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The revised edition records how John was guided by spirit in many different ways - in his dreams, by channelling through numerous conduits, by images in the sky formed by the wind and the clouds, by people who were sent to assist, by messages that guided him through future challenges, by clairsentient emotional responses to changing situations, and by his commitment to love and truth. Spirit demonstrated to him its power to synchronise and to influence people and events, and even to move physical objects with great force. Over many years the pieces of the puzzle fell into place, and the message was clear. It is time to expand our reality beyond the material world, time to move out of duality, time to take responsibility for everything  we experience, time to cease being victims, time to claim our true power as spiritual beings, time to know that God is within us and we are never alone.



Sandy is editor of the Gold Coast monthly magazine "This Month"

Portal to the Dreamtime takes the reader on a journey of discovery into the ancient Aboriginal spiritual culture, their family relationships, system of justice, and simple love of life. It also describes the changes now in progress in the preparation and heralding in of a new spiritual age, which synthesizes the old indigenous spiritual energies with an incoming new global energy and understanding. This new awareness is also disintegrating the old patterns of white manís culture, which are based on separation from the spirit and the idolising of physical possessions.

The healing and reconciliation between the indigenous people of Australia and the western culture that is now in possession of the land has never had a better chance of taking place than now. The way first had to be made clear in the spiritual realms, which is the main theme of the book.

Author John Koch has collected a series of transcripts of channellings from Wharumbidgi, an ancient Australian Aboriginal guardian spirit of the sacred site of the Sleeping Serpent, who explains what happened when the white man came to Australia and disenfranchised the Aboriginal culture. The appropriation of the land was more than just the taking of a chattel Ė as the white culture would have seen it. It was much more. Because the indigenous peoples saw themselves as part of the spirit of the land and were not separate from it, the white manís separation of the Aboriginals from their land represented their separation from spirit Ė or from God. They saw the spirit of the land as their mother. They loved their mother and their mother loved, looked after and nurtured them. As Wharumbidgi says:

"Aboriginal people are grieving for their mother and now they go. You make big mess, you bloody clean it up. Not you brother John. The white man is creating big mess for his mother. The mother is sacred sister Lee. Your mother is sacred sister Lee? Yes. You would not harm your mother. No. The mother is the provider. You cannot hurt her (or) she will not provide. Is not just for that Ė you must love. The little babies love their mother, and the mothers love their little babies."

So for thousands of years the eco-system was preserved and functioned as a sustainable whole, with the Aboriginals as an integral part. Then there came separation - the white manís separation from God, from spirit. And so many modern day Aboriginals lost their spiritual way. This separation is the white manís curse, from which he also suffers greatly. But the new incoming spiritual energy Ė the Christ energy - is crumbling the walls of separation so that a new brotherhood of man is emerging. It is the most powerful energy. It is the energy of love - the lightest and brightest energy of empowerment for humanity, which will be lifted to a whole new level of evolution. Our children will look back upon history and see division and spiritual separation as a thing of the past.

The Portal was the first step in the healing process. It helps the angry disembodied Aboriginal spirits trapped in the astral plane and causing disturbances because of their law of Ďpay-backí for the white manís raping of their mother, to move back into the Dreamtime for healing. The clearing of these negative influences, with the assistance of a hierarchy of powerful spiritual beings and the energies of love, has paved the way for a new paradigm shift.

The book teaches us that spiritual pain and anguish is only present while we donít acknowledge or understand our spiritual connection with the earth and with one another. Once we connect across the bridge (or the portal) of love we realise that there is no need to fear. We also realise that by loving others and loving the land we love and nurture ourselves. Sustenance and love is perpetually recycled.

We have the power of creation because we are an integral part of that creative force. We create the mountains that we need to climb. Challenges are not easy and require much effort, but that makes the reward all the greater. We crave to feel the power of that manifestation. It is a spiritual yearning. The creative force is now moving into reconciliation and synthesis. Those that choose to move with that new energy will reap the sweetest rewards of love and the satisfaction of having conquered and overcome the obstacles to achieve this new reality. It is a privilege and the greatest honour to be part of it. But the process is still in its early stages and so the spirit of Wharumbidgi invites all who will hear the call to participate.


AUTHOR'S SYNOPSIS (first edition)

The book has many facets. It is both truth and fiction simultaneously depending on the reader, as the reader is required to make the choice. We know certain things are true because we have experienced them or because someone we believe has told us they are true. That knowledge forms the reality in which we live, and our experiences are shaped by our beliefs. For example, the reality of a primitive cave dweller is very different from that experienced by a twenty first century sophisticated city dweller, because each has a different knowledge base. Some people have experienced interaction with spirit entities and some have not, and so it is possible for people to live side by side in quite different realities, both of which are real because each has created it so.

Those who participated in the story all shared a complete acceptance of discarnate entities, loosely termed spirits. An observer who did not share that belief would have seen and heard nothing, for everything that happened outside his belief system would have been unable to imprint itself on his mind. If he chose to be open to experiencing the unseen, however, his belief system might have been changed by what he saw, and enable him to explore new pathways in consciousness. The reader is invited to be the observer. If he chooses to participate in the adventure with an open mind, a new reality and its accompanying experiences will gradually unfold for him, for spirit is never far away and seeks to make itself known to all.

Wharumbidgi is the guardian spirit of the Sacred Site of the Sleeping Serpent which is where the events took place. It is a small pocket of land in Victoria where there were known Aboriginal ceremonial sites and numerous artefacts such as scarred trees and stone tools. It has a geomantic connection with four surrounding mountains that form the same geometric pattern as the stars of the Southern Cross constellation, being at the centre point of the cross. It also lies at the convergence of seven ley lines, or spirit tracks as they were known to the Australian Aboriginal people. There were many years of preparation before Wharumbidgi made his presence known, and everything was in place for the creation of a portal. Portals are gateways between dimensions through which it is possible to travel in consciousness. Traditionally, when Aboriginal people die their spirit moves on to another level of reality, but the coming of white man changed many things. This particular portal enabled Aboriginal spirits who had been disempowered by the events that took place after European settlement of Australia to make that transition. It could be seen as a movement from the lower astral plane of fourth dimension to another dimension of higher frequency. This is what Aboriginal people refer to as the "Dreamtime". Wharumbidgi is a Dreamtime spirit who lived in embodiment as a member of the Wathaurong tribe about 400 years ago. He and his friends have no need for a portal to move between dimensions, but the countless Aboriginal spirits who died in the last 200 years were imprisoned in the astral by their own grief and anger, and unable to move unaided.

The book tells how the portal was created, and the difficulties that arose due to white people working with Aboriginal spirit in such a way, for there was a good deal of resentment and opposition to anything white men did. The Aboriginal experience has been that white men are only interested in material gain. The land was degraded and the people suffered enormously as their sacred sites, their spirituality and often their children were taken from them. They saw white manís treatment of their land as the rape of their mother. This made the astral spirits angry, causing them to be stuck, so powerful forces were brought in to assist. The only power that was strong enough to create the portal was the power of love.

Wharumbidgi spends some relaxing moments describing how his people lived those many years ago, and he provides a clear insight into who the Aboriginal people were before European settlement. In his simple presentation there evolves a picture of a race of people with a profound philosophy of life that makes conventional western attitudes and spiritual awareness look primitive by comparison. For a racial group to survive for well over 40,000 years without significant change means that they were probably the most successful human society to exist on the planet. However, their success was also their weakness, as they were unable to evolve further without a huge jolt.

Wharumbidgi presents as a simple, wise, loving and lovable character with a wonderful sense of humour. For those who spent time with his spirit and had the privilege of communicating with him, it was an experience that could never be forgotten. He has brought joy into my life, and I hope he does the same for those who read his story.

The revised edition includes the story of Wharumbidgi and his Portal. In the process of reviewing the book I found I was being prompted to include information that I had previously recorded in "Lifting the Veils - A Search for Love and Truth". I was astonished to see it grow day by day, and many times when I thought it was finished, I received more prompts, usually in the middle of the night when I was half asleep and my mind was out of the way. Eventually it was finished, and the extraordinary events at Oasis Anu Ta made complete sense to me for the first time. The message is that humanity's total immersion into the material world has come at a huge cost, and it now time to move into an expanded reality which embraces spirit. It is a simple matter of changing our belief systems. We come to realise how powerful we are and that we create our experiences based on our beliefs. Those beliefs can be in the conscious or the subconscious mind. When we recognise patterns in our lives that cause us discomfort we can release them and discard our fears. We see that everything we experience has purpose, and we cease to be victims. When we embrace spirit, we know that everything is connected and we understand the source of our power. By acknowledging the source of our inspiration we can trust that we will make the best possible choices and experience the best possible outcomes. We no longer externalise god, we become god!