By John Koch

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The book is part journal and part philosophical thesis. Philosophy is presentation of ideas, and does not always have the benefit of scientific proof. Scientific theories, however, usually begin with an idea that is subsequently validated either by measurement or by the support of experiential evidence. The journal aspect of this book represents the evidence to back up the theories presented in this introduction.

As you read, you may well question the theories, so I ask you to look at your own life’s journey, and see how it all fits together in a web that is woven around your beliefs. Look for the changes in yourself and others as you progress. Allow yourself to be challenged, and play the game as you watch your own reality stretching, bending and mutating – and draw your own conclusions.

Hereunder are a few extracts from the book


The search for spiritual knowledge has been a common pursuit for men and women throughout the ages. Each individual has their own path, and no two paths are exactly the same. Many have sought wisdom through a discipline of study and contemplation. Many great thinkers have emerged out of western culture and have produced philosophical concepts that have appealed to the masses, mainly because they have been recognisable within the boundaries of personal experience. Eastern philosophies have become popular in the west because they deal with a deeper, more mystical level of reality than does traditional western thought, an acknowledgment that there is something more than just the physical world down here, and a mysterious God out there. Some choose to immerse themselves in religious dogmas that have little logic, but instead are founded on ‘faith’ - faith in what someone else has said is true. The choices open to the searcher are vast and varied.

Each of us looks upon the other’s path, and we see from our perspective the validities or the deficiencies in the other’s beliefs. According to our judgement or our discernment, we embrace or reject those beliefs. Some of us are so sure of our beliefs that we will go to any lengths, even war, to prove we are right and the others have got it wrong. How can this be so? What makes some of us so certain we are right? Is there really that which can be called right and that which can be called wrong?


Every single one of us has our limitations, for they are part of the natural order of the physical world. But they can be expanded. Can you imagine what the world would be like if every single human being suspended judgement of others, and accepted totally their right to have their beliefs and live by them? There might be some initial chaos as the old landmarks of judgement faded and we sought new premises to measure our self opinion. Then we would stop judging ourselves and begin to see ourselves for what we are, rather than how we compare. We would no longer be dependent on the opinions of others, but instead we would be free to express our true individuality, to be the creative beings that we were designed to be, rather than products of the beliefs, regulations and expectations of others.


Each individual creates his reality based on his beliefs. Apart from individual beliefs derived from personal experience or soul memory, there is a much more powerful influence based on the collective beliefs of a group, society or culture, for that is where the individual derives his core beliefs. Some collective beliefs can be quite destructive, and even in a peaceful country like Australia we see conflict arising out of political and community organisations that hold different values. Many core beliefs, however, are necessary in order that society functions efficiently and harmoniously.

A wide spread fundamentalist belief system can grow out of control, because the cumulative power of the collective consciousness becomes a massive matrix or thought form that reflects back and influences the society that created it. Because it has such a narrow and limited framework, it is easy to use as a political weapon by individuals who seek to wield power and control over the masses within that society.


The most important thing to understand about duality is that it does not establish polarities such as good and evil, they are simply potential states within a reality. In order for them to manifest within a reality there must be a consciousness that creates them. In the world in which we live, humanity has chosen to live with good and evil. We create it with our thoughts. There is a reason why we have done this – it is so we can experience it. In the experiences we have in this reality we have created for ourselves, we learn to make choices, and we learn about ourselves by seeing the impact that our choices have on others. Other people’s responses to our words and actions reflect back to us what we need to know about ourselves. We use duality as a tool for spiritual growth and evolution. At some point in our evolution, we may decide we have had enough of living in a reality that incorporates fear, and decide to create a love based reality instead.


Much of what I relate will appear to some as strange and unfamiliar, as it was to me at the time. To my knowledge many of the phenomena I encountered on this journey had never been experienced before. I questioned everything, but even when they made no sense I could not deny they were my experiences. As I learned to accept that everything has purpose, I looked for meaning, and found it. Sometimes the meaning was clear immediately, but more often than not it was months or years before it came to me fully. Out of the puzzle evolved an awareness of an amazingly beautiful and wondrous reality, a reality which incorporates multiple dimensions of living consciousness of which our own physical dimension is just a part. It is a reality which I created for myself to be a part of, not because I believed in it and wanted to participate in it, but because I did not know about it and I wanted to find out. I made a commitment to it. I made a commitment to search for Love and Truth.


For man to know himself, he must know his relationship to the Source. Throughout my journey I have been accompanied and assisted by beings from other dimensional frequencies, for without awareness of their presence and the cooperative relationship that exists between us on all levels, my progress would have indeed been limited. For those that doubt, evidence of their existence is available from observing the precise connection between words that were spoken at one time and the events that followed at another. Communication took place by means of channelling with words and images.


It was a clear night, and the stars shone brightly as they often did in the dry autumn months away from the city lights. However, this time there was not only stars lighting the night sky. All around us there was light - moving, changing, white light. Vast areas of light were dancing around the sky, one moment soaring up from the horizon, then dropping back, or fading and appearing in another place, or sweeping across the heavens horizontally, sometimes several areas moving about simultaneously. A symphony of light!


Our usual pattern for the weekends at Oasis was to start with a group attunement, and then proceed with various work activities such as gardening or building work on the house. The attunements consisted of linking hands in a circle in silence for two or three minutes. Usually one of us would invoke the presence of the Angel and ask for guidance in our activities or anything else that came to mind. We put plenty of time aside for recreation, and swimming in the cool, deep waters of the Melton reservoir during the hot summer months was an important and joyful component of our times together. There was no need for bathers, as there were no immorality present in our hearts or minds. The valley where we swam was totally concealed from the outside world. River redgums and giant willows lined the riverbanks, and the high basalt cliffs of the escarpment beyond formed an enclosure that gave the impression of being physically in another world or in a different reality. We shared that world with hawks, pelicans, ducks and cormorants, and on north wind days, wedgetail eagles soared high above us, taking advantage of the rising air currents where the wind hit the escarpment.

On Saturday nights, at about 10 o’clock, we would walk up the hill to the Grove and attune to the energies of Spirit.

Relax into My Presence, and know that I come, not to demand, but to cooperate. I come to work with you creatively, to build. This is the destiny of New Age man, and this is a Centre which is to emphasise that fact. And you are here because you are aware of the need for man to evolve and grow into his fulfilment as sons of God. I entreat you to love yourself, to respect what you are, to release guilt as negativity, to look at this world around you and see its beauty. See all that is there. There is too much dwelling on the ugliness and what man is doing wrong, instead of what man is doing right. Be positive in your outlook. Cities are beautiful in themselves - they can be as beautiful as nature. It is only the attitudes which pollute them. It is only the falseness of man’s desire for supremacy that pollutes anything in this planet. All else craves for cooperation, and we rejoice that you have chosen that path.

What you know as space brothers are really Brothers in Christ, are really part of the universal energy; beings developed beyond your time and space, who are observing, assisting, intervening in small ways to help the course of mankind, to help divert the foolishness of mankind, to help bring Universal Love more steadily into focus in the affairs of men. The attunement to these beings, these special entities, of which I am not, I am not a part and yet I am a part of, is important. We are of different functions. I come as a Universal Light Energy, as a channel into the consciousness of men, direct through Love and Truth into the New Age. I am more specifically relating to the individual through the consciousness of the whole. Our space brothers are concerned more with the totality of the race of men, and work more on political, social and scientific levels of communication. However, their concern is for the whole, just as is mine. Within the hierarchy we all have parts to play, and play them to the best of our, shall I say, our vastness and yet our limited nature. We too have limits within our pervading, vast entity form.


I developed a love-hate relationship with the land. The good times were truly beautiful, swimming during the hot summer afternoons, or canoeing in the warm moonlight evenings and watching the waterbirds settling in for the night; or just sitting on the verandah looking at the moon reflected on the water and listening to the night sounds. The environment never ceased to hold my fascination - always new places to explore and things to learn, particularly along the escarpment where the rocks and trees created secret places for small animals and rare rock ferns to shelter. I always had the feeling there was something hidden away I had yet to discover.


On 16th August, 1987, two hundred and fifty people arrived at Oasis to celebrate Harmonic Convergence, a planetary festival of sacred sites. The program was organised by Anthea Eyres, a member of Festival. Anthea was not involved in the Oasis weekends in 1979-80, but she took a keen interest. She discovered that Oasis lay at the intersection point of a gigantic cross formed by four mountains - Mount Dandenong, Mount Buninyong, Mount Macedon, and Flinders Peak in the You Yangs. She realised that those mountains formed the same geometric pattern as the four major stars of the Southern Cross. The interpretation was that Oasis was part of a landscape temple that represented in microcosm the Southern Cross galaxy. We believed that the Southern Cross exerted an important cosmic or astrological influence on Australia and the southern hemisphere generally.


The energies that I had recently found were new, but the land also contained ancient earth energies that Aboriginal people were aware of and utilised. If it was an entry point, it could also conceivably become an exit point - a place where the downward spiral of creation became grounded and the upward spiral could begin. If the energy patterns were intended as a form of communication through symbols, that could conceivably be their message. Future changes in the symbols tended to validate that theory, as though they were relaying information about events that were taking place that were beyond words. I began to see them as communications that were advising me of certain shifts that were occurring on higher planes, and as such were also marking the beginning of corresponding changes on the Earth plane. Always there was a correlation between the energy patterns and human consciousness as expressed through group ceremonial activity at Oasis, or through my personal meditative input.


Despite the problems, there were times when I experienced wonderful inner peace. Oasis seemed to have a healing influence on people. Sometimes it seemed to intensify people’s inner conflicts, and by drawing them out into the open, they were made more easily identifiable. This was not always comfortable, but none the less a part of the healing process. Many people, even after a visit of only a few hours, left quite changed from the state they arrived in. I suspected that was only temporary, for I know how easy it is to drift back into old patterns. Generally I received no feedback from people who made only a single visit, but occasionally I did get to hear of people who had made quite dramatic and permanent shifts. A case in mind was an Aboriginal woman called Daphne. Her energy field was very low when she arrived according to measurements I made by dowsing. She was very quiet and said little. She had problems at work, and her sister had died a week earlier. I took her to the various sites where she opened to the energies and absorbed them. After an hour or so, I found her field had quadrupled. Her demeanour was different; she seemed to come alive. I came across her in a cafe in Melbourne a few months later, and she was talking and laughing as though life was a joy. She told me she had felt that way ever since her visit to Oasis.


The souls that we entrusted to this journey are divided and scattered. We wish to bring them home. The division and the scattering are part of your reality, but it is not ours. Ours is the feeling of oneness.

Your reality has brought you to this crossroads. You are made of your Earth, you are born in your Earth, but your soul is of us. You must align yourself with the light of your soul, the heavenly part of your being.

You must gather together the energy of your Earth Mother and shower it to the heavens. Only this way can you become as you were. The alignment is within you.

The misunderstandings, the crippled bodies, the downward spiral - is a consequence of being too much of the Earth - to be balanced is all that she desires of you - the material and the Light - the dance that gathers both together in an upward spiral to come home.

Oh children, if you could but see the wondrous beings that you are, if you could but hear the music and see the dance and the flame that you inhabit. You are surrounded in love and joy. Look up, for there I AM.

Come home in your dance; come home in your joy. All hurdles of sorrow fade like mist in the light of your joy - and we welcome you light by light as you ascend into the One.


The Blue Angel went on to say that the spark of God was in us, which was what enabled us to see the truth, the knowledge. He said that it has always been so, but we have overlayed and clouded it with matter - with ego, with fears and doubts. When that is allowed to fall away, we are left with the awareness that we are a part of God, and we will see this in others, and our will will align with God’s Will once more.

Of interest was the statement that our awakening will only occur when there are sufficient people of suitable vibration to resonate together and raise the Earth’s vibration. The awakening will likely be a slow process, and will be a mass experience rather than separate individual experiences. Some will choose not to participate in the preparations, but those who do, those who work to raise their own vibrations are assisting many besides themselves.


Jane considered this for a few moments, then switched to past lives. "You died two or three times. The first time was in Egypt, the time I remember when I look at you was in Egypt. They made me watch while they made you dead. And then they made me dead too. But this did not hurt as much as seeing you."

I asked her why they were so afraid of us they had to kill us.

"They did not want to listen, and we did not .... we made mistakes. In our exuberance and feelings of power we made mistakes, and so we paid. You didn’t even … you just looked at me."

"You lived some of your time the way you should have, and yet it was not right for that time either. It doesn’t seem to matter whether you do it the right way or the wrong way - they still put you to death. Oh my God, we have to be so careful."


There is nothing of yourselves that is not of the Light. There is nothing of yourselves in your footsteps that is not perfect. You wonder in your blindness, but when you understand that where you are is your dwelling place, your eye will open and your alignment will be true. You have set yourself a path upon which to overcome the obstacles which you found necessary to set there for your foot. This path is perfect, because it was from your understanding that it was designed. The path of Christ is your dwelling place. This broad, flat, golden plain which you carry in your heart and your soul is your true home. There is a need for those obstacles which you directed, but it is not the need of the Christ, The need of the Christ is that you recognise his dwelling place in you. Then there is no necessity for the stumbling or the dark. There is no path you can take that does not lead to the Light within, and at every obstacle, as you have observed, to illuminate with his Light will dissolve that stony part, that difficulty. So why project your fears to assume the obstacle role in your life?


It has to do with expansion and rebirth. This is where you are at this time - a time of total rebirth and renewal. Nothing will be as it was before. There will be many things which you do not understand, and there will be many people who are not aligned with the Light at this time. Therefore you will see much devastation and agony. There can be no turning back from this point.

You must remember that we love you and you are as with us. Now this is your path and your wish as you demonstrated to us, and (you will) be shown the next step and then the next and the next. Be not afraid for we are with you, and our love and our power surround you. There can be no joy in this, but there will be much work for you. You are unaware of the greatness of this time. Your understanding is like your material body, so small. Your understanding will grow, and your compassion, and your knowledge of those things which you will find great need of in comforting those who do not, cannot understand. Therefore, wrap yourselves always in the Light, and be as a beacon to those who would …

Many people believe that the predictions are symbolic of the changes that are taking place at the individual ‘inner’ levels. I am in accord with that view, but I believe the changes will also manifest physically, and that the timing and the degree to which that happens will depend on the willingness of humanity on a sufficiently large scale to process the necessary inner changes.

The inner changes can take place and translate into the way we perceive and treat each other and the environment. The degree to which we focus on personal power and material wealth at the cost of spiritual values will also be a measure of our capacity to adjust to the incoming intense vibrations. Depending on what path we choose we are likely to either witness or experience considerable devastation, but how it affects us is up to us. If we can maintain our focus on the Light and our joy, we will not be touched by it. The hour glass that Jane saw is a splitting of the world into two – a love based reality and a fear based reality. Going by the information we have been given, no one will be exempt from the changes, but the choice is ours how we experience them. Jane saw the Earth enshrouded in a black cloud of fear. If we submit to the collective fear energy, we will drown in it, but if we stay in the Light we can be seen and guided to safety.


The final ceremony of the day took place at 11:11 pm, at the same place near the Grove. It was a warm overcast evening, with the moon in its final quarter hidden behind cloud. Just as we were about to commence the wheels within wheels movement, the clouds parted to form an elliptical opening at the centre of which was the moon. It looked exactly like a giant eye, so we had no doubt that we were being observed from above. At the completion of the ceremony, the clouds parted again in a different place, this time revealing the entire constellation of Orion. This constellation can be seen as two triangles with their apexes overlapping. Solara calls this the Antarion Conversion, and it symbolises the above and the below overlapping, the merging of heaven and earth. In the Zone of Overlap are three stars (Orion’s Belt) which represent the Gateway through which we pass as one on our journey home.


You are aware that there are more souls on your planet now than ever before. They are here to receive the Christ Energy which is blossoming, which is enlightening the entire universe from your planet. There is this energy carried by one man and seeded into your small Earth planet which has grown into a Light Tree of such dimension that those on other planes and in other worlds can only vaguely be understanding of. The energy which was seeded is in each one who is born on this Earth of yours, and each one who encapsulates this Light will take this seed with them to other realms, as they, as their turn comes to leave here. This seeding is not only important for your planet but also important for the whole of God who will not (rest) until all are in complete knowledge of the oneness which they are.


This message was confirmation of the concepts expressed in the previous chapter - that for Aboriginals to experience evolutionary growth it will be necessary for them to release old customs that are no longer of value. My recent experiences with Wathaurong and Lake Condor people was that they are very reluctant to do that, and there are two reasons I can see for that. Firstly, those customs have served them for over 40,000 years, and secondly, there is not much evidence of spirituality for them to witness in white culture that would adequately replace or blend with their own.

The many Aboriginal people that visited Oasis during Wathaurong’s involvement would have been experiencing the new spiritual dynamic for the first time, and many of them were disturbed by it because they sensed its unfamiliarity. The same thing happens with white people as with black, and explanations from mind level are not sufficiently persuasive to bring them into alignment with the new energies. People who are anchored into old belief patterns and structures find the Oasis energy quite disturbing. Those that have done their ‘letting go’, and come with openness and loving intent, are powerfully embraced by the energies of the New, for that is where they resonate.


The spirit of the land has been adored by the Aboriginal people. White man has not had such reverence for the land. He does not see the land as his mother. He sees the land as something to become wealthy from. He takes. Aboriginal spirits would say - white man has tortured his mother, and they will pay the price. But it is not our business to say, it is not our business to give revenge. It is my business, like it is Lee’s Brothers’ business to take away the dark, angry energy to the Dreamtime. Aboriginal time is over here. Is very sad business for us, but Dreamtime is good place for us, and we have eternal corroboree there. But there is much attachment to the land, and is much work to carry out for us to do, to take disturbed spirits away, because they seek revenge. And we cannot control everything. We are like Lee’s Brothers and Sisters, working with the Light.