The Dimensional Shift - a guide to raising consciousness


“You must realise that with the changes that you have started, we enlarge and assist your vibration to reach … But this can only happen in totality, in concert, as one by one your resonance together raises Earth vibration. Then we will lift you all into this next dimension, as your grand plan has always been. You have the knowledge of this expansion in your heart, and the unlocking of this knowledge is within your reach.
You must join, you will join with the many who remember their purpose. And with this we shall raise the vibration of those who still do not wish to understand and participate. The dates and times are a part of the key which unlocks the knowledge that you have.
The joining together and the knowledge which you gain create a new dimension - a new oneness which will live in itself as a combination, as a multiple - and you will see the stars, you will understand the stars. It will be as you lift your eyes to the heavens, and see and understand what has been written there since time. This is a grand awakening for you, and there is nothing that cannot be accomplished. A new place of standing, a new vision.”

These words were channelled from spirit early in 1992. As custodian of a Light Centre whose purpose is to assist in bringing about such change, I have a responsibility to share my understanding of what is involved and how others may prepare themselves should they choose. The important point of the above message is that we need each other - enlightenment is a very difficult state to achieve on one’s own. It is not something that happens by magic, nor is it something that all will experience in the same way. Many will choose not to participate at all, and very likely they will leave this planet and continue their cycles of reincarnation elsewhere, or continue on this planet in a separate probable reality. For others, the change will happen instantaneously, and they will wake up one morning and say - “How on earth did that happen?”

For a small but significant number of people, it will be no surprise. These are the ones that are actually bringing about the change, the ones who have consciously taken on this assignment. The shift is already under way, and is happening in pockets and waves. It is happening in places that are known as Light Centres, where reality has already shifted to some degree. People associated with Light Centres are already experiencing expanded awareness, heightening of their psychic and spiritual abilities, and are working with the Light in some sort of healing capacity. To reach this point, they have generally experienced a good deal of discomfort and disturbance as they processed their inner levels and discarded their old belief patterns. A Light Centre does not have to be a physical place - it can also be and must include “two or more people who gather in My Name” - a couple, a family, or a group - but it must have a committed spiritual focus. From these pockets of intensified Light vibration, the energy is drawn in, experienced, acted upon, and then expanded outward to touch those of similar vibration. The thought patterns of many people are thus able to be influenced by this process of morphogenic resonance without their conscious knowing. The minds of those who are attuned will grasp the concepts intuitively. Alice Bailey describes how this happens in “A Treatise on White Magic” - “The two or three sense the plan intuitively; then the rhythm they set up with their thought sweeps the mental plane matter into activity; thinkers seize hold of the idea. This is a hard thing to learn and difficult to do, but the reward is great. To those who wrestle, strive, and hold on, the joy is doubled when the materialisation comes. The joy of contrast will be yours, for knowing the past of darkness you will revel in the light of fruition ...”

The rotation of our galaxy gives rise to Great Astrological Ages, which are further subdivided into twelve periods of approximately 2,000 years, each of which corresponds with a sign of the zodiac. The transition period between the end of one mini-age and the beginning of another is generally associated with great upheaval as mankind adjusts to the new dominant influences. Not only are we witnessing in this present time the transition out of the Piscean Age into the Aquarian Age, but we are also experiencing the end of one Great Astrological Age and the beginning of a new one. It was such at such times in the past that ancient continents disappeared, leaving no trace of the civilisations that inhabited them, and new ones took their place. At this time, we are being given the opportunity to participate in something even more profound. We have reached the point in our evolutionary development where we have accumulated sufficient knowledge and awareness of past (so called) errors, that we are able to work co-operatively with other levels of reality to bring about a vibrational shift that will not only affect the entire planet, but will reverberate throughout all levels of creation. Having reached the outermost level of creation and explored it in all its extremes, we are assigned the task of rebirthing the Earth and setting it on its course out of evolution into involution - re-connecting it with the Source. In so doing we will discard our belief in separation and begin to experience “oneness”, awareness of our unified relationship with all things. Our consciousness will alter, and our physical reality we become less dense due to increased vibrational frequency of the light particles or photons that exist within our cellular structure. The process occurs because we are entering a field of high vibrational Light Energy (Christ Light) with which we are able to resonate and be raised in our individual frequencies. We can experience this only if our individual frequencies are compatible with the incoming frequencies, otherwise we will not be aware of the incoming influences. Thus the responsibility lies with the individual for their own personal enlightenment, and responsibility for planetary enlightenment is collective. Each person who is able to lift his or her own light frequency will affect others of similar vibration by morphogenic resonance, and the process expands exponentially. Those who are waiting for it to happen outside of themselves will very likely be the last to experience it.
Raising of consciousness cannot occur while beliefs and practices are anchored in dense frequencies that emanate out of fear, guilt, judgement, lack of self worth, and so on. Those people who have chosen to participate and assist in the dimensional shift are aware of that, and are experiencing considerable pain and discomfort as the old familiar boundaries disappear. Many of us are moving out of old relationships and into new ones, our traditional means of employment are being taken away, and we are being challenged and tested in every imaginable way. In the process of releasing old patterns and belief systems, we are learning to come to terms with our egos by embracing the lower aspects of self and aligning with Higher Self. We are learning to accept responsibility for all that we are and all that we experience, and recognise that we are consciously creative beings of a divine nature, that we are aspects of All-That-Is. The idea or the seed for this transmutation of self was planted 2,000 years ago by the man Jesus who became the embodiment of the Christ Spirit by embracing the totality of himself and loving himself unconditionally.

Planetary service begins with service to self. In our quest for redemption there are many paths, and we set for ourselves the parameters within life’s experiences that best afford us the opportunities to assist our cause. Whatever one’s chosen path, it is helpful to have some understanding of the nature of creation and the part we have within it. The process by which materialisation occurs can be understood in terms of a number of basic universal principles or laws which govern our physical reality. Given here is a simple conceptual understanding of how the universe we perceive is structured within the framework of creation, and how that understanding can assist us in expanding our consciousness. In achieving this level of understanding, we can mentally process and integrate our emotional and physical experiences at a deeper level, and in consequence transmute unnecessary pain and suffering, for pain arises out of stress brought about by imbalance and resistance. We will look at the nature and purpose of duality, how as individuals and groups we unconsciously create our personal and collective realities within that duality framework, and how, through exercising free will, commitment, discernment and integrity, we can break free of old patterns and learn to be consciously creative. More than anything else, it is a matter of changing the way we perceive.

Everything that exists in the material world of duality is defined by its polarities. This is fundamental to the creation process, in which the potential in One manifests as Two by reflecting its polar opposites. One is the state of potential, and Two is the unifiedly polar manifestation of One. Polar opposition sets the parameters for vibration or flow to occur, and each manifestation is able to recognise itself by its polar opposite. All concepts would be meaningless without their polar opposites to set a standard of comparison. "Good" would be incomprehensible without "evil"; justice would be meaningless without knowledge of injustice; the stars would not be visible without the dark background of the night sky; but darkness is illusion, for only the light is real.
In considering the principle of polar opposition in relation to self, one might consider the relationship between Higher Self and lower self. The Higher Self is the fully conscious creative part of ourselves that has manifested in physical body from its higher plane of reality. It is that part of us which links us to Source because it is a reflection of Source. For Self to know itself in this dense level, Higher Self manifests its polar opposites - the soul or spirit body and the dense physical body. We link to Higher Self through our higher chakras, and to what we know as lower self through our lower chakras. The lower self expresses feelings such as fear, anger and guilt, which are polarities of love, which we experience from the heart. Masculine and feminine are polarities that exist within self, often in imbalance, which currently reflects collectively in imbalanced patriarchal societies. The qualities of masculine - Light and Intellect, are of admirable value in themselves, but can be disastrous unless they are in harmonious blend with those of the feminine - Love and Intuition. Our personal dimensional shift involves bringing our polarities into alignment by embracing all aspects of self.
The physical body, through the emotional sensors and the brain, receives input from both Higher Self and lower self. When we act or think or experience emotion that we identify as negative, the input and resulting motivation are derived from the lower self. In transmuting dense aspects of reality, it is of paramount importance to recognise that both Higher and lower selves are equally valid aspects of who we are. The link we have with the Higher Self is through the heart, so that in order to align ourselves with that aspect of self, we need to learn to trust the feelings that we experience in our heart. “Do what makes your heart sing.” The lower emotions, such as those we feel in the solar plexus, serve to indicate to us when we are out of alignment, and as such it is important that we do not suppress them, but acknowledge them for what they are and utilise them as a form of guidance. Most of us at some time have suppressed our lower emotions because they have caused us so much pain. In doing so, we cancel out their polarity, and sacrifice the ability to feel anything, including love. It is also well known that the seven endocrine systems within the body are governed by the seven chakras, and when emotions are suppressed, they are literally “dumped” on one or more of the major organs associated with their particular endocrine system, thus resulting in dis-ease.



I have spoken about the dimensional shift being a vibrational change that we can choose to participate in or not, depending on our willingness to do the preparatory work. Part of the preparation is in gaining understanding of the process by which it occurs. By relating to it at a personal level, we can see how important each of us is in bringing it about, and that encourages us to do our personal clearing in full confidence and without fear based on ignorance of what we are experiencing. I also spoke about the way in which new ideas and beliefs are transmitted vibrationally, which should enable us to realise that we do not have to struggle too hard to get there, as there are many people, both carnate and discarnate, supporting us.
It is the nature of duality, inherent in the creation process, which causes all our problems. It is because we believe in opposites that we experience opposites - we create our reality from our beliefs. Duality is a principle, not a state. So within that principle lies the potential for opposites to occur conceptually. Our great human responsibility is to acknowledge that we have created our present reality of good and evil by our belief in them. Transmutation involves aligning the polarities of good and evil by re-stating our understanding and belief in them. Everything that exists is vibration, including our thoughts, which create. The challenge that is before us is to dispose of our old fear based beliefs and create the space for a love based reality.
In our capacity to create, we create an image of ourselves, a perception of who we believe ourselves to be, and we become the personification of our ego. Our ego, whether balanced or imbalanced, becomes our reality. When in the imbalanced state, it is not who we are in our totality, but simply an expression of ourself in a limited form. As such, the ego becomes our master. When the ego does not recognise its relationship with our spirit self, it is subject to the influences of thought forms that similarly fail to identify with spirit. These thought forms arise out of the collective consciousness functioning within duality, and can take on the expression of being entities that exist outside of ourselves. They have an investment in maintaining a belief in separation, because without that they would not exist. The ego, aligned with separatist thought forms, hides from us the truth of ourselves.
We retain soul memories from our past lives, and cellular memories of our present life experiences, and out of it all we project into our present all the guilts and failures that have profoundly affected us emotionally for maybe aeons of time. Part of our learning and our growth is to understand our own nature, and to do this we experience in the sum of our incarnations all that can be experienced in matter, which necessitates experiencing both sides of duality. In accumulating myriads of experiences, we have felt much pain, and we have developed beliefs that we have failed, we are not deserving, we cannot experience love without pain, and so on. We protect ourselves in countless ways - by sealing off our memories, or closing down our hearts, or striving to gain approval from others. We tend to use emotions associated with fear and judgement as weapons to prevent us looking at things about ourselves which we find difficult to accept - things that have caused us pain in our childhood, pressures that are put on us by society, or patterns that we established in past lives. We hide our insecurities by displaying anger when someone criticises us, for we see ourselves as being attacked, and we defend by counter-attack.
If we are to raise our vibrations and be a part of the Shift, we need to clear the patterns that anchor us into the past. Darkness cannot exist in the light, only shadows, but the shadows have no substance. We can see the light, or we can focus on the shadow. The polarities of love are only illusions - they are the dark background of the night sky which enables us to see the stars. When we create these polarities from our fears, we make them seem real. However, their vibration is incompatible with the new light vibrations, the new dimension which is love based, and so they must be released or they will only anchor us into our old illusionary reality. It is when they are recognised for what they are, and for the purpose that they have served, that they may be dispensed with.
There is a battle taking place within us. On the one hand we have our Higher Self that connects to us at our heart and our other top chakras, and on the other hand is our lower self that links with our lower chakras and projects base emotions. If we see the ego as the middle self, we can understand the battle either to remain anchored in the state of separateness that we have come to understand as our reality in matter, or to transcend that state of separateness and link with our full consciousness wherein we can experience our interconnectedness with all things. Transcending duality is not a matter of moving out of it; it is a matter of understanding it and learning to function within it as we are designed to do.
Both Higher Self and lower self attract our attention by providing us with experiences that support their validity. When the experiences get sufficiently uncomfortable, and we find that our usual methods of control are no longer working for us, we are pushed to resort to other measures. It is our guidance from within, prompting us to look for our answers within. In claiming our attention, the two aspects of self are appealing to us to acknowledge them and take responsibility for them. The way to do this is to align them and bring them into balance. It is only when imbalance exists between polar opposites that conflict occurs and pain results. But it is NOT a battle between Higher Self and lower self, for both are valid.
How many thousands of years has mankind being putting the things he doesn't like outside of himself? We battle to control our external environment and try to make it conform to our requirements. We blame others for our problems. We claim responsibility for our victories, but not our defeats. We fight for peace, but we don't accept that we are responsible in part for the war. For every thing that exists, in every thought we have, contained within it is its polarity. When we fight for justice, it is because we perceive injustice. In the perception of one we automatically birth the other - one cannot exist without the other. We create both justice and injustice in the belief that they are both real, no matter which one we claim to stand for. Even the concept of oneness implies separateness.
It is the nature of our very being that enables us to create suffering for ourselves. It is that screaming, reactive part of ourselves that is so resistive and where the fire burns most strongly. It is the part of us that claims most heartily for our attention, for it is the fire that burns within that yearns most deeply to be quenched. So how can we transmute aeons of memories and beliefs? Wherein lies true peace? What is the water we may quench this fire with? The answer is to own the fire and own the water. Embrace it all as part of All-That-Is; love it all unconditionally, without judgement. Acceptance of that which is. So simple, and yet so hard to do. And when we own it all without attachment and without judgement, so can we offer it back to God in the knowledge that we no longer need it. Then the space is cleared for the Christ Consciousness, that in truth is already within us, to arise in our awareness. The shift will almost certainly be completed within the next fourteen or fifteen years, and if we are to be a part of it there is no escape from the responsibility of clearing our baggage.
As we clear our hooks into the past and become less judgemental, we free ourselves to see the purpose in everything that has ever happened in our lives, and the forces of duality wield less and less power over us. We may not see it happening in the world outside, but we definitely notice our own reality changing by virtue of the synchronistic way events happen in response to our changing vibration. We find more and more that we are drawn to people of similar vibration. We meet a person for the first time and say … “I feel I know you; maybe we knew each other in a past life”. At each layer or level of creation, we are linked by the creation process to the level above - we are manifestations of the Self which exists in a reality of higher frequency. As we raise our vibrations, we become more aware of that link. People that come from the same soul group are the first to come together, because they are beginning to remember who they are and where they came from. We start to become aware of our connectedness in this way, and begin to experience oneness.



“Christ comes to what is like Himself; the same, not different. For He is always drawn unto Himself. What is as like Him as a holy relationship? And what draws you together draws Him to you. Here are His sweetness and His gentle innocence protected from attack. And here can He return in confidence, for faith in one another is always faith in Him. You are indeed correct in looking on each other as His chosen home, for here you will with Him and with His Father. This is your Father’s Will for you, and yours with His. And who is drawn to Christ is drawn to God as surely as both are drawn to every holy relationship, the home prepared for them as earth is turned to Heaven.”
“This holy relationship, lovely in its innocence, mighty in strength, and blazing with a light far brighter than the sun that lights the sky you see, is chosen by your Father as a means for His Own Plan. Be thankful that it serves yours not at all. Nothing entrusted to it can be misused, and nothing given it but will be used. This holy relationship has the power to heal all pain, regardless of its form. Neither of you alone can serve at all. Only in your joint will does healing lie. For here your healing is, and here you will accept Atonement. And in your healing is the Sonship healed because your wills are joined.”
- From “A Course in Miracles”.

As discussed previously, releasing our old patterns and aligning our polarities are the basic preparations all must undergo in order to experience our personal dimensional shift. We can do this in full consciousness of what is happening, with the minimum of discomfort, or we can allow the incoming Light vibrations to provide the experiences that we need in order to force our old patterns and imbalances to reveal themselves, generally causing much painful disturbance. Either way, there is help available if we choose to avail ourselves of it. We can go within to seek inner guidance, or we can receive assistance from the many people who are trained in various healing modalities whose role it is to assist others go through their changes. I know many people who believe they can do it on their own, or that some guru or other or their favourite spiritual discipline can do it for them, but with few exceptions it is highly unlikely it will work that way. We need to take responsibility for ourselves, but we also need the help of others when it is appropriate, for we are bringing about this amazing change together in group consciousness, not as individuals.
The greatest helpers and the most important teachers in our lives at any one time, are those people who are in closest proximity to us. Why is it that so many relationships and marriages are under stress or breaking down? The whole purpose of relationships has changed. In the past, a man and a woman came together to provide what they lacked in themselves, and so they became an operational unit but with neither complete in themselves. It was a method of achieving balance of the masculine and feminine within the unit, but it was based on the acceptance of imbalance in the individual. This works in the old paradigm but not in the new. We are now being asked to align our masculine/feminine polarities, and function as a balanced unit with balanced components. The reason for this is simple - that we may perceive the perfection in the other as we find it in ourselves. By releasing ones fears, one is truly able to love oneself, and hence another, with the love that is God’s Love, which is unconditional. The old fear based reality is no longer sustainable, and a love based reality is becoming the only option available to us.
Relationships have always provided the opportunities to learn about ourselves. When things got difficult, partners in marriage could move on or they could stick it out, with the pressures of social convention generally influencing people to opt for the latter choice. Either way, the lessons would continue to be the same. One of the values associated with marriage is that it tends to bind people more into their relationships, and therefore it becomes more in their interest to resolve any disharmonies. Nowadays, because it is easier to abandon a marriage, there is less effort made to use it for growth. However, many people are finding that marriage breakdowns come with a heavy price - emotional pain. Where the lessons were ignored within the relationship, they become very difficult to ignore in the aftermath of it, and men in particular are being forced to reflect on what went wrong. And so new opportunities are provided for new relationships to form and develop, either with the lessons learned or unlearned. As always we have choices. This is not to say that the best option is always to stay within the relationship for better or for worse, for often the relationship has run its course. Although there is nothing that love cannot heal, one partner might be slower to learn than the other, and time is running out.
Sometimes people come together to work through old karma, but just because they have close connections in past lives with another person does not necessarily mean they must continue with that person in this time. The liaisons we form can move down through the centuries, and he who we were once attracted to, perhaps a prince of great wit and brilliance, may now be a pauper and dull of wit. Out of what was once a relationship of admirable status and regality, comes attachment in later times to what existed only in the past. Such relationships can still hold us in their power, for the commitments made long ago frequently lose their shine and lead to harassment, and indeed serve no purpose in the present. In such cases it is likely a vow was once made by those involved to be together always, and so they are drawn together over and over again, until they realise they have nothing more to offer each other. Such a vow is like a connecting thread between the two, and this psychic link can be misused by one to wield power over the other, until that tie is cut.
Many of us misused the power that was once afforded us, or we were punished unjustly even when we used it wisely. That is why power between two people in their relationship is such a big issue now. Such a person might have decided that he or she no longer wants power, and so they choose a relationship where they are subservient to their partner. There are countless karmic issues and belief patterns that establish the basis of our choice of partner; and so the relationship becomes the battleground, not between the two partners but between the person and himself. Therein lies the opportunity to align the polarities of Higher Self and lower self. A Course in Miracles puts it another way.

According to A Course in Miracles, heaven is neither a condition nor a place, but rather the awareness of perfect oneness. Learning to see the “face of Christ” in another, hidden behind the masks we all wear, and to love that face both in others and in ourselves, is the experience of God. Regardless of the practical problems and the karmic issues, all relationships have this potential - it is simply a matter of whether we choose to be in that relationship in love or in fear. In the other, be they partner or casual encounter, is our crucifier or our saviour, depending on what we choose to be to them. Focussing on their guilt drives the nails of self-loathing more deeply into us; focussing on their innocence sets us free. Relationships bring to the surface our imbalances, our worn out belief patterns and our deep rooted fears. By taking total responsibility for them and all the issues that challenge us instead of judging and accusing, we can learn to forgive and to love unconditionally. As we demonstrate love towards others, we learn also that we ourselves are lovable, and we learn to love more deeply. When two people invite the Holy Spirit into their relationship, this process is hastened immeasurably. The battle then is fought between the ego’s desire to judge and the Holy Spirit’s desire to accept people as they are. They are asking Him to deliver them from the temptation to judge and find fault. It is a way of asking God for help in seeing another person’s innocence so that we may see the innocence in ourselves - to see, think and love with God's Love, and to experience God's Peace.
When someone behaves toward us in an unacceptable way, it is very easy to say that they are wrong. We believe that certain standards of behaviour must be upheld, that if we don’t stick by our principles and standards of behaviour and point out to others that they should do so too, then everything around us will disintegrate and we will invite further attack. A Course in Miracles tells us that it is not our job to police other people. Accusing others is not going to correct their wrongful behaviour. By responding compassionately and with forgiveness we introduce a context which is more conducive for another person to change more easily. When we forgive someone, we forgive their past. If we dwell on a person’s past, we bring the past into the present and see that person as they were rather than who they are now. We create a future which is like the past. Every moment in time brings a new opportunity for us and those we connect with to change. By letting go our perceptions of the past, we allow a new relationship to be born.
By embracing our polarities, we come to know that there is no good or bad but only what is. The polarity of love is fear, but like all polarities, fear is only a perception that arises from an imbalanced view of the world, and hence is an illusion. Because only love is real, and anything else that does not appear to be of love is only a perception that we have of it, then we see that really there is nothing to forgive. Forgiveness, therefore, is exercising discernment between what is real and what is not real. If we choose to move beyond illusion and be in an awakened state, then we have the power to awaken others. The only power that is available to us to do this is love; but before we can truly love another we must learn to love ourselves. When we pray to God for forgiveness, because God does not judge us, we are actually asking Him to show us how to learn to love ourselves. Through this healing of self lies the key to the healing of the planet, and the vehicle through which our task of healing the planet can be expressed is the holy relationship.
"A Course in Miracles" states that the holy relationship, which is a major step toward the perception of the real world, must be learned. It is the old, unholy relationship transformed and seen anew. When a relationship is offered to the Holy Spirit to use for His purposes, the goal of the relationship is abruptly shifted from what it was before. The inevitable practical result of this is that the relationship seems to become disturbed, disjunctive and even quite distressing. This is because the relationship as it is is no longer aligned with its new goal. The meaning attributed to the relationship in the past no longer makes sense in its new context. The conflict between the goal and the structure of the relationship becomes so apparent that they cannot coexist. All the old patterns of the past arise to the surface, for they no longer serve the new purpose, and must be released. The goal cannot now be changed, and so the relationship must change to fit the goal. Until this is recognised, the relationship may seem to be severely strained, and many relationships are abandoned at this point. Once the goal of the Holy Spirit has been accepted, the relationship can never go back to what it was before.
The reason for this abrupt shift in purpose is so that the ego does not have time to reinterpret step by step what is happening according to its liking. Only a radical shift in purpose can induce a complete change in mind about what the relationship is for. The setting of the goal is an act of faith. It is not a time to abandon faith once the results of that faith are being introduced. As the changes in the relationship develop and awareness of what is being accomplished grows, it becomes increasingly beneficent and joyous. Every time an opportunity arises to blame your partner, every time the relationship seems to have lost its way and appears hopeless, is an opportunity given to forgive and have its new purpose further revealed. The Holy Spirit is like having a third person present to help you through these situations which seem to make no sense. His purpose in your relationship is to have you call upon Him to solve your problems, and His promise is that He will never fail to answer your request.
"Prepare you now for the undoing of what never was ... when you feel the holiness of your relationship is threatened by anything, stop instantly and offer the Holy Spirit your willingness, in spite of fear, to let Him exchange this instant for the holy one that you would rather have ..." An invocation is suggested that invites the Holy Spirit to intervene when a problem arises.
"I desire this holy instant for myself,
That I may share it with my brother, whom I love.
It is not possible that I can have it without him, or he without me.
Yet it is wholly possible for us to share it now.
And so I choose this instant as the one to offer to the Holy Spirit,
That His blessing may descend on us, and keep us both in peace.

A Course in Miracles is a large and complex document, and there are different ways of working with it. I have found a most effective method is to ask a question relating to a specific problem, then open the Text Volume at random, and it has never failed to give me an appropriate answer. All that is then required is the courage to put into practice the advice given. The Course emphasises that the answers to our problems, all of which have the underlying purpose of directing us towards salvation, do not lie in satisfying the needs of the body. “What has the body really given you that justifies your strange belief that in it lies salvation? Do you not see that this is the belief in death?” If we are struggling financially, and think - if only I did not have these financial problems I would be able to serve the planet more effectively as a light worker, then we are putting our faith in matters that serve the body. Even though our material needs may be real, until we put our total trust in God that all our needs are met, then we are denying ourselves the abundance that is rightfully ours. The leap in faith is to follow our heart, to do what gives us joy. The Universe responds joyously to those who live in joy. Everything that exists is love, including money, and like attracts like. The outer reality might seem quite different, that money equates with greed, but that is a fear based perception. The job at hand is to change reality by changing our beliefs.
There are as many paths to enlightenment as there are people. The principles I have discussed in this and the previous two articles are just the basics, but it is in the comprehension of the basics and the intent to put them into practice that lays the foundations for all paths. Each person that succeeds opens the way for others. By giving in this way to ourselves first, we are truly in service to the Light, and together we move into the new dimension of oneness.

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