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A brief list of Sites by, for, and about


Sites About Dragons

Alt.Fan.Dragons Website -
everything you ever wanted to know about ALFANDRA, including links to many other dragonish sites
Wyrm's Revised Dragon Code -
The Dragon Code version 2 fully explained
The Creatures of Alfandra (by Parasite) -
Just what it says - a guide to the animals, plants and other strange creatures you may meet during your travels in Alfandra
The Coffee Shop at the End of Alfandra - maintained by Viriatha -
Containing the AFD News, updated weekly and with archived back copies. The (second)best way to find out what's going on in Alfandra - what's the best? To Go There and read it yourself, of course! :-)

Some Dragon Sites recommended by Fang Tsu

A Dragonish Story
The Draconicity FAQ
A site with everything but the kitchen sink, including Dragon Art, clipart, icons and writing.

Sites By Dragons

The Refuge -
Walksfar's Home Page
Wyrm - an Instance of a Dragon -
Assorted stuff, including the Dragon Code
Malothar -
Magnificent Dragon Art (used on these pages)
Wertle's Dragon Sketches -
Dragonish art
Grall's Lair -
a great quote library, plus some other stuff
Den's Page of Stuff -
Includes some great fantasy short stories featuring a Dragon named Mavrik
Magick, Witchcraft and Dragons -
A site by AFD regular Dalcya
Hespa's Wyrmberg -
Assorted stuff by an Australian Dragon

Other Fantasy Links

Sariel's Framed Guide to Pern
Just what the name says - a large and detailed site, using frames
Encyclopedia Mythica
Welcome to The Dragon's Inn -
Introduction to the Dragons Inn Story-telling/Role-playing Newsgroup
The Lord of the Rings Fact/Rumour Roundup
Information about the new Lord of the Rings movie trilogy
Celtic Web Art -
Not really fantasy, but many, many, celtic backgrounds, buttons and bars for your website


If you have, or know of, a site that you would like to see added to this list, send me the URL (and a brief description, especially if you'd like me to say something in particular in the listing) and I'll check it out.

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