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I am no longer practicing pole house design, but my book "Pole Frame Magic" is still available from this website.

Pole Frame architecture can be used to simply and economically create beautiful, harmonious and empowering dwellings. Everything we do, including the way we build, affects the planet. What is lacking in many of today's homes is awareness and expression of our relationship with nature. Often we cause adverse impact to ourselves and to the environment because of the way we build. Technology and mass production offer many benefits, but in our preoccupation with them, our society has had to settle for stress as a price for the expediency and economic attractions they bring.


Winner of the 2005 Autodesk Asia Pacific Design Competition (Australia & New Zealand country section)

This design is based on the hexagon and the spiral (see Sacred Geometry page)

Photos of the completed house can be seen on the House Photos page

There are several versions available in different sizes and orientation to suit a variety of locations





By John Koch

Book now available - click here to order

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A short video of rotating 3D models can be viewed on YouTube




All of nature evolves out of simple geometric patterns incorporated within the molecular "seed" structure. Each of these basic patterns contains information that enables animals, plants, minerals (and humans) to develop into complex and beautiful forms, each with an intrinsic awareness of its location in space and time. Being part of nature, we have a relationship with it at the cellular level which is experienced vibrationally, and which is nurturing. When these seed patterns are incorporated into our architecture, a vibrational exchange takes place between the building and its occupants in a way that is similar to the connection we have with nature, and which leads to a sense of well being.

Pole frame houses have the geometric and structural versatility to incorporate the same principles used by nature. They can be simple and standardised, but by their very nature they ask for a high degree of designer input. They can be linear, geometric or organic, and are well suited to use of organic materials such as timber, earth and stone. They normally have non load bearing timber frame walls, but can be designed to support light masonry or straw bale walls, and thus eliminate the need for strip footings. They can have single or multiple floor levels, and so adapt to any terrain, being equally at ease on steep slopes or level ground. They require very little ground excavation, so their impact on the environment is minimal.


A small cost effective design that will suit most sites.

Fully documented for only $600


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