The Colour Sergeant

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Welcome to the Home Page of Military Living History and Re-enacting in Victoria, Australia.

The Historical Re-enactment Co.op, visit "Living History under the Southern Cross" , besides performing Colonial Re-enactments in general, has recreated a unit of the 40th Regiment, "2nd Somersetshire". This unit represents the period from 1852,"the arrival in Australia of the original Regt" to 1855, which was a very colourful time in Victoria with the discovery of gold, and the huge influx of gold miners seeking their fortune, and for the 40th Regiment, the incident of the Eureka Stockade.

As Colour Sergeant commanding this re-activated unit, this Home Page was created as a jump off point to pages which will give people an insight to the Regt, what we do, and who we are. These pages will be updated regularly with articles related to the original "40th Regiment", and our Living History Unit, plus updated links to other Military Re-enactment groups in Victoria..Visit these sites often to see the changes.

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