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All my designs are completely original and apart from the basic cost effective designs, have evolved out of my architectural philosophy as presented in other pages of this site. The range of possibilities with pole frame construction is unlimited. The designs illustrated, although available as they stand, should be taken as a guide to style and a basis for developing an appropriate design for you. Once I know what your requirements are, I can help you choose and modify a design to suit, or I can develop a concept that will be quite unique and personal for you.

If you wish to know the cost of any particular plans (including modifications), I can provide that for you. If you purchase plans, documentation provided will include CAD drawings of floor plans and elevations, structural frame plans, and cross sections and details as required to illustrate typical connections. These plans will contain sufficient information for the purposes of obtaining a building permit and to construct the building. They are simple to read, and are specifically designed for either owner builders or professional builders with no previous experience of this type of construction. (See typical details in Catalogue) Structural computations will be provided for checking by your local building authority. Notes are provided to assist you with a number of building procedures that are relevant to this type of construction. A sample specification of finishes and fittings is provided, and I can assist more specifically with selections if you require. Lists of quantities of structural timbers, and wall frame plans are available as options. Designs which are not in CAD at the present time may take a few weeks to prepare, as my early designs were manually drawn and require updating.

For the main structural timbers, I normally use oregon (douglas fir), machine graded pine, Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) and laminated beams, and the choice would largely depend on spans and on comparative costs. You might like to suggest other locally available new or second hand timbers, particularly if you are in a country other than Australia. Round section bush timbers can be effective for certain styles of building. Light steel sections and fabricated components are sometimes appropriate where long spans are involved.

If you have a steep site, timber floor construction would best, but if the site is not steep, you can have either timber or concrete slab for the ground floor. With concrete slabs, you can have masonry walls (such as stone, mud brick or concrete block) rather than timber if you prefer. Most designs can incorporate some masonry walls combined with timber, regardless of whether the site is sloping or level, and regardless of floor type. For external timber cladding, cedar or treated pine weatherboards or shiplap are popular. Radially cut hardwood weatherboards, Hardie fibre cement weatherboards & panels, colorbond iron and straw bales are other options. I can incorporate active or passive solar principles for maximum energy efficiency if you wish. For detailed assessment of design suitability, I would need to know the ground slope, preferably a contour survey, but a reasonably accurate measurement of fall will do. A site plan, such as that shown on your certificate of title, would be required so I can see the boundaries and the direction of north, plus any other site features and personal requirements that you consider relevant.

If you have your own design that you would like me to translate into working drawings, or if you would like to participate in working together with me to develop a new design, I will be most happy to work in that way. You can e-mail me information about your personal needs and site characteristics, and I will suggest some design possibilities for you to consider. I look forward to hearing from you .

John Koch


A small cost effective design that will suit most sites.

Fully documented for only $600


PLAN CATALOGUE - Purchase my plan catalogue CD to review a range of about 90 designs. These are available with or without alterations to suit your specifications

SERVICE TO REMOTE & OVERSEAS AREAS - Plans can be supplied in metric or imperial units, and designed for local materials and wind loadings. Structural computations will be in metric.


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