ Sks S++ Fr-- I---! H--- $ M(v++r-) Ov+ V+++!Q+ Tc++[sw]
|       Link to a longer description/pic/your website :
|         not for the moment but I'll try to do one
|        Current Sig
|         just have a look at my Sig :-)
|        NoxIn, Dragon Magician, Poet when inspired ...
| noxin_fr or inloran on Yahoo messenger
| DC2.~D"krynn"/H Gm A(rv?) LW-T- Phawt Bco Fo R++Ac++ J~"depend" Naemnt
| Cag^ Sks S++ Fr-- I---! H--- $ M(v++r-) Ov+ V+++!Q+ Tc++[sw]

Name: Parasite
Nickname: "Para"
Species: Shapeshifter
Preferred form: Feline humanoid
DragonCode: (see sig)
Longer Description: <>
Curent Sig:
----------<\=[ parasite ]=/>--------------
-  the leech of newsgroups worldwide  -
-  shapeshifter with a twisted mind  -
-  owner of 20 AFD Chocolate Points  -
-  member of the Eh-sayers  -
------------ My Dragon Code --------------
DC2.~HMf Gm L- W~ T Aaahlt~ Sku~Cbk/gy~ B- A- Fr/Fr N^ M- O H++ $ F+/Fo R+++ Ac J+ S- U? I+ V- Q+++!Tc+ Df++
-------------- My Furry Code ---------------
FZ2 A+ C- D+ H+ M P- R- T+++ W Z-Sm RLET a- c++n d+ e f-- h* i++ j psm
------- Moonbeam's Dragon Code --------
DC2.D(pocket) Gf L21cm Sks Cye BenA-- D+++!/Fj V? Q++

Name: My name is Phoenix, of course! }:>
Species: I'm a lava dragon, and about average as far as us dragons go
Dragon code: DC2.Dw Gm L60f60t180w? W-- T- Sks Cre,bta Bla? A- Nu M O H-- $
F+ R+++ Ac++ J++ S+ U! I--# V Q Tct
Desc&pic: (As  soon as transfur goes back up!!)
Current Sig:
-Phoenix; lava dragon, newbie artist, and owner of 12 CPs!

DC2.Dw Gm L60f60t180w? W-- T- Sks Cre,bta Bla? A- Nu M O H-- $ F+ R+++ Ac++
J++ S+ U! I--# V Q Tct

My human's page:
My dragon's page:
Email: takat@softhome.nospam (Replace 'nospam' with 'net')

Name: Psy-Kosh
Form: Non-corporeal being
Description:  capable of generating material "shells" (bodies) to exist in. Frequently in human form. Also tends to "distribute" into the dream world. (Hard to describe in a short space)
Dragon Code: DC2.?/~(~H) N^ R++/R+++ Gm A- U-.5 Ac++ S+
Current Sig:
DC2.?/~(~H) N^ R++/R+++ Gm A- U-.5 Ac++ S+ (Carestaff member)
Mysterious founder of the Acceptor project.

"The scientist who would rather refute than comprehend demonstrates he has
chosen the wrong calling." -The Forever Machine

Name: RallshaGrryphon
 Nickname/s : Rg
Form/Species : Centaur-Gryphon
Description: Silver Mostly, shading to Black at the wingtips
Gender: Female
DC2.Lg+Yc Gf L12f W- T- Pa Pl++ Pw Sku ,hSkk,wSkf Cag,wCag-Cbk A- Fr- Nm
M O/ H $- F-- R+++ Ac+ J++ S U I# V- Q+ Tc-- Df+

Name: Raudrin Talarlesa
Nicknames: Raudrin, Rau, Raud
Form: amethyst dragon (western)
Description: Roughly 10 feet in length, dark transluscent purple (crystalline) with pale sapphirine eyes. Slightly thin, very quick, very sharp talons/tail for defense.
Dragon Code: DC2.D Gm L10f4t6w W Pfwl Skr Cpu B- A- Fr M H+ $ F+ R++ Ac+ J+ S+ I# V Tc++
Current Sig:
     ,   ,         Raudrin Talarlesa -=- Jared Lemke -=-
    /|\_/|\_       ICQ:24761065 -=- (dead)
   |,-'/_|\\`_     "The first rule of life is to live." -=- D. McKiernan
  ,'_._,_\/ K_\`.  "You just forgot your one pet name for me.. And all those
 ``.  '  '\/',/-.) promises you said you'd keep.. And it's a lucky thing,
     jml  '   ,-~  because that sentimental stuff doesn't suit you.. at all."
                            -=- They Might Be Giants, Pet Name -=-

DC2.D Gm L10f4t6w W Pfwl Skr Cpu B- A- Fr M H+ $ F+ R++ Ac+ J+ S+ I# V Tc++

Name: Rowan
Form: female human.
Description: Quite tall for a human, short blonde hair, blue eyes.
Wears either black or white, depending on mood.
Dragon Code: DC2.H?GfA-L5.5fW-TFoR+++!Ac-J+++NnS-Fr"Lychee"U---Df+++I---H--$MV+QTc+Cfs
Current Sig:

  ~.'  _   _
 ~.'  '.~ : ~
  '.,  '.'_
  :  ' .'  ~
  :   ¦'Rowan
  :   |
  :   |
  :   | DC2.H?GfA-L5.5fW-TFoR+++!Ac-J+++NnS-Fr"Lychee"
  :   | U---Df+++I---H--$MV+QTc+Cfs
  :..' '...........

Name: Tamfiiris C. Gloruloke
Nickname: Tamf
Form: Dragon
Description: Three-metre bouncy yellow Dragon - impossible to miss!
Dragon Code: DC2.DR+++!I---CyePflGfM++L3mW+Skc~Fr+"bananana"  || CP# e^4.984
Current Sig:
Tamfiiris C. Gloruloke = = eh?
*...and that, my liege, is how we know
the Earth to be banana-shaped.* - Monty Python's Holy Grail
DC2.DR+++!I---CyePflGfM++L3mW+Skc~Fr+"bananana"  || CP# e^4.984

Name: Takenthra Rit'aling
Nickname: Taeka
Form: western black dragoness
Description: blue eyes, silver claws, healer-in-training (temporarily suspended to deal with life as a human)
Dragon Code: DC2.Dw Gf A- L30f W T B~ f+c R+++ Ac+ J+ Nn S Fr- U- I- H++ $ M---! V+ Q Tc Cja-- Sks (( this thing updated??)
Website: <> ((may be changed sometime in far future))
Current Sig:
DC2.Dw Gf A- L30f W T B~ f+c R+++ Ac+ J+ Nn S Fr- U- I- H++ $ M---! V+ Q Tc Cja-- Sks
SerpntBane(at)aol(dot)com...remove minime to mail
My mind's a labyrinth with a dragon in the middle.

Name: Tanith
Form: Female Shape shifter
Preferred form:  gold/amber Pernese firelizard
Dragon Code: DC2.~DpGfA-L~---Fj/f+S--U-IH++$M+++!V+Q+ Tc+"fixr"Cam-\au,erb
Current Sig:
Shade & Sweet Water,
Tanith-daughter of MavinManyShaped (& proud possessor of 107 CPs)
    (       )     TANITH DC2.~Dp
    )   ?   ()    GfA-L~---Fj/f+
    \\  ^   /\     S--U-IH++$
    (\^\y/^/\|      M+++!V+Q+
      @ | @}/\^      Tc+"fixr"
        | (    \^      Cam-\au,erb
 Tan  (0 0)\       ICQ 40825419
        U   \  REALITY.SYS Corrupted - Unable to recover Universe


NAME: Teflon Cougar
PREFERRED FORM: T1S-B Income Tax, Short Form.
DESCRIPTION: A golden furred anthropomorphic cougar, one black mark on
either side of my muzzle and one on my tail. Just like any cougar, only less sticky
DRAGON CODE: ER, Um. I'm not actually a dragon, as such.
                             Ed Smith
                                          the Teflon

Name: Lady Viriatha Atiryv de Cordova y Elenia
Nickname: Lady V, Viriatha, or Viri
Form: Involuntary shapeshifter, usually humanoid
Link when I make it.... (mumble, grumble, stooopid to-do list...)
Current Sig:
WingSister to Karenji and AFD News Editor;
Member of the Eh-Sayers with 69 CPs (+1 Eaten)
and High Priestess of Wodash the Faintly Luminescent
DC2.~D/Hy? Gf A L~ W- T (Pt) F+j R? Ac++ J+ N^ S+ Fr"pecan" U
        I- H+ $ M ++ O+(2) V+++ Q Tc+ C~?

Name(s) Weyrlady aka Weyr or M'del Morning Star
Form: Mistyc Dragon
Description: 20 foot red Western-style dragonness, can shift to human and halfdragon
Dragoncode: DC2.~Dw Gf Ar-Av+ L20f40w W- T Phfwlt Ben Fc R++ Ac+  J++
Nn  S++ Fr  Fr+
Longer desc. NA
Current Sig:
           //` `\             DC2.~Dw Gf Ar-Av+ L20f40wW- T Phfwlt
 _,-"\%   // /``\`\           Ben Fc R++ Ac+  J++  Nn  S++ Fr  Fr+
>__ ^ |% // /  } `\`\         U  I-  H++!  $
   )  )%// / }  } }`\`\
  /  (%//.(((((((((((((\      "A dreamer born is a hero bred..."
  |    '         `-._         Mary Chapin Carpenter, "Heros and
  \   ,     (  \   _`-.__.-;%>Heroines"
 /_`\ \,"-=-'`\ \." `-..-'`   Weyrlady-The Lady of the Morning Star,
 jgs/_/       /_/             Redeemer of the Damned, Carestaffer

Name: Wren Flametongue
Nickname: Wren
Form: Shapeshifter.
Prefers Faedragon form, but has no one 'true' form as such.
Description: Faedragon form: A 1 foot glitterywinged green dragon with a purple underbelly. Also has a long tail with white fur (or similar) on the end and a purply-black mane of the same. Wren's eyes vary from amber when calm to purple when hyper. Also can be a *POUNCY* dwaggin, but is not always.
Current Sig:
Wren Flametongue Brighteye - Shapeshifty Winged Draconid/Faedragon
Owner of 104 Chocolate points
DC2.~Dc{Phwalt L- Cgr|-gr,b+gr,eam,fbk Skh,wl}/Df{Pfhwlt Cgr|-gr,b+pu,e?
f-pu,tgr/wh wrb Sks,th/u ws}
G~ A- W- T  B- Fo R+++! Ac+ J+++ Nn S++ Fr+ U+ I-- H $- M O V--- Q Tc++

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