Simple Samhain Ritual
Set up a simple Altar.  Place Salt in a small bowl upon the Altar.  Have all the other items close to the Altar, so that you will have them on hand.  Place the Elemental candles and mark out the circle.  Take the bowl of salt, and walking deosil around the circle, sprinkle a little as you walk, saying:
“ With Salt I purify this circle, 
may no harm enter within.”

When you have finished, replace the salt on the Altar.  Take your Athame or Wand (if you do not own one of these ritual tools, you may use your index finger), and walk around the circle, in a deosil direction, imagining white light streaming out from the Athame/Wand/Finger to create a circle of fire.  As you walk around a second time, imagine the fire growing higher and higher, spreading out under the ground as well.  As you walk around for the third and final time, imagine the fire closing up over the top of you, and joining up under the ground to create a sphere.  When you have finished, stand in the centre of the circle with arms up and say:

“I cast this magick circle, 
that it be a boundary between this world, 
and that of the Spirit realm. 
As above [point to the sky],
So below [point to the ground], 
the circle is cast!”

Walk over to the Northern candle, light it.  Stand with arms outstretched, feet slightly apart, saying:

“Hail Guardian of the Watchtower of the North, 
Element of Fire. 
I call upon thee to guard and protect, 
to lend your power to mine. 
So mote it be!”

Repeat for the other Elements.  Return to the Altar.  Stand before the Goddess candle (a Silver/white candle), and light it.  Stand with arms outstretched, feet slightly apart, saying:

“Holy Mother of the Earth, 
Shining lady of the moon, 
I call upon thee to assist and protect, 
to lend your power to mine.
Welcome, loving Goddess, 
into my circle.”

Stand before the God candle (a Gold/yellow/red candle), and light it.  Stand with arms crossed over your chest, feet together, saying:

“Holy Father of the Sky, 
Blazing Lord of the Sun, 
I call upon thee to assist and protect,
to lend your power to mine.
Welcome, loving God, 
into my circle.”

Close your eyes and mediate on the past year, and think of all the good things that have happened in that time.  If you wish to contact spirits or do any divination, now is the best time, as Samhain is a time when the earthly plane is closest to the spirit realm.  It is traditional to leave a small gift of food on your back doorstep (or close by) for the souls of the recently departed to eat as they journey to the otherworld.  An apple is sometimes used for this. 

A simple divination exercise is to take a pen and paper, and clearing your mind, write down any thoughts that pop into your head, these may hold secrets and information from the other side for you.  Do not be discouraged if you do not receive any messages, sometimes you must walk the path of unknown! 

This is a time to say goodbye to any loved ones who have died, and a time to start anew.  If you wish to banish something in your life (Negativity, fear etc.) now is a good time to do it. Take a pen and paper, and write all the negative things you wish to banish.  If possible, burn this paper, either in a cauldron, or in a large heatproof bowl, if this is not possible, then simply throw the paper into a stream or river to be carried away.  As you discard of the paper say:

“I banish …<whatever it is>… 
I have no need for this any more, 
I banish it away. 
So mote it be!”

You can do traditional Halloween things such as carve pumpkins and trick or treat if you wish - as these have Pagan roots. 

You can now hold the simple feast of cider and grains, vegetables and the fruits of the season.  Don’t forget to leave some as an offering to the Goddess and God which you should pour/crumble into the ground, to give back to Mother Earth.  When you are ready to end the circle, stand before the God candle and say:

“Farewell O’ loving Goddess, 
I thank you for your assistance and protection, 
Both within this circle, and in my life.
I now bid you farewell, 
may you go in peace and love. 
Blessed be.”

Blow or pinch out her candle.  Repeat for the God candle. Return to the Western candle, say:

“Farewell Guardian of the Watchtower of the West, 
I thank you for your assistance within this circle. 
I bid you now farewell, 
may you go in peace and love. 
Blessed be.”

Blow/pinch out the West candle.  Repeat the above for each of the remaining Elements.  When you have said farewell to the Northern Guardian, walk around the circle widdershins, imagining the white fire that created the circle retracting back into your Athame/Wand/finger.  Walk around doing this 3 times, and when you have returned to the northern point again, put down the Athame/Wand and say:

“May the circle be open, 
but  unbroken”

 It is done!!

Group Samhain Ritual
Have a cauldron of water set up to one side  of the circle.  Have mask making supplies handy.
Cast The Circle in the usual way 

Invoke Elements 

Invoke the Deity

HPS Says:
“We gather here at Samhain to honour the spirits of those who have passed” 

HP Says: 
“For our Pagan Ancestors this marked the eve of the New Year” 

Everyone Starts mask making. (symbolism behind the mask making is to ward off evil spirits and as sympathetic magick for those travelling to the other realm).

While people are making masks, one by one, people go to the Cauldron (Which is half filled with water) and light a floating candle as an offering of remembrance to those Spirits who have passed. Meditate briefly on questions or ask for guidance etc. When finished, they return to mask making, and the next person goes to the Cauldron to light a candle. And so on. 

When everyone has finished mask making and meditating, everyone puts on their masks. 

HPS Says:
“Samhain is a time of death, and endings. 
A time to banish that which we do not need” 

HP Says:
“But death is not the end. 
After death comes rebirth, so it is also a time to start again” 

One at a time everyone leaves the circle and leaves an apple under a tree for the souls of the dead to eat as they journey to the underworld. 

HPS Says: 
“We have remembered and honoured those passed, we shall now feast in their honour”

Simple feast of Pumpkin soup, apples, apple cider and apple cookies. 

Farewell Deity 

Farewell Elements

Close Circle in the usual way. 

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