Poems of Science Fiction and Fantasy

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The Dragon Inside /

Lion ('90)

Lord of the beasts
The bringer of Justice
Golden mane and velvet paws

Delenn's Lament ('98)

(A poem of Babylon 5)

He was the man
my people called 'Starkiller.'
When he came to the station
I expected a man
cold, hard and ruthless,
deserving the name
'Enemy of my people.'
Instead, I found him
Kind and caring, brave and true,
Upright in the oldest sense of the word.
His soul called to mine,
His strength of purpose matched my own.
He was my friend,
I knew him for what he was.
And, gradually,
I came to love him
and to feel that love was returned.
But, in my weakness
I sought to bind him to me
by keeping from him
the one thing
that would tear us apart.
Then She came
And He left.
It was my fault.
Maybe, if I had told him sooner,
prepared him somehow,
it would have been different.
But no.
If he had been a man
Who could deny that call,
then he would not have been
the man I loved.
His fate was sealed.
Millions were saved
but he is gone
and I must go on

The Conspiracy Theorist's Primer ('98)

Ten little aliens, marching in a line
Along came the Men in Black
And then there were nine.

Nine little aliens, opening a Gate
Ran into the Stargate team
And then there were eight.

Eight little aliens, soaring through the heavens
Flew too close to Roswell
And then there were seven.

Seven little aliens, laying crop circles for kicks
Feds took one to autopsy
And then there were six.

Six little aliens, hoping to stay alive
One picked up a cold virus
And then there were five.

Five little aliens, wishing they were more
Mulder thought one was Samantha
And then there were four.

Four little aliens, flying high above the sea
Crashed into a satellite
And then there were three.

Three little aliens, telling cows to 'shoo'
Spotted by an X-Com craft
And then there were two.

Two little aliens, not having much fun
Sent out an urgent SOS
And then there was one.

One little alien, feeling so alone
Declared the Earth in quarantine
And then went back home.

No little aliens, do you wonder why?
I don't think we'd be very friendly
To any visitors from 'On High'.

The Dragon Inside ('99)

I saw a dragon the other day.
Not out in the open,
For the world to see,
But hiding behind the reflection
when I looked in the mirror,
So that none but me could see it.
It winked at me
As if to say, Im real, you know,
then disappeared.
I know it was there,
but I have no proof of its existence,
Not that I could show the world
and have believed.
But that doesnt matter.
One day it will come out,
And the world will have to be ready.
For the Dragon will come out soaring,
and gliding, and looping the loop,
Exulting in its newfound freedom.
(Though even then,
some people will refuse to believe
even if it comes up to them
and roars in their face.)
One day it will come out,
But in the meantime, it waits,
Patiently, quietly, behind the mirror,
For the time to be right.
No one can see it,
And the World has no clue that it is there.
But I know
Deep in my heart
That the dragon is there,
And it will still be there
The world cannot see it,
But maybe, if you look deep into my eyes,
You will catch a glimpse,
Just the tiniest flicker of flame,
And you too will know
That it is there.


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