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Documentation is normally provided in metric units. For countries that use imperial units, plans will be converted from metres to feet and inches. Structural computations will be in metric units and based on Australian Standard Codes. These are recognised internationally to be of the highest standard, and are usually acceptable to local authorities. Local information such as design wind velocity and timber properties will be required.

The design process can be successfully accomplished using e-mail communication. All queries will be answered, and design input from clients is essential and welcome. Once the process is under way you will receive regular updating of drawings via email in PDF or DWF format. (DWF is an Autodesk file used by Design Review, a small program that can be downloaded free from )

Several years ago I completed a house design for Robert Smith of Houston Texas. Robert kept me on my toes with his e-mail questions and comments, often 2 or 3 a day. As the design evolved from the initial basic concept, Robert wrote ...

"It's Wednesday night & just got home from work & got your plans in
the mail.  Thank you for sending them. Notwithstanding that some
changes have been implemented since you made these drawings, I must
tell you that I am extremely happy with what you've done thus far. 

When I began this project I felt as though I was going to have to be
content with living in a small boring shoe box house, because I didn't
want to invest in one of your more sophisticated designs. However, I'm
really impressed with this house you've designed.  You've created a
house I never would have imagined when we began. 

So, please know that I will proclaim your expertise far & wide!

Looking forward to the remainder of this project."

Robert's house under construction (below)


Google Answers: House Construction

The following answer to a question about pole house design was posted in 2003

"I have searched around the web a great deal further on your behalf
today, without finding any parallel US service to John Koch's, and
nothing like the quality and originality of design. The US builders
all seem to be coming from the direction of glorified barns, whereas
John (and some other Australians) start from the concept of home
design. Presumably that is why he is offering an international service"

DESIGN SERVICE - What you need to know about purchasing plans or initiating a house design
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