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It's not that hard to make your own cloth pads. You can even hand sew them if you have no sewing machine, and there are plenty of shapes and sizes for you to choose from. You can buy new fabrics, reuse old fabrics (cut up t-shirts and towels for example). So you can go as elaborate or as cheap as you like.
I have sewing guides for several types of pad, and should (hopefully) be easy to follow.
I also have some of my patterns. If you like a shorter or longer pad, you can easily adapt the patterns to suit you. And I have a guide to drafting your own pad pattern, which can help you alter pad patterns or make you own to suit you.
I've got information on the fabrics you might like to use, and even on different types of cloth pad you can make (with advantages and disadvantages of both from a wearing and making point of view.) Even a section on cloth pad making on a budget! (C) Obsidian 2002-2010. All rights reserved
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