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July 2002 Preview
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July 2002 
Preview Gallery

Central Australia and Outback South Australia
Kings Canyon 2Kings Canyon 1Ghost Gum 1The Breakaways 2
Kata Tjuta 2Kata Tjuta 6
Kings Canyon 2
Kings Canyon 1
Ghost Gum 1
The Breakaways 2
Kata Tjuta 2
Kata Tjuta 6

Central Australia and Outback South Australia
Uluru 1Pussy WillowCoober Pedy 4Coober Pedy 3Winery at Clare
Parachilna Gorge 1Parachilna Gorge 2Wilpena Pound 5Outback Sunrise 1Red Winged Parrot
Flinders Ranges GrasstreesFlinders Ranges grasstree flowerRed Winged ParrotRocket, William CreekSculpture Park 1
Uluru 1
Feral Cats
Coober Pedy 4
Coober Pedy 3
Winery, Clare SA
Parachilna Gorge 1, Flinders Ranges
Parachilna Gorge 2, Flinders Ranges
Wilpena Pound 5
Outback Sunrise 1
Flinders Ranges 1
Grasstrees, Flinders Ranges
Grasstree flower, Flinders Ranges
Red Winged Parrot
Rocket, William Creek, SA
Sculpture Park, Outback SA

Central Australia and Outback South Australia
Kata Tjuta 5Ghost Gum BarkKings Canyon 3
Coober Pedy 1Coober Pedy 2Old Ghan Remnant Building
Coober Pedy 6Coober Pedy 5Outback Ruin
Outback Architecture 1Alice Mural 1Alice Mural 2
Kata Tjuta 5
Ghost Gum Bark 1
Kings Canyon 3
Coober Pedy 1
Coober Pedy 2
Railway Shed near Old Ghan Route
Ventilation Shaft, Coober Pedy 6
Ventilation Shaft, Coober Pedy 5
Outback Ruin
Outback Architecture 1
Alice Springs Mural 1
Alice Springs Mural 2

Central Australia and Outback South Australia
Outback Sunrise 2Camel PortraitBird Nests
Outback WindmillHeadstandSturt Desert Pea Graphic
Uluru 2Rock Art 4
Outback Sunrise 2
Camel Portrait
Bird Nests
Outback Windmill
Sturt Desert Pea Graphic
Uluru 2
Rock Art 4 (with flash)

Central Australia and Outback South Australia
Rainbow Valley 1The Breakaways 1Outback earth near Lake Eyre South
Wilpena Pound 1Wilpena Pound 2Wilpena Pound 3
Wilpena Pound 4River Red Gums, Eucalyptus camaldulensisDog Fence
Rainbow Valley 1
The Breakaways 1
Outback earth near Lake Eyre South
Wilpena Pound 1
Wilpena Pound 2
Wilpena Pound 3
Wilpena Pound 4
River Red Gums, Eucalyptus camaldulensis, Flinders Ranges
The Dog Fence, Outback SA

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