Oasis Anu Ta is a site of earth power located at the Heart Centre of the Southern Cross Landscape Temple located in Victoria, Australia. The four mountains pictured below are the star points.




The Earth can be seen as a living evolving Temple of Light, with a network of lesser temples spread out over the landscape - an architecture of living forms in which holy sites exist as power centres or chakras in the pattern of the landscape. These temples await the love and understanding of human consciousness and action for them to burst again into renewed life appropriate to our times and task. Many of these temples and focal points are discernible to us in the physical features of the land. Many are marked in some way with stones, altars, shrines and sacred buildings. Some of the places are in use, while others are often concealed by neglect or misuse. Many are still secret places waiting to be discovered and used by humanity when the time is right. (Excerpt from Gatekeeper Trust)

It is well known that indigenous people have an association with certain places which have special spiritual significance for them. Some of these sites have cultural significance only for them, but others have a wider planetary purpose. As the human body has its energy centres, such as chakras and meridian or acupuncture points, which regulate the functions of the endocrine systems and energy flows that maintain a healthy body, so does the Earth as a living organism have a network of corresponding power centres. The traditional races knew of these, and maintained them with their ceremonies and attunement to the divine power that associated with them. The neglect and abuse of these centres over the last few thousand years has brought about disruption of natural energy flows around the planet. This has coincided with tremendous environmental imbalance and human conflict. Many people are now recognising the importance of these centres because of this relationship we have with the Earth, and are striving to re-activate them.

It is through these centres, where people are acknowledging the sacredness of the land, that major shifts in consciousness and planetary healing are being anchored. The sites act as doorways for ancient earth energies to awaken, and for cosmic energies to become grounded. They are like gateways to other dimensions, other realities. Human consciousness, where it is aware of these expanded realities in such places, is able to act as a bridge for high frequency light energies to connect with the Earth and raise its vibration. We humans are custodians of the Earth, and as such we determine its future, or at least the way in which the future pans out. In acknowledging that we are actually spirit existing in physical bodies, and thus are part of the One Spirit that exists in all things, we have the power to align with Divine Will and bring about positive change. The power comes from the love that is in our hearts, and our conscious intent to be of service. The energy that is manifest in these power sites is then able to intensify the vibration of love and transmit it to other places that are attuned to act as receivers. A renewed network of active power sites is able to play a significant role in transmuting human (planetary) consciousness from fear base to love base.

Cross rising above the Landscape Temple of the Southern Cross

Drawn by Charles Bartlett



The property, Oasis Anu Ta, was once a sacred site for a small tribe of Australian Aboriginals of the Wathaurong people. It is located within a geographical phenomenon which we refer to as the Landscape Temple of the Southern Cross. This is one of the first places in Australia where white people have established a dynamic spiritual connection with the Australian landscape. There are four mountains around Melbourne that form the same geometric pattern as the major stars of the Southern Cross constellation. They are Mt Dandenong, Mt Macedon, Mt Buninyong and Flinders Peak (You Yangs). Each of these mountains contained sacred sites, although the Aboriginals were never aware of the stellar connection between them. The fifth star point is at Cobbledicks Ford, and it can be seen from a map that the landscape temple is a mirror image of the normally depicted cross, being an image that is projected directly from the stars. The land, Oasis, is at the intersection point of the arms of the cross, and is generally referred to as the Heart Centre. It is also at the converging point of seven ley lines. Its ancient connection with the Aboriginals has enabled a link to be established with Aboriginal spirit, and it has, amongst other things, become a place for releasing Aboriginal spirits who were dis-empowered by the traumas associated with white settlement. (See PORTAL TO THE DREAMTIME)

The initial momentum and inspiration for Oasis came in 1979 when angelic beings first communicated through the Melbourne Findhorn Group. These beings made known the divine plan for the Oasis Centre of Light. Its purpose, they said, was to assist in the raising of human consciousness. They spoke of the slow laying of foundations, and the many problems that would be encountered as part of the growth. They told of the Light Structures that would be built, and of the birthing of a Light Crystal. Many years later, much of what was predicted has come to pass, but not always in the way that was envisaged at that time.

"There is only one Plan, one Plan that exists on the inner. How it is expressed on the outer is dependent on those who come and their own individual modes of expression. The outer plan in form can vary. There can be many levels of reality, of right expression. The inner plan, the divine blueprint that is imaged across this land is unchangeable. It has been built, and it will find its expression in time through your kind ... Right relationships will build this centre, not only with physical structures but with Light Structures that will extend into the heavens and radiate love throughout the planet."

The Light Structures have been placed and are now in use.




1973: I purchased the 90 hectare property at Parwan, and began working on the land (planting trees and clearing weeds) and building a house.

1979-80: The property was used by Findhorn Festival Group for regular weekend retreats. On the second visit, strange lights appeared in the sky, and the area that came to be known as the Grove was surrounded by a dome of light. A channel was opened to Spirit in the form of an angelic being that identified itself as overlighting planetary Centres of Light. Much information was received about the sacred nature of the land and its purpose in raising the consciousness of mankind. The Angel stated that it was sacred to the Aborigine, and that - "This particular point has significance in terms of its alignment with planetary forces and spiritual power centres". We were told that it will inevitably be occupied by a community of God-conscious beings, "who will harness and be harnessed in revealing the message of this land", but that "preparation for take off is slow, as the grounding must be done to perfection". The name "Oasis" came from a message that it was to be a centre of demonstration and a place of abundance - an oasis. Reference to future connections was made about space brothers, who are really Brothers in Christ - "beings developed beyond your time and space who are observing, assisting and intervening in small ways to help the course of mankind." Contact with Pleiadeans began in 1991. Involvement with Festival Group ceased in February 1980.

1987: Prior to celebrating Harmonic Convergence by 250 people at Oasis in August 1987, the geometry of four mountains was recognised as having the same geometric pattern as the major stars of the Southern Cross. This came to be known as the "Landscape Temple of the Southern Cross", and Oasis the "Heart Centre". At the conclusion of the Harmonic Convergence ceremonies a huge ball of light was seen to funnel down into the earth.

1989: Six ley lines were identified converging at Oasis, forming an energy "node" which covers about two-thirds of the property. This central node is shaped like a human heart. A seventh ley line runs across the property along the top of the escarpment and intersects with one of the others at the precise location of the house. An Aboriginal elder later identified these as spirit tracks. Three main energy sites were identified on the land. Initially the energy patterns at these sites were circles.

April 1990: Englishman, Simon Peter Fuller, accompanied by two women, performed the Aeon Shift Ritual in which the Christ Energy was symbolically collected from Jerusalem and transferred to Glastonbury in England. Simultaneously, Philip and Robyn Simfendorfer (from Glastonbell, NSW) and myself gathered corresponding energies from sites in Tasmania (which we were told were Christ Energies flowing up from the Antarctic), and anchored them in Glastonbell and at Oasis. I used a shepherd's crook, on which was carved an equal sided cross, as a conductor. I did not see myself as playing a significant role at the time; however a fleet of space ships revealed themselves to me as I was driving to the airport. In the photograph I took they appear as lenticular clouds, but later I began to suspect they were Pleiadean ships that existed at a different (non physical) frequency which had surrounded themselves with cloud vapour in order to be seen, in acknowledgment of the work being done.

1990-91: A group of people visiting Oasis identified a series of lines radiating out of the centre of the Grove, starting as fifteen and branching out into multiples. An outer perimeter defined the boundary of a sacred area, and contained 64 points through which the lines passed. The energy patterns at the other sites began to change. Out of the circles there began to form a variety of geometric patterns, including spirals and five and six pointed stars. The energy patterns continued to evolve, and I was intuitively able to assist in their integration and remove distortions. The cosmic meaning in them was deciphered using knowledge of sacred geometry. One site contained a symbol of involution, another a spiral with the Sun at its centre and twelve planets, together with the symbols of simultaneous involution and evolution.
A new channel with Spirit was opened through Jane Lawson, and much information was received from several Light Beings, including the Angel (who was still with us after so many years), and Ptah (our Pleiadean space brother). They spoke about the new energies in the land and the changes taking place on the planet, and offered much personal guidance, with emphasis on expanding awareness of the Christ Spirit within. Considerable detail was given about working with earthbound Aboriginal spirit, particularly about their release. The communications overall were presented as a pathway through the future which could only be navigated by relating to actual experiences in future time. In the first communication with the Angel I was told - "Yours is the task of gathering together the souls that will listen. Yours is the task to build a haven in My Name - a place of safety and of love".

January 1992: Opening of the First Gate of the 11:11 brought about a shift in the Earth's energy grid, and a new dynamic energy entered Oasis. A fourth site appeared containing a small circle of power, and clockwise and anti-clockwise spirals. The circle expanded to encompass the spirals, which then moved towards the centre. After these energies were fully integrated in the presence of Simon Peter's Aquarian Cross, violet light was released which encompassed the planet. The dynamic power of the site was demonstrated by stones and crystals being moved with great force every day for a period of ten days. Our guides advised us that Light Energy brought in through this vortex could be directed to any person, place or event to affect healing or determine outcomes. Friends and I began to direct the incoming Light into the planetary Light Grid. We found that the power to do this could only come from the heart, wherein lies our link with the Divine, and could never work from the mind alone. The purpose of the energies was to intensify the output from our heart's intent, not to manifest material desires.

1991-92: Many messages were received from spirit which indicated the purpose of the new energies. The following described their influence in the region: "The energy that you have awakened will enable the transformation of the area on Earth that you know as Victoria, and beyond the line drawn boundaries of this place. It shall be known as a Light Centre and an illumination unto those who shall seek. The Christ cometh in Light, and this Light will join with the energy that was implanted here. This Light shall radiate and fill your beings and bring you home. Your part is to recognise that within is the Light. Go within and find the Light and use this Light to heal and to protect. In your quiet, radiate, fill the world, fill your country, and the stars shall dance to welcome your safe return, your return out of darkness, of matter and grief. There is no end to the Light, and the joy and the beauty. It is forever."
To do with Earth changes: "I shall explain what has happened over the last little time. As you understand, your ozone protection is being slowly rolled away, and the Light from outside your world is being allowed to penetrate and to shift the energies within your material vision. As we conveyed to you, the planetary lines are being moved from within and being assisted from without. The new lines come from the Light without, which is being laid down in your material. As you are aware, you are required to hold the energy from your Mother (Earth) and from the Central (Sun) to transfer this gently into your material world. What is happening is quite beautiful and quite amazing in this sphere of things. That is why there are many who watch and take readings of this phenomenon. They are not all interested in you as Light Energies, but more interested in your transformation and your lightening process as One with your Earth planet."
"You know how this works. It is derived from Earth's changing field and has been activated both from the Earth herself and from those above who would connect and beam into your Earth. It requires that you are as a part of the Earth and also a part of the Universe, which makes you very important for the channelling of this energy. It is this awareness within you that enables you to reach out and heal those in need, also to channel Our Light vibration to those unseen Earth Forces. This is an important doing for you, because with the energy shift and the Earth (changes), it requires you to focus your Light on the new lines, on the new energy lines, to strengthen and hold the process which is in (place). Your participation must be with full awareness and full knowledge of the Light that you project to these new energy lines. Your Earth requires this of you, and we also require this of you."

January 1993: Following much inner meditative work, an energy pattern in the form of a small equal sided cross (the Aquarian Cross) was placed at Oasis at the centre of the 6-pointed star. This Cross Energy maintained a continuous expansion in size. The expansion appeared to be related to the Light Energy that was being brought in through other sites on the land.

June 1993: Opening of the Second Gate of the 11:11. The Sceptre of Power was transferred from Orion (northern hemisphere) to the Southern Cross (southern hemisphere). This was initiated by people around the world, but specifically visualised in Victoria. It foreshadowed countries in the southern hemisphere becoming more predominant in their planetary influence.

April 1994: Several major shifts in energies occurred at Oasis. The energies at all the main sites shifted to the principle site (the Grove). The 5-pointed star symbolising involution disappeared. The 6-pointed star, symbolising evolution, and the Aquarian Cross, symbolising the Christ Spirit, became centred at the Grove. The Cross energy was observed to encompass the entire property. Confirmation was received through the brief appearance of the face of Jesus in the clouds directly above the Grove. The face appeared in perfect detail for about eight seconds, despite the fact that the clouds were moving turbulently in a strong wind.

The Grove

July 1994: Contact (through Charles Bartlett) was made with Wharumbidgi, the guardian Aboriginal spirit of the sacred site. A Portal was opened at Oasis by Charles, his partner Lee and myself for the release of disempowered Aboriginal spirits to the Dreamtime, the first ever in Australia. This was done in cooperation with the Brotherhood of Light and the Dreamtime spirits. A large fire was lit as part of the activating power. Work commenced on a regular basis in which many thousands of spirits were released each week. Wharumbidgi advised that this work was necessary clearing and cleansing as preparation for the incoming Christ Energy. Regular communication was made with Wharumbidgi who shared his knowledge of tribal ways. He identified Oasis as the Sacred Site of the Sleeping Serpent. The Lalinga Man, a dancing stick figure who is the sign of the Dreamtime Council, appeared as clouds in the sky during a full moon celebration at a site on the river bank we called the Dreaming Site. We were advised that the Dreamtime Energies were being brought back into the land. Many people who visited the Dreaming Site found they could see or hear the Dreamtime spirits.

March 1995: While attending a meeting with Simon Peter at Mount Dandenong, I found that the Cross Energy had expanded to the extent that it reached out and embraced the four mountains. This indicated that the energy of the Christ Cross was now superimposed over the Southern Cross Landscape Temple.

May 1995: A channelled message was received by Lucy Reed in Melbourne: "We are aware of the intent to work with the sacred geometry of your landscape in the form of the Southern Cross Landscape Temple. We give thanks and blessings to you. This is very important work and needs to be done again and again within the time period of 100 days. I speak on behalf of the Guardian of the Temple and the guardians of the sites. You must use these sites. The whole is as a giant funnel if you like for the great inflowing of energies. Please be aware that it is most unusual in that its polarities can be reversed and it can be utilised for the outgoing energies. You understand that with your intent you are able to change the function and use the whole Temple area for the releasing of inappropriate energies; and also to please invite the earthbound souls who are drawn to this area as to a magnet." Details were given of proceedings to follow for linking the energies of the starpoints, including an invocation to the Earth Mother.

June 3, 1995: People gathered at midday at the five starpoints and Oasis Anu Ta, and linked the energies. All experienced the power in different ways. The Aboriginal spirit women from Oasis appeared at Cobbledicks Ford. Charles observed in meditation at Geelong - "The Grove energy opened up, and a goddess like figure slowly rose up, huge and majestic. Her arms began to slowly reach out and up. The energy around her was like a large lotus flower that had four main extensions. Each was reaching out to the four points of the Southern Cross. It was as if she had awoken from a deep, long sleep. Her children were once again calling to her to rise up, and protect, nurture and inspire them." It appeared that a force from within the Earth had been awakened. It was a power known to ancient civilisations, and now appears to us in a renewed and transformed nature.

July 16, 1995: The second pre-arranged linking of Oasis and the starpoints took place. A massive release of souls trapped in the astral took place - relinquishment of their suffering and final reconciliation. Many images were seen by participants during the ceremony at Oasis, including influx of Light energy, Light pyramids, hearts and the Cosmic Dove of Peace. The Southern Cross Landscape Temple was seen as the centre of union through love, acceptance and understanding.

September 9, 1995: The final linking of the Landscape Temple. The goddess figure appeared again at the Grove, this time with arms raised. The Dreamtime Portal was expanded to include the four mountains, and spirits were able to be released in even greater numbers. The Landscape Temple became a Light Temple - a huge pyramid of Light. Charles, Lee and myself continued to activate these energies each weekend to feed the Light Grid and for releasing trapped and disempowered spirits.

In the ensuing years, we continued to work with the energies implanted in the land as they became more refined. A huge Light Crystal was also brought in to act as a receiver and a transmitter of energies. We became aware that the way in which new vibrations were anchored and transmitted was through the changes that occurred at our own personal inner levels. This was seen as a huge responsibility and a task that could not be accomplished through the mind or the ego. Needless to say, acceptance of this role has brought about many problems and challenges to be confronted, and necessitated a great deal of personal healing by those involved. The land itself has been transformed over the years, although the healing process is not yet complete. Much has been achieved, and much is still to be done.

In April 1999 I was asked to organise a global healing similar to Harmonic Convergence. The focal point was to be in Australia, a place was yet to be revealed. Oasis was to play an important role. The power behind this event is the Shekinah, the feminine aspect of God. The purpose is to restore the feminine balance on the Earth, of which there is a great need at this time. A message received in 1994 by Eileen Bevege seemed to be appropriate:  " I the Christ will teach, and the Shekinah energy will speak through this woman, and many women will listen and strive to bring the feminine energy out from within. The masculine must learn to work together in harmony, but it must be done through the energy and teachings of the Christ Shekinah, for this is the dispensation for the new age. But of course this energy must be taken to all parts of the globe. Where women are oppressed it must be brought forth to break the chains that bind them. BUT THIS MUST BE DONE "MY WAY" and not through the interpretation of others. Our plans are in order now and We will act accordingly through the Grace of the Almighty, the Infinite One."

In January 2001, a new site was anchored containing the Shekinah essence. The energies were constantly changing and moving out like ripples on a pond. Apart from occasional attunements, we waited to see what developed.

April, 2000 - The manuscript for the book "Portal to the Dreamtime" was completed and offered to several publishers.

 April 2006 - the property was sold and no longer operates as a retreat centre. John and Cay moved to Queensland Sunshine Coast, then returned to Victoria in 2009 to pursue their professional and spiritual activities. The future of Oasis Anu Ta is unknown but for the moment it is a private residence.

In 2014, John updated his book Portal to the Dreamtime and re-published through Xlibris.

John and Cay separated in 2016. Both live at Somers, Victoria.


Spirit exists in all things. The Aboriginal people knew this, but in Western culture the awareness has been lost and relegated to the subconscious where it remains hidden at both psychic and cellular levels. Nonetheless, an association exists within all of us with the spirit of the land at both individual and community levels. Early European Australians, as distinct from Aboriginals, were not aware of the ancient spiritual power of the land, and saw it only as a vast expanse of emptiness. This imported detached consciousness perceived it from the rationalist ego point of view. This rationalist view now sits precariously overlayed on an archaic Aboriginal ground when we look at two hundred years of white settlement in comparison with more than forty thousand years of Aboriginal dreaming. There is a thin layer of European consciousness overlaying a vast depth of unseen, unheard primitive consciousness that is denied simply because it cannot be measured.

Imported European culture set out to aggressively impose its rigid perspectives on what was perceived to be a godless land. This aggressive endorsement of materialistic values, coupled with denial of spirituality other than that prescribed by the church, has wrought devastation on the environment and the Aboriginal people, both physically and psychically. Only now as a nation are we starting to come to terms with the physical degradation our ancestors wrought, but we have yet to explore the mystical possibilities of our heritage, our history and our psychic relationship with our country. The spirit within the land is not so much a metaphysical possibility as a psychological reality. Its influence has been noted by some of our more sensitive writers and poets, and it is already transforming our culture, although our egoistic detachment has not yet permitted it to infiltrate our mass consciousness.

The Aboriginals recognised spirit in themselves, in the earth, in the plants, the birds and the animals, in all things, and they celebrated their at-one-ment through their rituals and their daily activities. All of nature was seen as sacred and given respect. They gave thanks to the spirit of the kangaroo when they speared him for their food; they gave thanks to the Earth Mother who sustained and nurtured them. Where white Australians see animals, Aboriginals see creatures. Where white Australians see resources, Aboriginals treat the abundance of nature as gifts. Where violence is an uncontrolled part of the white Australian psyche, the only violence the Aboriginals accepted was prescribed by law within their system of social justice.

The Aboriginals were aware of the spirit of the land as a psychic reality, and we can learn from this. We can either enter the spirit of the land unconsciously and experience the power of its retribution, or we can enter it consciously, voluntarily, reaching in to our primitive selves, giving the instinctive, archaic man in us its due value and recognition. The latter could be seen as the way of natural religion, the way of sensuality, which is what the Aboriginals had, rather than lust, which is what we have. It is the way of materiality rather than materialism.

If we are to enter into and become a part of the spirit of the land, then some sort of sacrifice is necessary. It is in the sacrifice of the ego that lies the means of integrating our spirituality as individuals. It is only by doing this that we can fully recognise the spirit in the land, and know as the Aboriginals did that we are not separate from it. Then we will see that the environmental imbalances brought about by Western materialism are actually reflections of our societal imbalances. Instead of seeing violations to the world of nature brought about by our zealous, if somewhat misguided predecessors, we will see ourselves now, manifested in the treeless forests, the polluted streams and the eroded soil. We can see now the spirit of the land reflecting to us our own pain. In time, we will see in nature the reflection of our joy.

If we as a culture do not sacrifice to the spirit of the land, then we will be tragically sacrificed by it. The Australian earth spirit demands recognition, and if it does not get it from us it will claim it for itself. This is the parallel that exists between man and nature, and illustrates the choice we have between the demonic and the sublime. The consequences of our choices as individuals is far reaching.


And there shall come a great wind of Light
That shall sweep across the Earth,
And that which is not of the Light shall be swept away
And left as leaves in the autumn.
This wind shall not carry death and destruction, but Light and Illumination.
And those that will fly in this wind shall become part,
And shall be caused great sorrows and great rejoicings,
Losses and renewals.
And this shall be called the New Wave, the Light Wave.
And your Earth shall be wrapped in a mantle of Light, and you shall acknowledge the One.
For there is no Truth but in the Light,
No Love but with the Light:
For the Christ is here.
Rejoice! Rejoice! And fly in the wind.
Spread your Light and fly in the Light, and speak your Truth.
There shall come a mighty wind out of the Sun,
And it shall cause a great trembling and a great rejoicing.
And in His Spirit you shall be lifted up,
And in His Name you shall be counted.


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