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There is one, not usually explored, alternative to wearing pads, cups, tampons etc.... "free Bleeding".
This is, as the name would suggest, not wearing any menstrual protection at all, and just allowing the blood to flow... freely...
If you have a light enough flow to not really need anything, just deal with a little blood on your underpants, or go to the toilet and wipe regularly. If the flow is light, washing a few drops on your underpants is really no different to washing cloth pads. I have seen some reference to being able to train your vaginal muscles to hold tight and contain the blood, releasing it into the toilet when you can - which sounds a little unbelievable to me to be honest... but we all have different flow I guess... and I've seen women who do this say that they can feel when they are about to have a "gush" type moment, and they can go off to the toilet to let that out (rather than having a steady flow constantly)
Some women use a facewasher or other cloth in their underpants to catch any blood - but you could argue that doing so is essentially wearing a "pad" so not really free-bleeding in the true sense of the term.

Try as I might, I just can't find much information out there on this..... So this page is somewhat lacking. If you can help track something down, or can tell me of your experiences.. I'd love to know.
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