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Well, you can't say you weren't warned!

Welcome anyway...

This is the part of my Website devoted to my love of Fantasy literature, and also to my favourite place on the Web - Alfandra. So what's Alfandra, I hear you ask? Alfandra is a Newsgroup where Dragons and Dragonfriends gather to talk, eat, and play, but it's more than that - in a way, it's piece of our Collective Unconscious given shape and form by our wishes, a place where we can be whatever we want to be without fear or favour (and where we can have a LOT of fun...) Like the sound of it? Check out my page of Dragon Links for more information, and for lots of websites created by my fellow Alfandrans.
All Alfandrans are either Dragons or Dragon-friends, and  they come in many shapes and sizes. To help people know who they're dealing with, most Alfandrans have described themselves using a Dragon-Code. This code is quite complex, covering every detail of appearance, character, and abilities, but given time, it's not hard to work out. I've translated my own code as a demonstration on the DragonCode page.

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