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Wild Places NT
Photography by Trevor Phillips

Red Centre, Kakadu & Top End
Glen Helen Gorge, Central AustraliaKings Canyon 3
Glen Helen Gorge, Central Australia, NT
Hand Stencils, Central Australia, NT 
Kings Canyon 3

visitors since November, 1999

Northern Territory, Central Australia
Kings Canyon 1Ghost Gum 1Uluru 1
Kata Tjuta 2Kata Tjuta 6Standley Chasm
Kings Canyon 1
Ghost Gum 1
Uluru 1
Kata Tjuta 2
Kata Tjuta 6
Standley Chasm, Central Australia, NT

Gorge in MacDonnell Ranges, Central AustraliaGorge in MacDonnell Ranges, Central Australia
Macdonnell Ranges Gorge #1, Central Australia, NT 
Macdonnell Ranges Gorge #2, Central Australia, NT 

Uluru 2Rainbow Valley 1Kata Tjuta 5Ghost Gum Bark
Uluru 2
Rainbow Valley 1
Kata Tjuta 5
Ghost Gum Bark 1

Beside Uluru
Beside Uluru (Ayers Rock), Central Australia, NT 
Camel Farm, Central Australia, NT 

Arltunga, Central Australia, NT 
Trephina Gorge, Eastern MacDonnell Ranges, Central Australia, NT 
Ormiston Gorge, Western MacDonnell Ranges, Central Australia, NT 
Corroborree Rock, Eastern MacDonnell Ranges, Central Australia, NT

Northern Territory, Kakadu and Top End
Barramundie Gorge, Kakadu
Barramundie Gorge, Kakadu, NT 1999

Twins below Twin Falls, KakaduRock Art, Keep River National Park
Twins below Twin Falls, Kakadu National Park (cropped from original), NT 1999
Rock Art, Keep River National Park, NT 1997

Nourlangie Rock, KakaduNourlangie Art SiteMindil Beach Sunset, DarwinPool below Twin Falls
Nourlangie Rock, Kakadu NP, NT 1999 (cropped from original)
Nourlangie Rock Art, Kakadu NP, NT 1999 
Mindil Beach Sunset, Darwin, NT 1999
Pool below Twin Falls, Kakadu NP, NT 1999

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Wild Places in South Australia


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