Karenji's Dragoncode Translated

This is my signature  that you may see attached to an e-mail or Newsgroup Posting. My Dragon Code is highlighted in red, and Krystal's in blue.


                          }\    o    /{
                          }}\ \^~^/ /{{
                          }}}\{@ @}/{{{
  |      Karenji - writer, dreamer, doer (well, sometimes!)     |
  | DC2.D Gf A L2.5m1t1.5w W+ T++ B"bubbles" Fj++ R+ Ac+ J++ Nn |
  |      S Fr U-- I-- H--- $- M V+ Q? Tc-- Cag,w\rb_ Skms       |
  | Krystal DC2.D(pocket)Gf A-- L12cm6t T--- V? Q+ Ccrystalline |
  |         WingSister to Wodash, Viriatha and Sparky           |
  |          Possessor of 165 AFD Chocolate Points!             |
  |          To reply, delete SPAMLESS from my address          |
  |         ATB Keeper of the Sunnydale Lost and Found          |
  |         Can atheists get insurance for acts of God?         |


Note: DC2 allows for a range of attitudes to each attribute, indicated by the use of + and -.
Range of possible values --- to +++ with the obvious meaning. ? means Unknown, ~ means subject to change
eg. A=Age; A--- an egg; A = adult; A+++ ancient as the Universe; A? = I don't know; A~ = changeable (not highly likely)
Dragon Code General Meaning Specific Details for Karenji
DC2.D Dragon Code 2 Species Dragon
Gf Gender Female
A Age Adult
L2.5m1t1.5w Length/wingspan 2.5m nose to tail, 1m of that is tail, 1.5m wingspan
W+ T++ Width and Tonnage Well padded, and heavy enough to squash you if she sat on you
B"Bubbles" Breath Weapon Bubbles (specifically, soap bubbles)
Fj++ Food & how much you eat Junk food (chocolatarian) & as often as possible
R+ Reality Index (of your character) Karenji is an important part of my self-identity
Ac+ Activity (net time) Online approx 2 hours per day
J++ Joviality Likes to be silly, laughs often (might *splut* you without notice)
Nn Native Habitat At home in the Wilderness
S Secrecy (how many people know you're a dragon/dragonfriend) It's not waved under people's noses but I don't hide it (I s'pose I'd better upgrade that rating now I've done this page :-))
Fr Fruitiness -
How long you've been in AFD and 
how comfortable you are there.
Long enough to feel right at home, and for people to know who I am.
U-- Ubiquity (past lives) Not that I know of (but it's possible)
I-- Irritability Not likely to bite unless severely provoked
H--- $- Hoard size/Attitude to hoard No hoard, no home, and don't really care about it either.
M Mating Status No partner
V+  Q?  Magickal/Psionic Ability Small amount of magick, amount of psionic ability (if any) unknown
Tc-- Technical aptitude Machines tend to break around me.
Cag,w\rb_ Colouration Argent (silver), wings transluscent/irridescent
Skms Skin type Metallic Scales

For a more detailed explanation of the Dragon Code, and all the instructions you need to compile your own (whether you are a dragon, other fantastic creature, or even an ordinary everyday human), visit Wyrm's Revised Dragon Code Page.

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