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Cloth menstrual pads are also known as "Eco San Pro", "Mama pads", "Mama Cloth" etc.
Cloth pads (and pantyliners) are not only useful for menstrual use, they can also be used for incontinence or to keep your underpants clean and dry between periods, during pregnancy, or even after sex or pelvic exams. Cloth Pads come in a near infinite range sizes, absorbencies and fabrics, to suit the different uses and needs of the users

Washing Cloth Pads can be as easy as tossing them in the washing machine, and with fabrics such as hemp and bamboo, a very absorbent pad can be really thin. With modern waterproof fabrics they can give you the same security as a disposable, or you can choose to go all natural fabrics for maximum breathability. For more information, see the links on the side menu.
Have you ever had a sweaty rash from disposables? Perhaps you are like the many women who get thrush during their period? Cloth Pads are softer on the skin, and because they are made from fabric instead of plastics they also allow airflow, which can help prevent thrush and rashes. Of course, being cloth (and reusable) they are also much better for the environment than disposables. The old pads make great compost after they are worn out (which will take several years), and the water you rinse the pads in is a great fertiliser.

You change them as often as you would a disposable, so in that respect it is no different to using disposable pads. The only difference is that after you finish with a cloth pad, you toss it in the wash and re use it.
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