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What can you do to help?
If this is a cause you would like to get involved in, there are various things you can do. You can sew some reusable pads to donate, Sew or buy underwear to send to organisations for their pad kits, buy reusable pads from businesses that will send directly to aid organisations, donate money to organisations. As well as helping to spread the word!
Join the facebook group
We have a group where people can discuss pad donating efforts and make contacts to get donations sent where they are needed. Maybe issue a challenge and see if we can get lots of pads sewn up! Or find people to donate fabric to who would love to sew pads to donate.
Have a "Sewing Bee", "Workshop", or "Pad Party"
Whatever you want to call it....Gather some friends together and sew! Bring a plate of food to share along with your sewing machine, fabric and supplies and all gather together somewhere and sew! Those who can't sew can be useful to trace out the patterns onto fabric, cut them out and pin the assembled layers together - so there is no excuse not to participate! Gather some school mothers together, or church groups. Perhaps even contact your local school, kindergarten, playgroup, community groups or whatever and see if you can organise a gathering of people willing to help this cause. Schools that offer a sewing class might be able to do a pad sewing lesson, where students are taught to make cloth pads which can be donated. After school sewing workshops might be able to be organised.
Spread Awareness
Contact your local schools, sporting groups, churches, community groups, kindergartens, clubs etc. and see if they can do fundraising activities to raise money to give to aid organisations.
Contact local businesses who might be interested in donating money to the cause or who could donate supplies.
Put up posters and hand out flyers where you can. Best locations would be those where women frequent. Also try libraries, student union buildings and other places.
Another way you can help is to spread awareness (of this website and/or the cause in general). The more people who know, the more help can be given to those in need. There are banners you can use to link back to this site if you wish. To save the image, right click and select "Save As" to save it to your computer. Please don't link directly to them from here (in case the server changes). Please link them back to www.donatepads.org



This website is not affiliated with any aid organisations. This website was set up to provide information, and does not accept donations,
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