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September 2002 Preview
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September 2002 Preview Gallery

Grampians, Victoria

Hollow Mountain 1Hollow Mountain 2Grampians 1Canola near Grampians
Hollow Mountain 1, Grampians (Gariwerd), Vic. 2002
Hollow Mountain 2, Grampians (Gariwerd), Vic. 2002
Approach to Grampians, Vic. 2002
Canola Crop adjacent to Grampians, Vic. 2002

Mount Zero OlivesSilverband FallsMount Zero OlivesHands
Kangaroo, Grampians, Vic. 2002
Silverband Falls, Grampians, Vic. 2002
Mount Zero Olives, Vic. 2002
Hands, Vic. 2002
Banksia ornataSundews 1Pink Heath
Banksia ornata, Grampians, Vic. 2002
Sundews 1, Grampians, Vic. 2002
Pink Heath, Epacris impressa, Vic. 2002

brachyscome multifida (white)
Brachyscome multifida, white form, Melbourne Vic. 2002

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