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If you would like to help get the word out about Reusable Menstrual Products, this page may help to give you the resources you need. If you've made a flyer/poster etc. and would like me to link to it here, please contact me.
3 fold flyer for Reusable Menstrual products
General flyer on reusable products in general, with info on pads, cups etc.

(Created by Obsidian Star (Aug 2011))

3 fold flyer for Cloth Pads
General flyer on reusable cloth pads. What they are, care/use instructions etc.

(Created by Obsidian Star (revised July 2009))

3 fold flyer for Menstrual Cups
General flyer on cups. What they are, background history on cups, use instructions etc.

(Created by Obsidian Star (revised July 2009))

These are a .pdf file of a double sided 3 fold flyer, printing on an A4 size page. Print them front and back and fold them to make one flyer. They give general information and lists websites for more information and Live Journal user communities for discussion/support.
You may print these and freely distribute the printed copies as long as no changes are made. (You may not distribute the actual .pdf file)
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