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I've been battling to keep this site up and running for a couple of years... with host after host removing my site or closing down... Now that angeltowns have closed down my site there, all the tutorials, guides and sims 1 skins are now offline.  That makes the 9th host I've had this website on that's closed down or cancelled my hosting!  and to be honest I just don't have the time or energy for it any longer.  I no longer create for Sims one, but I do still do the occasional skin for Sims2.  

However I do want to keep this website up for people who still want access to my stuff. 

Most of my downloads are available through several yahoogroups, or to save yourself some time, I also have the whole site available on CD.

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Please note that tutorials, guides, sims 1 clothing, base skins and pet skins are all offline since the last host deleted my site.

I've now registered the domain so feel free to link to that instead of
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