If you have authored a manuscript which you think fits Landscape Temple Book’s primary objective, ie to promote a better understanding of social, cultural, environmental or spiritual issues which affect the way we think, live and impact on our planet, you are invited to submit it for review. Send your manuscript in hard copy and in Word document form on CD to Landscape Temple Books, 27 Tower Hill Road, Somers, Vic 3927, Australia. Illustrations, photos or diagrams should be in a commonly used format such as jpeg, bmp, gif or psd (Photoshop). You can submit your own cover design or provide a description or layout of how you envisage it and we will prepare the graphics.

You will receive a quotation for our services together with an estimate of printing costs based on the size of the book and the number of copies you wish to have printed in the first run. The books will be paper back and can be A5, A4 or a range of other size pages, and the minimum number of pages for perfect binding is 24. Printing and delivery costs will be billed directly to you by the printers. Once the book has been set up for printing it remains on the printer’s files. You can order your initial copies and future copies directly from them at any time. The cost per copy reduces slightly as the number of copies ordered in a batch increases. For example, for 25 copies of a 178 x 228 mm page book the cost per book is $16.79 + 10% GST + packaging and post. For 500 copies the price per book is $8.86 + 10% GST.

If you are planning to market your book, ISBN’s and barcodes can be provided. We do not provide a distribution service.

Landscape Temple Books will not accept manuscripts that we consider to be substandard or not meeting our stated objective. We will, however, consider assisting you with publication of other material under a publishing name to be nominated by you. Such material could be a novel, an autobiography, a family history or a collection of poems.

Landscape Temple Books does not edit manuscripts but we can arrange to have this done professionally if required. We take no responsibility for grammatical or spelling errors, or for false or misleading content.