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June 2008

Broken Hill, Silverton & Outback NSW

Windmill, Silverton, NSW
Spring, Silverton, NSW
Windmill, Sturt NP, NSW
Sunset, Mt. Wood Homestead, NSW
Whim, Sturt NP, NSW
Fence, Sturt NP, NSW
Shearers' Quarters, Olive Downs, Sturt NP, NSW
Shearing Shed, Kinchega, NSW
Silverton Hotel, Silverton, NSW
Bicycles on Shed Wall, Silverton, NSW
Shearers' Quarters Ruin, Near Mt. Wood Homestead, Sturt NP, NSW
Mining Cage, Silverton, NSW
Outdoor Cinema, Tibboburra, NSW
River Red Gum, Mutawintji NP, NSW
Tree and Rock, Mutawintji NP, NSW
Corymbia terminalis, Tiboburra, NSW
Horse Yard, Mt. Wood Homestead, NSW
Church, Silverton, NSW
Ruin, Silverton, NSW

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