A personal view offered in the hope that it might be useful to others

To quote Bizan, for many people at this time, life is fraught with turmoil and indecision, inconsistency and fear. There is a sense of uncertainty that can be quite alarming, even frightening, when seen in the narrow context of an individual's personal beliefs and experiences. An understanding of the nature of the changes that are taking place, both globally and locally, will smooth the pathways of those who choose to adapt and become part of the process of change rather than resist it. We may not be able to change the way certain events are unfolding on the world stage, but we do have the power to influence outcomes in our personal spheres of experience.

1. The starting point is in the taking of responsibility for everything that happens in our lives, regardless of whether we define those things as good or bad. This requires acceptance that we create our experiences, even when seemingly unintentional, as a direct result of our beliefs, and that the unpleasant experiences result from beliefs that are based on our fears and insecurities. It could also be said that our experiences accord with manifestations from our higher levels of consciousness (beyond conscious awareness) in that we are provided with situations that have the potential to expand our soul's understanding of what it is to live in and explore the dense reality of matter. It follows that our experiences, without exception, offer opportunities for soul growth. Here I speak of the soul as a multi-dimensional and evolving aspect of self. This is distinct from a person's spirit or higher self which transcends matter and is already perfectly evolved.

2. When we create experiences as a result of fears that form part of our belief system, usually some sort of behavioural or experiential pattern emerges as we move from one difficult scenario to the next. Therein lies the opportunity to identify the belief or fear that is the cause of that pattern. We are then in a position to consciously release those particular beliefs or fears if we see them as no longer appropriate for us. The main reason for doing this is that we are shedding the subconscious influences of our past so that we are able to live more fully in the present. We are also less prone to projecting our expectations, and therefore our fear based experiences, into the future. The new consciousness cannot exist side by side with the old consciousness, so its emergence is less impeded. The two are vibrationally incompatible, and besides we cannot support two opposing belief systems simultaneously.

3. There are many ways to facilitate the identification and release of fear based beliefs, many of which are suppressed and relegated to the subconscious. Traumatic experiences, especially in childhood, are often suppressed because at the time they were too painful or caused us too much guilt to retain in conscious awareness. This is a protection mechanism that we all have as children. Such deep rooted memories, if maintained in suppression, will often start to manifest later in life in the cellular structure of our bodies, particularly in the organs of our biological system, and as blocked energy flows in our circuitry, that relate to the specific suppressed memories. This can lead to physical aberrations such as tumours and cancers and other malfunctions. Most of our health related problems have a psychological root cause, and this is the body's way of communicating to us that corrective measures are needed.

4. In pursuing the releasing of our past, it is helpful to have a basic understanding of the nature of Creation and our part in it. In order for consciousness to exist and function there needs to be polarities in order that the conscious mind can recognise and evaluate that which it experiences . Thus, justice would be incomprehensible without injustice, good would be meaningless without evil, and love would be unrecognisable without its many opposing forms. Duality, however, is not imposed or irrevocably set into our world and our reality, but rather it exists within creation as potential. It is the power of consciousness that determines polarities as reality. One could say that it is the Divine Power invested in humanity that enables us to create our own reality. So the harsh reality of pain and suffering that we see on this earth is actually our own creation allowed us by free choice. With this reality comes a sense of separation, both from each other and from the Creator. This is not necessarily a contradiction to the concept of a loving Creator, as humanity has been permitted to immerse itself in the world of matter and experience separation as an evolutionary process leading towards the development of God consciousness in the physical universe. Duality, therefore, is a powerful mechanism for achieving spiritual growth, because in recognising the power we have in our conscious minds, we should eventually realise that we can change our reality from the existing one to a preferred one. Having learned the nature of good and evil, we could conceivably create a reality in which there are no polarities but simply WHAT IS. This effectively enables us to suspend judgement of ourselves and others and to love unconditionally, which in turn leads us to re-connecting with the Mind of God (All There Is).

5. When we look at different cultures and societies we can see how different belief systems are employed to create different pockets of reality, particularly when the belief systems incorporate extreme religious dogma. Often there develops confrontation and conflict between the different pockets because each system believes it is right and the others are wrong. The realities each have created, and that includes the god they have created, seem so real and supportive that they deny that other realities are possible, and so they try to denigrate the beliefs of others or to project their beliefs onto them. A wide spread fundamentalist belief system can grow out of control, because the cumulative power of the collective consciousness becomes a massive matrix or thought form that reflects back and influences the society that created it. Because it has such a narrow and limited framework, it is easy to use as a political weapon by individuals who seek to wield power and control over the masses within that society.

6. There is a growing awareness that the world is in transition. How one sees that transition depends on one's belief system. An external reality that could be perceived by some is one in which the dominant paradigm is rampant materialism, greed and conflict. This could inspire a sense of futility and hopelessness, or the attitude that I can't change it so I might as well join it. We are almost certainly seeing this amongst our disaffected youth. Another perception might be one of acceptance that this is the way the world is, which is OK as long as it does not affect us. Another perception might be that what we are observing is the breaking down of old fear based structures in order to make way for a more enlightened consciousness. Any of these perceptions are basically putting responsibility for what is happening outside of ourselves. A more enlightened approach might be to try and understand what is happening and to see that it is our responsibility to ensure the changes occur as painlessly as possible. It seems likely that the transitions will be accompanied by significant upheaval. The only people that can make a difference to the way it happens are you and me.

7. All that exists is ultimately energy, and the way in which energy manifests into recognisable form depends on its vibrational frequency. High frequencies are more effective transmitters than low frequencies, but they become less recognisable to the human senses. For example, short wave radio operates at around 5 to 20 MHz, but brainwaves are around 1 to 25 Hz. Matter can be seen as energy functioning at much lower frequencies. There is a level at which energy cannot exist in the material world, but it can exist in other dimensions of extremely high frequencies, as in another octave above the one we experience.

8. The transitions that are under way are inevitable, and they are the result of a stepping up of our accustomed frequencies to a more refined level.This will eventually affect everything on the planet - our thoughts will become more powerful, our psychic abilities enhanced, even matter could become less dense eventually. Some would refer to this process as the Christ Light or the Second Coming, but in actuality it is unrelated to existing religious structures. It could be seen as a crucial turning point in evolution, in the Divine Plan for creation, and it has been foreseen by many prophets, both ancient and modern. All matter and all thought are really energy that takes on certain characteristics by virtue of its peculiar vibration. The new frequency affects everything, and by morphogenic resonance it seeks to lift existing coarser vibrations. It is like a string on a violin that vibrates a particular note. Other strings of similar frequency will start to vibrate also. Those strings of incompatible frequency are less likely to be influenced.

9. It is beneficial to those who wish to participate in the shift to direct their efforts to raising their own vibrations to a level of compatibility with the new. There is no given formula to do this, as all individuals have their own unique background of experience. As a general rule, however, it is bound to be helpful to release old fears, and to seek to find the true being that each of us is. Living in selflessness and humility, and acting compassionately towards our less privileged fellows, and loving our opponents as well as our own team, and the perpetrators as well as the victims, is essential. Enough individuals doing this and linking together in their thoughts with intention to create a unified consciousness compatible with the incoming light frequencies, hopefully will make the transition easier for all. In the being and the doing, the individual's frequency changes, and the new vibrations are sent out etherically and along grid lines to influence the collective consciousness. Other individuals who have not attained the same vibrational state will be susceptible, and so the new consciousness spreads by osmosis. It is up to us.




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