Releasing Aboriginal spirits with the combined power of the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Rainbow Serpent

"Portal to the Dreamtime" is available in book form, published by Landscape Temple Books in September 2003


THE PORTAL - Drawn by Charles Bartlett


My first experience with Aboriginal spirit energy was in September while visiting Robyn and Philip at Glastonbell in the Blue Mountains. Robyn took me to a place near Katoomba which she had found two days before, that she recognised as gathering place for Aboriginal spirits. She had felt the anger of the spirits, and believed that their energy was affecting the land and the people connected with it. She found that she was able to release the spirits from that place. As we walked along the track towards the gathering place, I suddenly collided with an energy that spun me around and pushed me against the roadside embankment. I had never experienced anything like it before, but although physically dynamic, it actually felt quite a gentle, loving energy.
Robyn recognised it as the presence of the Light Dreaming Man that had touched me. She explained that he was the guardian Aboriginal spirit for the area, and that he represented preceding generations of physical Aboriginal custodians. She and Philip had been aware of his presence for some time, and during a ceremony at Glastonbell there was a release of energy that enabled him to enter the higher realms of his Light Being. His purpose was understood as assisting other spirits to ascend. That process benefited the "stuck" spirits, and also served to clear the shadow energy created by the presence of those astral spirits.
She believed this shadow was making it difficult for Aboriginal people to embrace the incoming Christ Energy, and they were retreating into their traditional culture. Even before the arrival of white man, they were like babes sucking at the mother's breast. They used their sacred sites only for their own nourishment, and had lost understanding of ceremony and ritual that was necessary to maintain the dynamic energy flow at the sites.
Although I had some previous experience in releasing astral spirits, I had always felt it was not my business to get involved in releasing Aboriginal spirits, as that was their culture and their karma. Now I wondered if the Light Dreaming Man was giving me authority to help with this, probably because there were no Aboriginals with the expertise to do that work in this part of Australia. Later, after a meditation at Glastonbell, Robyn said that the Light Dreaming Man had told her that I could now call on him any time if I wished to continue the work of releasing Aboriginal spirits, and that he would call on me if there was something he wished me to do. I was happy with that because I had always had great respect for the Australian Aboriginal people, and I had some close Aboriginal friends. When I left Glastonbell, I felt I had been given a gift of great value that could be used in service to the Light. Had I known what lay ahead, I perhaps would not have been so enthusiastic.

I drove back to Oasis in high spirits, a journey of about 900 kilometres. About 20 kilometres from home, the feeling of peace and well being faded, and an inexplicable heaviness crept in. By the time I reached home the feeling in my belly was awful. I rang my friend Jane and told her what had happened at Glastonbell. She said she could feel the presence of the Light Dreaming Man and a great many Aboriginal spirits, and suggested I walk around the various sites on the land and find the right place to release them. "They're not wasting any time", I thought.
I set off for the Light Circle to collect some Light and strength, and as I walked, I felt the pain of those people, and tears of sadness and compassion rolled down my cheeks. I brought down Light for my protection, and sent it to the Grove, which I believed at that time to be the old Aboriginal sacred site. Then I went to the Grove and invited all the spirits who were present to enter and be released into the Light. I gave them my love and blessings, and offered them freedom to return to their true home. I told them the Light Dreaming Man would show them the way.
The energy was still very heavy the next day, so I rang Jane again. She described what she saw while I was doing the releasing. She said the Light Dreaming Man was there, and there were hundreds of Aboriginals arriving, including a great many women and children. She saw them walking through a doorway into the Light. There must have been a great many of them, for it seemed to take ages for them to move through; but by the end of the second day it was over. The pain suddenly left me, and I felt only feelings of joy.
As the Light Dreaming Man predicted, there were many times ahead when I felt the presence of the spirits who were attracted to the Light at Oasis, and sometimes at other places. It never seemed that there were as many as on that first occasion, and the clearing would generally take half an hour to an hour. I have never enjoyed this work because of their pain which I felt, but I accepted that if it helped to clear the shadow over this great land of ours, then I would continue to do it. At the time I was not aware that I was only scratching the surface, and it was just preliminary to releasing and shifting on a vast scale.



Then suddenly, Wharumbidgi entered the scene. Actually he had been around for a very long time but I was not aware of his presence. Wharumbidgi was the guardian spirit of the old Aboriginal sacred site. Charles first heard his voice and felt his presence several months earlier when he first began coming to Oasis Anu Ta. It was a new experience for him, and he did not talk about it at first, but Wharumbidgi persisted gently until Charles was confident enough to hold conversations with him in his mind. With his eyes closed, Charles gradually learned to see him as well as feel his presence and hear his words. He described Wharumbidgi as a beautiful, proud looking man, very wise and loving.
Charles Bartlett and Lee Mitchell first visited Oasis Anu Ta after a vision Lee received during meditation in which she was asked to contact me. We had never met before. They began making regular trips to Oasis, and on the visit following the time that Wharumbidgi first spoke to us at the Dreaming site, we went to the Grove to meditate and send Light. Wharumbidgi was there, and speaking through Charles, asked for our help in releasing Aboriginal spirits. He said there might be some stress involved. I had reservations because of my previous experiences when I could feel their disturbing presence, and I did not want that imposed on my friends. After discussion we agreed to help providing it could be done quickly. Wharumbidgi asked us to sit quietly for ten minutes. During the meditation, Charles described the Aboriginal spirits gathering in large numbers and dancing. One of them moved towards a fire and leapt into it, and a few tentatively followed. Close by was the Rainbow Serpent, the mythical creature/symbol that links the Aboriginal people to the Dreamtime. After ten minutes, the picture faded, and we walked back to the house for lunch, wondering why we had not felt any stress. It seemed too easy.
Later in the afternoon, as we walked down towards the river to visit the Dreaming site, I felt an irrational compulsion to set alight to a pile of dead wood close to the river and directly below the house. Charles tried to stop me, and as soon as the fire was lit I realised what I had done. A strong wind fanned the blaze and it quickly spread through the dry tussock, eastward along the river flats and up the steep slope towards the house. We battled the flames as best we could, and managed to prevent the fire reaching my house, but it burned fiercely in a large area of tall dry reeds that grew in a pocket in a bend in the river. With the help of the local fire brigade we managed to stop the fire spreading too far. Charles and I were singed and exhausted, and in a state of disbelief at what had happened.
When I woke up the next morning, I realised that the fire had something to do with the releasing of the Aboriginal spirits, and vaguely remembered it being mentioned in a message received from an Aboriginal or totem spirit in May 1992.
"There is a coming together, a vast gathering, a story telling time of those who would participate. This is not for you. This is the absorption and the coming together of this energy. This is important in the life story of these people as we know. The old ways will be discussed and the new paths will be pondered upon.
To hold still and be silent is your capacity in this, for there will be those who do not see your Light, who do not understand your motives.
The Light shall be increased by the many souls who pass over. There will be much dancing, and legends will be retold and relearned. That which is unwise shall be eliminated, and this will cause a soul searching and rebalancing which will reverberate through their energies.
There are some customs that need to be released, and this can only be done by those to whom the customs appear a part of reality. You will be aware of anger, fragility.
There must be a fire lit. There must be a re-enactment of old ways. Release there will be of those who are held. There are some who are trapped in this dimension, unable to move over. This will provide the energy to complete their journey."

We met again a week later, and as we walked from my house to the Grove, we saw the same cloud formation that we had seen on the day of the fire. It was the head of a serpent, with open mouth and an opening in the cloud at its eye - the Rainbow Serpent? We sat at the Grove and tuned in to Wharumbidgi. He was waiting for us, and Charles recited what he could see and hear.
"There's been a portal opened, and Wharumbidgi is very, very happy. He's saying the ashes from the fire were needed, and that much was released, and he is overwhelmed with joy with what is happening. He is gathering spirits like a farmer gathers his crops, to take them home. He's just so happy. He's really busy. What I can see is he's standing there, and there's this big, long black line, and he's directing them into the portal. He's saying that the work hasn't stopped since we started doing it the other day. It's not that we did anything, it was our intent to help. It was through our love and concern for them, especially John's Aboriginal connection that has helped open the portal, and there is great honour in our intent. They're gathering the spirits and taking them there, but there's still much work to be done. He wants us to go down by the river to talk to us. He's so proud. We've brought great honour to him, and it's got to do with the energy on the property here."
We had a quick lunch, then walked down to the Dreaming site as Wharumbidgi bade us do. This time, Wharumbidgi spoke through Charles directly. He told us that as time goes by he would tell us stories, but for the moment he would like us to ask him questions.
I asked Wharumbidgi if he could tell us how the people used the sites on the land, like the one we were at.

The Dreaming Site

"The site that is immediately here has been used as Dreaming site, where ceremonies were performed, on usually full moon, full moon ceremonies when they were here. The ceremonies were mixed, they were not men only ceremonies. They were ceremonies celebrating the Dreaming, and some other things - small initiations, little initiations, not big. Much joy here, much happiness here. Aboriginals - this place here was very happy place for them, they were very happy here, and joyful. Much trouble later when white man come, but before that this was place of much joy. Great happiness for Aboriginal people here. Much to celebrate."
I asked if the Aboriginal people had a name for what we call the Christ Energy, the energy that I saw as coming into the land at that time.
"Aboriginal people say that is Dreamtime energy, the Rainbow Serpent spirit energy. Your Christ Energy is pure, powerful, new energy. Is new energy. It is not the same as Dreamtime energy, but it is powerful, but it is not his business. It is not Wharumbidgi's business to speak on the Christ Energy. Christ was not part of the Dreamtime. Christ was not in Aboriginal Dreamtime. It is new energy, new spirit. Many people were murdered, many Aboriginal people were murdered in the name of Christ, and it is very difficult for old Aboriginal people to use that name as a healing energy because of the destruction that was done in that name. Wharumbidgi says it is not his business."
"There are other serious, much more serious Aboriginal energy sites on the property here, which brother John knows - the corroboree site, which is serious business for men. But here is happy, joy, much joy here. Happy where we came to sit and greet our brothers and sisters in the Dreamtime, and live in the Dreamtime. You do not understand - your time is not the same time as our time. There was no time for Aboriginals. You have day and week and month. There is no days, weeks and months for Aboriginal people. We lived in eternal time. The full moon was our time. The seasons come and the seasons went, and my father got old and died, and my son grew up. But there was no time like your time. Happy time here, this place here was happy time. When you come here you should feel our joy here. We had so much happiness here till the white man come, and much trouble with him. Brother John and sister Lee and brother Charles are helping to lift the bad energy from here. Once the bad energy is gone, your Christ will come, and His White Power, the White Power will come. But you will never forget the joy here, the nature spirits here."

Lee asked him if he knew of the Hierarchy, the Brotherhood of Light that guided them in their healing work.
"Ah, your Brothers who are helping you with your work. Is this Hierarchy? They are spirit brothers; you have spirit brothers. They are very high and powerful, and very beautiful, and they acknowledge me, and I acknowledge them. But we are the Dreamtime. Much peace between us, and good cooperation is going on between us. The work is being done with your Brothers, yes? Your Brothers very good sister Lee. You are good soul, sister Lee."
Wharumbidgi said that the "Hierarchy Brothers" had helped open the portal, and that the purpose of the portal was to take the angry Aboriginal spirits out of the atmosphere so that white power can come unblocked into the land here.

RELEASING THE SPIRITS - Drawn by Charles Bartlett

"Brother John can sense the power coming here. The power is coming here, and other places, because the energy here is sacred, and has been cleared and cleaned. It is great sadness for Wharumbidgi and Aboriginal people to leave the spirit of the land that white man calls Australia. It is great disturbance. Many big changes are coming and are here, and you have all helped to begin the process, especially brother John has worked very hard. Is good business. Is very hard for Aboriginal people, but is good business for everybody. There is many Aboriginal angry spirits that I am protecting you from. They are disturbed by what you are doing, but we have the power, and we are working with what you would say your Hierarchy business. We are working Dreamtime business. We are from the Dreamtime. Wharumbidgi is from Dreamtime. Wharumbidgi can go back to Dreamtime. Wharumbidgi has come here from the Dreamtime, and is here to guide the Aboriginal spirits back to the Dreamtime. There is no secret in that, but there is much knowledge in that."
I told Wharumbidgi that I hoped that the work we were doing here would lead to better things for the Aboriginal people in Australia.
"No brother John. The Aboriginal people will slowly pass from this land. The Aboriginal spirit that governed the land has already passed, especially in the areas that you would call urban areas - the spirit has gone. You are working with your White Energy, you are bringing your White Energy in, and Aboriginal spirits must go. It is in accordance with the work of sister Lee's Brothers this business is going on. Wise Aboriginal spirits understand this business, but we are like sister Lee's Brothers, working to bring the lesser spirits out of the atmosphere and from the land here. That is our job, and you have helped."
"So where does that lead us to? Will it lead us to helping restore the land from the damage that's been done?" I asked.
"The spirit of the land has been adored by the Aboriginal people. White man has not had such reverence for the land. He does not see the land as his mother. He sees the land as something to become wealthy from. He takes. Aboriginal spirits would say - white man has tortured his mother, and they will pay the price. But it is not our business to say, it is not our business to give revenge. It is my business, like it is Sister Lee's Brothers' business to take away the dark, angry energy to the Dreamtime."
Wharumbidgi was telling us that this was the first Dreamtime portal ever opened, and that the clearing of the old Aboriginal energies was a preliminary to the coming of the Christ Energy. He was just as new to working with a Dreamtime portal as we were, and together we explored how to use it effectively. It was a Light Structure that enabled spirits to be released faster and in greater numbers than the Light Dreaming Man and I had been able to do on our own. Later he told us that we were the first white people ever to be sung into Dreamtime legend in a good way.



Over the ensuing months, he told us many stories of the old times, and we began to understand who the Aboriginal people really were. Not who they are now, for they have changed since the arrival of Europeans, but who they really were as people of spirit living close to the earth.. These channelled conversations with a discarnate Aboriginal spirit who lived in his physical body about 400 years ago, give us a glimpse of the simplicity of the life style of a small tribe of the Wathaurong people who inhabited an area along the Werribee River, near what is now the town of Bacchus Marsh. Although their life was simple and their needs few, they were sustained by a wisdom that extends far beyond the mental levels at which our so called developed societies function. In matters such as social ethics and materialism, they could provide a model for the rest of us to rethink our values. Their knowledge of plants and other natural substances provided them not only with food but impressive healing powers. Their use of ceremony and ritual created a bond between themselves and their environment, which they loved and respected because they knew that contained within all things is not just matter but conscious spirit. Because they lived in a balanced reality of both matter and spirit, they lived fully in the present moment without the need to project from a fear based perception of what might or might not be if they did not plan and control their future. They had no need to manipulate their destiny with artificial concepts such as economic growth and financial security. They were proud of their skills and achievements, but with a pride that transcended ego, for each had his role, and all were respected for their individuality and the part they played. They understood the meaning of unconditional love.

What humanity now does not realise is that we create our own reality - it is our dreaming. The reality which we have created is one in which we are separate from spirit. In doing so we have created a reality which is in disharmony with the totality of who we are, and the consequences are a world of pain and suffering. This is a fear based reality. In the belief that we are only a body, we see ourselves as potential victims of external causes, and we surround ourselves with material things that we believe will protect us. We can create power and wealth, but we can also create pain and poverty. It is the very nature of Creation, the structure of duality, which enables us to make our choices in this way. In our striving to protect ourselves from our own fears and insecurities, we are destroying the earth.

There is a way out of our planetary dilemma, and that is the path of love. But love cannot find expression where there is imbalance. Duality (polar opposites) is the basis of recognition within Creation, and thus the parameters are set for the recognition of good and evil. In truth there is only "what is", and "what is" is neutral, and that which is neutral in the absolute is love, the love of "All-There-Is". Transcending duality is about learning to function within it as we are designed to do in accordance with the Divine Plan. For love to predominate instead of fear, there is a great need for the feminine balance to be restored on the planet. The key to unconditional love is non judgement and forgiveness, and it starts with forgiveness of self. By embracing everything about ourselves, all that we are, then we can forgive others because we do not judge them, and we see that we are totally responsible for all that we experience.

This is explained in greater detail in "Personal and Planetary Healing"

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One day, Wharumbidgi asked us to do a corroboree at the Dreaming site, as there was a full moon. He explained that the Dreamtime Council would be in attendance. At 6 pm we went to the Dreaming site, and prepared a fire, and placed candles around the perimeter of the circle. Lee lead us through a meditation to open our chakras. The air was totally still as we stood in silence absorbing the sacred energies of nature and the power of the moment. Suddenly a gust of wind came through accompanied by light rain, and the spirits swiftly entered the vortex and rose up and out of sight. Charles described what he was seeing, and he was visibly shaken. As well as seeing the spirits, he could see a sort of translucent dome of light appear, encompassing the area where we stood. He said it looked like a Light Crystal. Then the wind dropped just as suddenly, and we danced around the fire, chanting and beating our clapping sticks, improvising a rather crude imitation of Aboriginal ceremony. Suddenly I noticed the clouds had all cleared from the sky, as if by magic, for it had been overcast all day. The scene was illuminated in the light of the full moon.
I moved away from the fire and the trees to look at the sky. Half an hour ago it was raining. Now the only clouds visible were two very long, thin, straight ones, and three short ones. They were angled in such a way that if they were projected, they would have all intersected at a single point. And at that point was the brightest object in the sky - the planet Venus. The two longest clouds stretched half way across the sky. They were such strange clouds that I called the others over to see. As we stood watching them, to our amazement they began to move, slowly floating together. The six of us stood in total silence as they formed the long, thin figure of a person dancing. It was a stick man. He had one leg raised in front of him, and both arms stretched up above his head. He was identical to the stick figures that appear in traditional Aboriginal art, such as in cave paintings and carvings. It was an awesome display of the power of spirit and the sacredness of the moment, and a night I will never forget.
We watched until the sky clouded over again, and it began to rain.

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